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  1. Out of interest who would You like to see take over the club and how much would it cost to buy the club back?
  2. My vote goes to the fans particularly those who travel up and down the country watching Wednesday selling out our away allocation for almost every away game.
  3. The 70s were awful, relegation from the first to bottom of the old third division, home games with less than 10,000 in the ground and staring into the abyss of division four. It took a very special man to come and save us, thanks Jack.. But the second half of this season in terms of points has been an absolute stinker and I can’t remember losing so many games in the last few minutes.. Yet we still don’t know what division we will be playing in next season..
  4. I have just been looking on Oddschecker only to see that SWFC are 100/1 ON to get relegated this season. Working on the principle that money talks and bookmakers tend to know how to set odds, what is heading down the line for us in terms of point deductions? Or are the club already aware of a forth coming deduction?
  5. That’s ironic, two Wednesday fans who were let go at S6 in tonites Leicester Squad, while we are stuck with Rhodes and Big Dave,,
  6. RIP big man , you did a great job at S6 , you were always prepared to give young players a chance and we will always remember Boxing Day 79.. UTO
  7. Well it’s not my fault, or any of our long suffering fans who have travelled all over the country watching this shower home and away. Monk pack your bags and take Bullen with you...
  8. Well I felt let down especially when those 3 players were earning more in a month than most of our fans earn in a year..
  9. I thought it was a good interview with Sam Hutchinson but let me give my perspective on his time at S6. First he was a decent footballer his performance against Arsenal and the goal he scored was excellent, but his performance away at Brentford losing his head, giving away a stupid penalty and being substituted at halftime was the end of his career under Jos. No one would disagree with him that the club is balancing the books and removing the highest earners who in 5 years have failed to get us out of this division and that includes you Mr Hutchinson. You were taken off against Hull and three of our highest earners let the fans down against Huddersfield. Yourself and FF both missed spot kicks while another of our high earners failed to stop one of the penalties Huddersfield took.. Finally supporters like myself will always put OUR CLUB first because we will be here long after you have left. Good luck Sam..
  10. We need a win, but with few exceptions that looks like a Division one team to me,,
  11. Could you not ask him on our behalf ? If that’s to much I will end our conversation there..
  12. As Mr Owlstalk you appear to be very familiar with Bullens social media activity. Could you pleased on my behalf ask him what he knows about the abuse a young player had to endure during his time at S6 and what duty of care the club employs to protect the playing staff from bullying.
  13. I always liked Sam as a player, in another life he might have been a regular in the England squad, I have no Knowledge why he was black balled by two managers , no doubt he will tell us one day. Good luck Sam and thank for the memories especially the goal against Arsenal.
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