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  1. Nice one. I'm based next door in Ivory Coast. I was in Accra this time last year. Jokers nightclub!!!!!!
  2. Me plus three are flying over from Spain for this one. Me and my eldest are regular but it's the first game for my 7 year old daughter and a neighboughs 11 year old boy. UTO
  3. I don't post very often but felt i had to share this with you all. We were singing the child friendly version of the "bouncing" song at home yesterday when my 7 year old daughter asked me what a Bl*de was. I explained that as she knew that our nickname was the Owls, then the Bl*des was the nickname for the scrubbers at the other side of the city. "Oh" she said, "i thought they were the Pigs". PMSL Saturday will be her first visit to Hillsborough.
  4. Lee Cook has not been allocated a squad number at QPR.
  5. We don't have time to flip about. GM has to get us promoted this season, end of. If any one of the current squad are deamed surplus to requirements then they should be moved on, we have no time to mess about or to develope potentially good propects. Lets get out of this shitbag league and move on.
  6. I hope he's bringing Kevin Davies with him. Now that would be a coup.
  7. Why isn't Roy Hodgson's name in the frame? Brilliant track record and bags of experience and with his age a bit of mutual respect with MM
  8. Born in Worksop, now live in Torreveja Spain and work in the Ivory Coast.
  9. My first post, so take it easy fella's. i'm a lifelong Wednesday fan, my first visit to Hillsborough was v Everton in 1969, Alan Ball, Joe Royle, etc. Saturday will be my first visit this season and i am flying over fropm Spain on Friday. A quick trip to Meadowhall for her indoors and then out on the wee wee with my brothers. Hillsborough /trav's on Saturday and fly back on Sunday. So, 3 extra in the crowd thois week
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