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  1. If we are still here let me nominate Boxing Day 2021, because while this year has been bad, 2021 could see the end of Wednesday as know them. Times are hard and friends are few. UTO
  2. Moaning fans he ought to come across to Manchester and listen to the United fans moaning also surely he knows that on here there are a large proportion of Blunts taking the ********... He ought to chill out and tell us about his plans for the future..
  3. I know times are hard and friends are few, but Wildsmith turned out today wearing red sock. Never have seen Wednesday wearing red on match day. Is this how low we have sunk ?
  4. What ever John stones at Man City cost we should ask the same for Lorfa who is better than than the useless lump Stones,
  5. My prediction for what it’s worth, is a long hard season ahead, 12 points is a massive deduction to overcome, Bottom six finish, but we might not finish the season if COVID-19 returns. Good luck to all the new staff and players and to all our fans be safe. UTO
  6. RIP Gerry, a Quality player played in a very good Wednesday team,
  7. Leicester are a very good team, so a good hiding could have been on the cards. Good to see the owls back playing football. The young lads brought energy to the team that has been missing for years. Giving the captains arm band to BB should prove a good move. Both keepers played well. The omissions are obvious, we need two target men. I like many others have no idea when we can return to S6. UTO
  8. Rule No1 sign no players who have not averaged a min of 30 X 90min games over the past three seasons, as a club we have wasted tens of millions on crocks.
  9. Good luck to him. He was very well paid at S6 and when the club asked for his help by staying an extra month he said nope, I am off to count my money.. Like Fox, and FF there won’t a warm welcome for him at Hillsbrough..
  10. Out of interest who would You like to see take over the club and how much would it cost to buy the club back?
  11. My vote goes to the fans particularly those who travel up and down the country watching Wednesday selling out our away allocation for almost every away game.
  12. The 70s were awful, relegation from the first to bottom of the old third division, home games with less than 10,000 in the ground and staring into the abyss of division four. It took a very special man to come and save us, thanks Jack.. But the second half of this season in terms of points has been an absolute stinker and I can’t remember losing so many games in the last few minutes.. Yet we still don’t know what division we will be playing in next season..
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