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  1. Football Anagrams

    Chris Wilder - Screw Hildir - It's a proper name, pronounced "Hilda". Appropriate as it was Thatchers middle name
  2. Wilder on the Derby

    Been trying to come up with a decent anagram of his name akin to “Colin”. Best I have is “Screw Hildir”. It’s a proper name, but is pronounced the same as “Hilda” - which was Margaret Thatchers middle name. Seems appropriate to me.
  3. It was "reported" publicly on this site.
  4. This 100%. Granted he may have made an error in making the offer - but so did the supporters who publicly asked for it. He publicly replied. There are other ways to show your displeasure without demanding your money back. The money back conditions are right - they don't stop you watching the team in the future. What was he supposed to do? Offer them more than they paid, and a big discount for next season. I'm unhappy about the way things are at present, but I'll support the club by having another season ticket next year and the year after that etc. - the only things that would stop me would be financial or health reasons. I agree with the OP - no-one will take this up.
  5. Well done Liam palmer

    Agree. He put a shift in, but he’s average at best. Got into some decent attacking positions tonight but his final ball is, as it always has been, woeful.
  6. You're all arguing with the wrong people. You should be addressing all your comments about "other scenarios" to the GH team, but they don't appear to be forthcoming do they?
  7. Until you or anyone else provides factual information that contradicts, or adds to Chansiri's statement, then it's the GH team trying to Brainwash us. Just because "Geoffrey" says it doesn't make it true. If and when I hear a cogent argument that tears Chansiri's statement apart, then I'll hold my hands up - but my guess is that we won't.
  8. Who did you hear it from? What evidence can you provide regarding its veracity? If you've been told, what's stopping the rest of us knowing? I'll refer you to my previous comment - there is NO OTHER STORY.
  9. That is also commercial in confidence and whether you like it or not, the decision on whether to name them is entirely in the remit of the club. I'm as unhappy with the situation as anyone, but we have no right to know.
  10. You don't seem to understand that unless and until the GH team offer an alternative, factual, explanation (highly unlikely), there is NO OTHER STORY.
  11. The only detail that SWFC could provide would be "commercial, in confidence". Why on earth would the club do that? If there's more detail (factual) that the GH team have, ask THEM to provide it. Chansiri has gone a lot further - OFFICIALLY - to explain the situation than the GH team, and his facts (not innuendo) are unarguable.
  12. It is the ONLY picture. There doesn't need to be any detail (What do you want? - A copy of the offered contract, etc?) Unless and until the GH team come up with a story that contradicts these facts (which I sincerely doubt they will), or put other facts in the public domain, then there is only ONE story. Making replies through innuendo and leaks by third parties only serves to strengthen the Chairmans stance.
  13. Very true. There is only one truth out there at the moment and it comes from the Chairman. I believe that his statement is unarguable (he cannot lie in official statements), and I’ll be very surprised if we hear anything official from GH and his team. They may continue with leaks and innuendo via third parties, but this will undermine their position, and you’re right - assumptions will be made.
  14. It is the ONLY side.... there can be NO debate - There is no other truth (and I'm sure that it's all true) than that of the Chairman because the Hirst side has made no official attempt to publish an alternative, other than leaks and innuendo through third parties. I suspect that they're not keeping quiet because of some high moral standing and trying "to be above it all" - more likely the facts as presented by Chansiri are unarguable. I seriously doubt that there will be any official reaction from GH and his team. Perhaps you should take your own advice and think about it before making your next post.