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  1. Proud of the team and the fans who went.. roll on next year..
  2. Let’s start at Malaga, drive upto Granada, then back to Sevilla for the final game in a great Spanish city..
  3. My mates and I have been to 19 away matches this season, but we are giving Norwich a miss, a late KO on good Friday, doubt we would have arrived home ‘till early Saturday morning... just a trip too far..
  4. Money and agents rule modern football. Players will travel all over the world to enhance their income. However, football is a short career and Westwood will be 35 next season and his best years will soon be behind him so the chances are he is looking for one major pay day. Being out of contract will help his agent to negotiate Westwood a decent contract but will that be at S6? I have no idea. As for Hooper, personally I would let him go. To get out of this division we need players who can give us 40 games a season...
  5. Out of interest as Westwood is a free agent at the end of the season, would you give him a 2 million signing on fee and double his wages to resign him?
  6. I would expect Westwood to leave in the summer, he will be a free agent and at 35 years old he will be looking for one last big pay day. I very much doubt that Wednesday will meet his financial requirements, as for the rest of out of contract players for me they can all go. To get out of this league we need players who can play 40 matches per season.. UTO
  7. There is a lot of football to be played before the season ends..There will no doubt be lots of odd results, but I do believe that on current form we have no one to fear the future is in our own hands.. Bring it on let’s all enjoy the ride, in Steve Bruce we trust... UTO
  8. If we should reach the play off semi finals playing the Blades how about we ring Manchester City and ask if we can borrow their stadium for the first leg and borrow Old Trafford for the second leg. Will be no problem with policing and plenty of tickets... Sorted... UTO
  9. No FF, Lucas Joao, Abdi, Kieran Lee, Matt Penny or Jordan Thorniley in the pictures on the SWFC web site. I understand LJ has gone to Portugal with his injured knee, but it's sunny and 23c in Portugal, nice holiday for him. Anyone know where the rest are? FF does favour rehabilitation in the sun...
  10. All games can be difficult at this time of year. It can be just as difficult going to Millwall or Rotherham as it is going to Leeds or Norwich. All games home or away will be hard from now on. I do however believe that Boro are vunerable and there are two places up for grabs. UTO
  11. Tell your mate to hire a box in the south stand, should feel safe there.
  12. We have just played two very competive games. Steve Bruce is fully aware of the dangers of over playing footballers, particularly players who have only played a limited number of games this season. So he has my trust to make the right decision and make any changes he sees necessary... UTO
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