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  1. Attitude, attitude, attitude. It means so much - great win.
  2. Old School - home team is ALWAYS first when looking at scores
  3. Formation is irrelevant after Wednesday night - attitude is what is needed. Without the right attitude this team has 3-0 written all over it.
  4. 2hoots

    Just got back...

    You can only be out fought if you put up a fight. Disgusting display, that says a lot. Almost all of them looked as if they couldn't be arsed.
  5. Baker looks totally out of his depth
  6. Just what we deserve. We’ve made no effort to win this game so far - very poor display.
  7. Not at all, I'd be very pleased - but we have a tendency to give away easy goals. A clean sheet would do the confidence of the defence (and the goalkeeper) a world of good.
  8. We need a clean sheet - no better time than today.
  9. 2hoots

    Youth Players

    I'd hope that they'd all have a future here - but it's a long way from U18/U23 to the first team. As an example Alex Hunt looked like a lightweight "lost boy" last night, even if you make allowances for nervousness on a full debut, he's way off being a Championship player at the moment. Still good for him to get a debut though.
  10. Unless there is a recording of the offence there can be no reliable, independent, impartial evidence. Evidence from either set of players cannot be relied upon as independent, impartial or reliable. The only independent witnesses would be the match officials, who clearly heard nothing, otherwise FF would have been red carded.
  11. None of the so-called witnesses from either side can be relied upon either as impartial or reliable. I’ll rephrase my sentence. There is no reliable, independent, impartial evidence. The only supposedly impartial and reliable witnesses would be the match officials, and they couldn’t have heard anything or FF would have been red carded.
  12. There is no evidence. Unless it was somehow recorded. There is no evidence. One or more people saying it happened has no more validity than one or more people saying it didn’t. There is no evidence. How many times must this be said. There is no evidence ( that’s 4 ). How can the FA act without evidence? The referee couldn’t have heard it or FF would have been red carded.
  13. Any team containing Fox and Palmer is definitely taking the biscuit.
  14. Beat me to it.........
  15. ....this....- also we . hardly had anyone to beat in the qualifying. Thought that Keane (talking to Ian Wright and the other pundits) got it exactly right when he said that everyone ought to get over themselves by the way that they were eulogising the team and manager. He said they'd done ok, but that's about it.... and the inference that they were a young team and would catch up/get better, had to be balanced against improvements in other teams - none of those teams will be standing still either. Some of the stuff from the commentators was toe curling.....Hoddle (on a Trippier cross that came to nothing) "that was the best cross of the tournament" - totally ignoring crosses that actually led to goals - you couldn't make it up.....