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  1. Loyalty

    What a load of crap!
  2. Where were the bottlers?

    Brilliant performance and result today. But the question should be..... Where were those players last week when we needed em?
  3. Carlos is our king.

    All us football fans are fickle. He just needs to make sure we don't go and reverse it all with a defeat at Bolton.
  4. The CC Out Crew

    Was thinking that when I typed it. But we might have had him here for 5 years and also won the Premier League :-)
  5. The CC Out Crew

    If we'd have signed Cantona we'd have probably won the Premier League!
  6. The CC Out Crew

    Forgot Burton. And we should have easily beat Bolton with the team that started the game.
  7. The CC Out Crew

    Was gonna mention Brentford, cos fans can't have walked out of Hillsborough happy after watching that.
  8. The CC Out Crew

    I love how people keep saying "it's only 1 game, we'll come good" It was only 1 game against Preston It was only 1 game against QPR It was only 1 game against Sunderland It was only 1 game yesterday Well that's ONLY 4 games up to now where we have dropped points that we shouldn't have. How many more "only 1 game" until people realise we are going nowhere?
  9. Calmed Down Thoughts

    I can not believe there is still people out there saying we shouldn't get rid of CC just yet. He needs to go NOW!
  10. Be honest ....

  11. Liam Palmer

    Needs to work on crossing the ball, BIG time!
  12. That 2-2 draw against a very strong 9 man Yeovil team in 2011. Oh I do miss Alan Irvine.
  13. Fernando Forestieri

    That kit is bloody gorgeous. Where's the pic from?
  14. £30m to spend this week

    Would be happy to keep JR and FF, but CC won't change his tactics so we'll never get the best out of em.