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  1. The White Stripes

  2. Nuhiu France-Bound?

    Brother of Per?
  3. Nuhiu France-Bound?

  4. Well hopefully you'll know by November.
  5. Corrections

    What a load of bobbar.
  6. The question was, where do you THINK we will be playing next season. Smart ar§e.
  7. I personally think we'll be in the championship, but we need to start picking up some points sharpish!
  8. Butterfield

    He was awful last night. Jones too. Sean Clare would've done so much better if he'd not been cup-tied.
  9. Ross Wallace

    Another reason we should be glad that CC has gone. He'd have given him a 3 year contract in the summer
  10. Controversial..

    That's a load of crap. Plus, Sean Clare would've been nowhere near the 1st team squad.
  11. I've always liked Hummell kits, but i'd take Sondico back if it meant having stripes.
  12. I'm probably wrong. ..

    But he wouldn't have listened to you and we'd still be where we are today
  13. MAKE IT THE £20 GAME

    Do people realise that we're playing Swansea OR Notts County?
  14. Fvcckking Rubbish Nuhiu!!!

    He should be added to the Wednesday dream scene asap!
  15. Venancio

    I'm really liking Venancio at the moment. Can't understand why CC didn't use him.