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  1. I am in st Austell and am / was heading home to Chesterfield but I would gladly have one and could meet you at the ground
  2. I was at the Wednesday v Kaiserslautern game at Hillsborough in 1992 in one of the best atmospheres i have ever experienced. The other day i was browsing results around Europe and noticed that Kaiserslautern were now in the third tier of German football !. After a quick look at why , the familiar themes of financial mismanagement , overpaid players and persistant poor decisions by the board and managers were a few of many reasons . They still have crowds in the early twenty thousands and have a hardcore of support who will attend thick or thin ! . Are they the German 'Wednesday' as it has been a similar downfall from the dizzying heights of that unforgettable night in 1992 ?
  3. January 1987 at filbert street , Wednesday were losing 6-1 and when some of the more ‘lively’ Wednesday fans started shouting “Wilkinson out ! “ my mate turned around and called them a bunch of see you next tuesdays ! Weenie didn’t appear impressed !
  4. Peter Shilton when he was having an affair with someone called Tina if i remember right
  5. I remember Ricky wearing a red beret in the eighties
  6. anyone remember geisha girls near the blue bell ...was that a boozer or a restaurant ?
  7. first time I ever smelled weed in the Cannon !!
  8. Wap , Charles st underground , queens , penny black , as long as it selt beer we went in in the eighties
  9. Mmmmm pints of Newcastle exhibition in the Claymore !!
  10. downstairs in the Cannon , used to have some right sessions in there before heading to Hillsborough. Used to start off in the globe . What about the dive up from the penny black under the bridge on the way to the Norfolk ......... some right dodgy characters in there !!! , can't remember it's name though
  11. That John Harkes goal against Derby with the great Peter Shilton clutching at thin air !! ....a tape of it obviously !!
  12. after the semi against everton in 86 we stopped off in derby . after a few near the station we headed into town and all hell let loose in the boozer we had landed in , jimmys bar I think . it was like a wild west style brawl with Wednesday fans twatting people with pans from the food area and the carpet was covered in glass . I was told later that forest had said they were going to turn up in derby and kick off with the derby mob...so like twats a mob of pissed up Wednesday fans turn up and it kicked off. After the fight died down we were escorted back to the station ...it was like a walking rourkes drift with derby coming from all sides with the police escort driving into them to disperse them and a mob of about forty in a tight defensive formation back to the station. Well that's how I remember it but I suppose someone may have seen it another way !
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