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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people on Owlstalk seem to continually ridicule players who have been loyal servants to the club. Gary Megson is one of our own. A little respect would not go amiss and yes I would like to see him return as manager. He was poorly treated by MM.
  2. You have got to be a blade taking the wee wee...
  3. Holloway is a nice guy, but I don’t want him at Hillsbrough.
  4. Why would Gary come to Hillsbrough he already has a very well paid at sky and win lose or draw it don’t matter to him, He is not going to get sacked..
  5. I do believe that Joao will not be the only young player looking to move this season. Young players need to play to improve, I think that at least ten of our young players need to move to enhance their careers . Dawson and Wildsmith definitely need a move to improve sat watching Westwood for two years won’t do either of them any good. Thornliy,Matt Penny, Ash Penny could also benefit from a move away from S6.
  6. Most of us are feeling a little low at the moment. Steve Bruce seemed to bring fresh hope to the club but he ended up letting us down badly, 3 weeks prior to a new season off he swans to Newcastle. I would Take Megson back at least his loyalty would be beyond question and he would expect the same from the players...
  7. Hector will not be at Hillsbrough next season, Wilder is looking at signing him. You team selection looks like a bottom 10 team to me...
  8. Fulham, all other London grounds, Bristol, Cardiff,Forest,Derby, Leeds, yes Leeds,Hull and the Tykes. Shame we have lost Villa the Blunts and Rotherham..,
  9. I have got to give a mention to Kevin Keegan who came to Hillsborough playing for Scunthorpe in a cup game, run us ragged for 90 min. We should never have let him out of the ground until he had signed a contract with us. Bobby Charlton and Gazza were also very good...
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