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  1. Sheffman03

    Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I haven't read the whole thread so forgive me if this has been posted, but having seen this angle of the Cardiff goal, then it's definitely offside in my opinion.
  2. Sheffman03

    Preston Away

    Hi jamese, just PM'd you, not sure it went though!...yes still need an ID
  3. Sheffman03

    Preston Away

    Hi Big D, I'm after an ID if yours is still available?
  4. Sheffman03

    Preston Away

    Hi, I am looking for an ID which will allow me to buy a ticket for my son who is over from China. I got mine today, but if anyone has an ID they aren't going to use and that I can get one wither now or tomorrow morning on that would be brilliant. Thanks
  5. Sheffman03

    Bristol away

    Great, thanks for that, see you there!!
  6. Sheffman03

    Bristol away

    Any idea which pubs we are heading for near the ground?
  7. Sheffman03

    Do we want FF to play again?

    Never say never for me, but as many on here have said, IF he were to stay and play again he has a serious job dose of contrition to show, firstly to his employer and team mates and then to the fans. Who know's what has been said by which clubs to whom, but I wouldn't rule out him staying provided he does the things others have already detailed. One thing is absolutely certain though for me, should it come to him leaving, he should NOT be sold to a championship rival, it's crazy. Rather him rot in the reserves for a year and then sell him when our fate this season is already sealed. The one person who comes out of this stinking even worse than he already did is Pearson, what an obnoxious prat he is. Living in Sheffield, he knew full well how this would destabilise the club, and the fans, and has deliberately it would seem chose to do that.
  8. What the hell is happening to this club???....I log on and see page after page of threads about the Manager being sacked....WHAT ABOUT THE PITCH!!!!!...nothing about the latest pitch cam, how the new scoreboard is coming along, what shade of blue the perimeter will be...nothing...talk about fickle!
  9. Sheffman03


    Clearly these are playing surface adjustment cables so that when we play teams who like a large expansive area to play on, we just reduce the size of the pitch by turning on a large knurled screw somewhere, probably in Stu's office...I expect we have them running across the pitch too, that way we can adjust for both length and width ;)!
  10. Sheffman03

    Fizzy Vimto

    not good enough...
  11. Sheffman03

    Fizzy Vimto

    ...and why has the vimto suddely gone flat?...it was fizzy at the start of this thread....don't reckon much to your stock management letting fizzy drinks (a) run out (b) go flat
  12. Sheffman03

    Fizzy Vimto

    depends on what other choices were available instead surely, and whether they were fizzy or not!
  13. Sheffman03

    Fizzy Vimto

    Qué ?