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  1. Come the end of the season, performances like that could really cost us - and it's not the first time this season. They happen way too often for a club that's supposed to be chasing promotion. Hull are a bang average side. We haven't won when playing a side above us in the league, and the truly hard matches are yet to come. Glass half full - for now!
  2. To be fair - I expected a lot more from us.
  3. Familiarity breeds contempt. Bullen, fine fella that he is, is just too close to the team. It’s hard to be a detached leader when the troops are all your pals.
  4. I get what you're saying, but you cannot fault his work for the club off the field, and his efforts with some of our less advantaged fans. Credit where credits due.
  5. Hi, what a great bloke you are. I’m the Michael Wilson you’re looking for, and I know what you’ve found - how can I get it back?
  6. He was nowhere near the middle of the goal - where he should have been!
  7. Never a free kick - but appalling positioning by Dawson.
  8. Couldn't agree more - far too bright. Not only that, our floodlights seem really dull. One final thing, I know it's stupid but I can't think of a single reason to show the piggies crest anywhere in our ground - didn't like to see it on our boards.
  9. We never gave it a go - but the thing that bothers me is that it extracts the urine from 6000 wonderful travelling fans. Surely you must try and justify the expense and time they’ve given up.
  10. Clean sheets mean you don’t lose - but more importantly it’s a win if you can only manage to score one goal. They’re hugely important.
  11. I remember a previous manager not that long ago, who said that all players have one thing in common - legs - and that means that they can run and make an effort. Looks like he got that one wrong. Abysmal performance yet again. I have no idea where we are going. Our club is a mess.
  12. I understand where you're coming from, but let me enlighten you as to the reason for using it. The Two Hoots childrens' books (look them up) were favourites of my 3 daughters, well over 30 years ago - and they are about, naturally, 2 owls. Myself and my youngest daughter are, and have been for many, many years, season ticket holders, and when I told her that I was going to have an account on Owlstalk, she came up with the user name. It originates in American slang as a "hoot" meaning the smallest kind of worthless object. Originally as don't "give a hoot" (singular) By the way I certainly do give 2 hoots. Hope this helps
  13. Here are the last 12 back pages of The Star - our impartial local sport coverage? Seems more than a little Headline coverage of our porcine neighbours - Am I wrong?
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