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  1. Talking of googling I did a search for CS9 and the only pages that come up concern us, no other sporting deal - in light of this debacle of a thread, I am somewhat concerned. However as Fife states above, surely to god their credentials have been checked and deemed to be sound.
  2. Maybe not as much as it should have. I thought you were buying the geordies?
  3. What a very strange man. In his case looks clearly are not decieving.
  4. Seriously if you are Sheard, has your life not moved on? It's really not healthy.
  5. Lee you came accross really well, much better than on the internet . Good Luck, you deserve our support. UTO
  6. Got to say Bills did the business with sheard and have no reason to doubt him here. Be a shame if LS has been taken in by these people as he came accross really well last night and gave me a lot of hope for our future. If somebody were to genuinely come in maybe Bills could help verify their background?
  7. I know your out there, roll up roll up don't be shy!if anyone is interested will be driving up on boxing day, post if you want to meet for a liftcheers
  8. hello folkshave just seen nearest ground thread and was good to see owls having simlar location to myselfwas wondering if anyone would be interested in car share / sky watching etc. cheers
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