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  1. Personally I have missed the away games, the days out with a few mates. We always went either by car or by train UTO and let’s hope for Better Days,,
  2. Nope and myself and mates wonder what club if any we will have at the start of next season. Another points deduction, A club in receivership with no ground. Times are hard and friends are few.
  3. Strange how we all have different memories of our times at Hillsbrough, when I think of Stewart Gray the really awful pitches springs to mind and maybe its just my imagination but were we a better team playing away? Oh and sacking him was harsh. UTO
  4. Insult me all you wish, but like many others I have never let the club down, that’s not something I can say say about the shower playing at S6 this season...
  5. Like many on here I can’t see anything fantastic about playing in the 3rd tier of English again. Home games with only 8000 in the ground, away games stood in the freezing rain at yet another poo hole of a ground only to watch us get beat. Personally it’s not for me, AGAIN.
  6. Relegated this season 100% and another points deduction next season, wages not paid, company accounts not registered , HMCR will be all over us . Hard times ahead..
  7. Mandaric looked after himself, he turned up at S6 paid nowt for the club, the ground and the training ground. Would have sold the club to the Anti Christ if he was making a profit. Then he left with around £20 million profit and next season we will be playing against Portsmouth another of his money making ventures..
  8. Mel Sterland gets my vote, how I wish a young Mel was playing at Hillsbrough tonite...
  9. Man Utd don’t live in the City of Manchester as any City fan will tell..
  10. If Cameron Dawson or Wildsmith were playing today they would be getting dogs abuse on Owlstalk from the Westwood sycophants ,over those two goals.. poor keeping from Westwood today.. when did he last save a penalty? 4-1 now
  11. If we are still here let me nominate Boxing Day 2021, because while this year has been bad, 2021 could see the end of Wednesday as know them. Times are hard and friends are few. UTO
  12. Moaning fans he ought to come across to Manchester and listen to the United fans moaning also surely he knows that on here there are a large proportion of Blunts taking the ********... He ought to chill out and tell us about his plans for the future..
  13. I know times are hard and friends are few, but Wildsmith turned out today wearing red sock. Never have seen Wednesday wearing red on match day. Is this how low we have sunk ?
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