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  1. Our fans today amazing , not experienced an atmosphere like that for a long long time
  2. Ok mate I agree with you after watching fox try to tackle Routledge on Saturday. Im really not trying for an argument just full of frustration and can’t see it improving under his stint in charge
  3. Ok mate I get you and I’m not saying it’s all the players but look at Chelsea a few years ago and Man U this season. No way we’re some players giving 100 % for morinioh same goes for Jos
  4. Yeh no on would be bothered if we'd have had four put past us against Bolton
  5. Yep booked fri sat sun mon just gonna have a mucky weekend away n come home Sunday
  6. Yes mate that's me moved up north around 99, dropped off the football for a couple of seasons, but don't miss many home and away, drives our lass up the wall
  7. Don't get how some are saying he's lacking in confidence, he's full of it absolute class act
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