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  1. Mick McCathy is out of contract after his second spell as Ireland manager. Any one fancy him at Hillsborough? Kept Ipswich in the championship on a shoe string.. Your comments would be appreciated..
  2. Glasgow Rangers by a mile and it was only a friendly.,
  3. Chris it was an absolute delight to watch you play in the blue and white of Wednesday. You were a true class act.. Thanks for the memories..
  4. That’s a very depressing thought but very true I am sorry to say., UTO
  5. I would love to cancel my Sky Sports subscription and my full subscription if they get stroppy with me but trying to get through to SKY is impossible...
  6. What I don’t know and I guess few football fans know the truth either. Will Sky,BT and numerous overseas broadcasters who have contracts with the EPL and Championship be suing for compensation if the EPL and the Championship fail to complete all the fixtures for 2019/2020 EPL clubs could be looking at multi million pound losses and what will clubs put first Fans safety or millions in the bank?
  7. I wish I had never heard of Manderic , giving him my two original Wednesday shares which had belonged to my family for years is something I will regret all my life.. The promises Manderic made to all of us that he would only sell our club to a Wealthy individual who would steer the club back to the EPL was bull [email protected], lining his pockets with £10,000,000 plus was his one and only intention.. We are in free fall and look to be following Portsmouth into oblivion... Dangerous times ahead..
  8. Have a day off and leave the guy alone, let’s stop slagging off our players we can leave that task to the pitch [email protected] from S2.. UTO
  9. Here in Manchester both City and United supporters of a certain age have fond memories of SWFC, their trips to Hillsbrough and our visits to Manchester. Perhaps the most common question I am asked is what has happened to Wednesday why are we no longer in the EPL. And that I tell them is a long long story with no happy end in sight.. Anyway I enjoyed reading a well written article and wish city well ..
  10. I read Villa made a loss of almost £90 million last season if they are relegated this season with they face a points deduction next season ?
  11. For all the years I have been following the FA Cup there is almost a major upset in each round To date the 5th round has gone to form. Tonight with just three fixtures left, could we be the major upset ?? City are a fine team but having beaten Madrid, Villa on Sunday to win the seasons first trophy, plus a Derby this weekend and with Liverpool losing 3 in a row, maybe City will have other things on their mind... 1-0 to Wednesday. UTO
  12. At the end of last season I had 820 points collected from watching Wednesday home and away over 2 seasons. This season I called it day after losing in the last few minutes at Stoke, not bought another season ticket. The over paid drama Queens on the pitch don’t deserve my support and they ain’t getting another penny from me.. UTO
  13. Yep, I would rather have a deep root filling ever day, than having Warnock or any other pig running first team... UTO
  14. I would rather watch Wednesday in Division 2 than have that piggy any where near S6
  15. QPR is an awful ground , concourse is dangerous.
  16. A Lunch time KO away at Old Trafford, Spurs or Arsenal as it’s the FA cup we would be entitled to a good allocation of match day tickets....
  17. After another awful performance by our back four why are Thorniley, Ash Baker and Matt Penny all excluded by Monk from the first team Squad?
  18. To good ? He was poor in the second half at Derby, shocking at Stoke and not much better at home to Cardiff, what ever he is he ain’t a quality centre half.. Time to bring Jordan Thorniley back into the team.
  19. Shocking defending by two of our turkeys Palmer and Tom Lees..
  20. The back four were awful at Stoke I can’t believe that Palmer, Tom lees or Iorfa are all selected today after that performance at Stoke and Reach has only one decent game in five.. I fear the worse but maybe we will come away winning 5-0..
  21. I believe rightly or wrongly that our current squad is good enough to make a serious challenge to exit the championship. With a little bit of luck and we must be due a little bit of luck soon.
  22. He has gone Tuna fishing in the North Atlantic he will be back don’t worry..
  23. George Best and Bobby Charlton were very special players I was lucky to see them at both Hillsbrough and Old Trafford . Gazzer too was a brilliant footballer.
  24. George Best and Bobby Charlton were very special players I was lucky to see them at both Hillsbrough and Old Trafford . Gazzer too was a brilliant footballer.
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