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  1. outlaw pete

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Fake news,,,,
  2. outlaw pete

    Next season

    Before I renew my season it will depend what league we are in,, At the moment we look like trading places with Portsmouth.
  3. outlaw pete

    Two full backs needed

    Reach can’t tackle and he has Zero bottle never make a fullback,,,
  4. outlaw pete

    One former player

    Des walker, we need At least one decent defender,,,
  5. outlaw pete


    Beating the Blades at Hillsbrough must have been an awful day for you.
  6. outlaw pete

    One positive from today

    Myself and a few mates have been to every away match this season. But i cant explain why, other than we must be nuts. UTO
  7. outlaw pete

    Just seen the goals - Pathetic

    You are lucky you did not have to watch the whole 90 min like 3500 plus of us did .
  8. outlaw pete


    At Wembley against Hull Westwood he was our stand out player, out MOM without him we could have been 4-0 down at halftime.. But last season he was poor, he looked slow and cumbersome, his distribution was shocking.. He needed moving on..
  9. outlaw pete

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    For me I would love to go to Old Trafford once again,, Meet up in the Dockland Bar on Media City,, 15 walk to the ground and win 1-0. Happy days. UTO
  10. outlaw pete

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    Kieran Lee has IMO been an Excelent servant for this club, it will be a shame to lose him due to injuries.. All the best Kieran,
  11. outlaw pete

    January Transfer Window

    For me the following can all go Westwood, Hutch,Abdi,Jones,Boyd and Reach only if we can get £15 million and not a penny less.... looks like we are stuck with Hooper until his contract expires,
  12. outlaw pete

    Foodbank Collection

    Would have been nice to see each player donated a days wage to the food bank..
  13. outlaw pete

    are we looking at relegation

    Relegation Nope. Have a little faith. 4pts from last 3 games Two clean sheets Onwards and upwards I know my mates think I am nuts UTO
  14. outlaw pete

    Our club is dying

    What are you trying to achieve by posting a picture of the Wilderbeast on Owlstalk ? Are you insinuating that the Blunts are some how better than us..? The Blunts are and always will be second class, we have nothing to learn from them. Or are you a supporter of the Wilderbeast?
  15. Is that Fletchers season over ?