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  1. outlaw pete

    Reach to Wolves ?

    I agree with, we should talk up our players not sell them on the cheap.. Villa were asking fortunes for Grealish , he is no better than Reach..The EPL is full of players who have failed to live up to the transfer paid for them.. Lets start at £40 million and see what happens....
  2. outlaw pete

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Must be true it’s in the Sun,,, £40 million and he can go...
  3. outlaw pete

    Sam Hutchinson

    He won’t be back, he was awful at Brentford, lost his discipline. like the other crocks, happy to draw good wages for doing nothing. But I keep thinking of the night we beat Arsenal 3-0 and he was fabulous. Where has that Sam gone?
  4. outlaw pete

    Do we really need Joey.

    I did not Know he was injured. Still that’s got to be the plan of the weekend, not fit enough to play so let’s sit him on the bench. Next week we should sit Hooper, Abdi and Hutchinson on the bench as part of their rehabilitation in the hope of jogging their memory that they are still being paid as a professional footballer.
  5. outlaw pete

    Do we really need Joey.

    At Bristol City Onomah was excellent,he looked a quality player much like a young fit Hutchinson. Yet against Boro he is sat on the bench for the full 90 min. Strange very strange, if Jos has one big failing it’s not making changes to win a game.. It was the same at Forest.
  6. outlaw pete

    We need Westwood back

    So let me get this right, we get beaten at home by a brutal team who should have been down to ten men. Our captain and most experienced defender had a nightmare so let’s blame Matt Dawson.. Yep that’s a good idea..
  7. outlaw pete


    Every one in the North Stand saw it, Every one on the Kop saw it, even most of the South Stand saw it yet the Ref and two lines men saw nothing.. you can’t calculate for poor refereeing...
  8. outlaw pete

    Hutchinson At Centre Back

    Best we forget about Hutchinson, sorry to say he is a crock...
  9. outlaw pete

    Did you rate Boro?

    physical, well drilled, boreing to watch. By far the dirtiest team in the league yet roll around like spoilt kids to con the ref... Bookings and sending offs will catch them out.... UTO
  10. outlaw pete

    penney may be off

    He will probably go to the club who pays the largest fee to his agent..
  11. I would like to see the match referee stop Boro players assaulting opposition players at free kicks and corners, awful team to watch on SKY..
  12. Thanks for that info, but can I ask how you know that 640 points will get you a ticket ?
  13. Phew I thought having 700 points would assure me getting a ticket, but 700 points only puts me on the 3rd band so maybe no ticket for me.. But how many fans have got 760 points? That would mean you would have to have gone to every match away from home for the past two years. Finally I wonder how many of these tickets will be taken by staff?
  14. outlaw pete

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    All London grounds are close to underground stations..Weekend matches in London were always my fav away days. Train to London few beers then off to the match... Man city is close to the Manchester Tram network.. Sunderland is close to the Metro link. Villa Park is close to two railway stations. If I can think of any more I will get back to you..