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  1. outlaw pete

    DO we trust the players

    Play the development Team or even better play the under 18 team at we will see some effort.
  2. Well I know two, me and my mate Tim who try to go to every match home and away, even if the drive home can be pretty depressing at times.. UTO
  3. outlaw pete

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    Pity we don’t have a team to match our support...
  4. outlaw pete

    Man of the match & scores (Chelsea)

    Thorniley did nothing wrong playing up against a Quality striker..
  5. Try using this apt www.yourparkingspace.co.uk I have used it in the past never had a problem.
  6. outlaw pete

    Which Kit?

    Not at Villa Park we didn’t, despite being massive underdogs to the Chelsea glamour boys and playing with only 10 men for most of the game we won 2-0 and went off to Wembley. All white kit and blue tracksuit tops emblazoned with “ OWLS” Great day, How many of those Wednesday players are still with us ?
  7. outlaw pete

    Team news

    Who put Steve Agnew in charge ? The club is in the gutter when we are depending upon a fool like Agnew...
  8. outlaw pete

    Team news

    5 defenders against Luton which Turkey made this team selection? Saturday was awful, the whole team were poor, the substitutions were awful so some fool thought 5 defenders was the way to go..
  9. outlaw pete


    He must have the best agent in the world if he has found a mug to give Hooper a contract..
  10. outlaw pete

    Team news

    Why no Thorniley again ? what has he done wrong this season..
  11. outlaw pete

    Gary Hooper

    It’s over a year since Hooper kicked a ball for the first team.. and his very lucrative contract is running out. So he quickly needs to impress someone that he is worth investing in and not just a full time crock..
  12. outlaw pete

    Birmingham goal, was NOT Palmer's fault!

    Tom Lees has been far and away our worst defender this season, gave two goals away against Birmingham at St Andrews this season,,
  13. outlaw pete

    Starting 11

    What have Thornliy and Matt Penny done wrong? Bully prefers the old players ..
  14. outlaw pete

    That Goal

    Someone returns to owlstalk after a two absence and starts by slagging off our youngest player on the pitch.. After the team has had a great Christmas. Another S2 porker hiding in the wings..