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  1. To the tune of ' fire' by Arthur Brown , Byers , de de der , we want you to score , de de der, der der ....and repeat ?
  2. Me thinks Hirst scoring gave us the reaction from the players we dont usually get , come on Wednesday !!!!
  3. Never mind a 90th minute winner from Hirst like we all feared , whats the betting on a Hirst hatrick ?
  4. Even at three up who secretly fears , theyll score three second half ! And be honest !
  5. All we need to do now is tempt Ben 10 back from pub football !
  6. Funnily enough i mentioned this to a Chesterfield supporter this morning, Just got a shrug !
  7. I am in st Austell and am / was heading home to Chesterfield but I would gladly have one and could meet you at the ground
  8. I was at the Wednesday v Kaiserslautern game at Hillsborough in 1992 in one of the best atmospheres i have ever experienced. The other day i was browsing results around Europe and noticed that Kaiserslautern were now in the third tier of German football !. After a quick look at why , the familiar themes of financial mismanagement , overpaid players and persistant poor decisions by the board and managers were a few of many reasons . They still have crowds in the early twenty thousands and have a hardcore of support who will attend thick or thin ! . Are they the German 'Wednesday' as it has been a similar downfall from the dizzying heights of that unforgettable night in 1992 ?
  9. January 1987 at filbert street , Wednesday were losing 6-1 and when some of the more ‘lively’ Wednesday fans started shouting “Wilkinson out ! “ my mate turned around and called them a bunch of see you next tuesdays ! Weenie didn’t appear impressed !
  10. Peter Shilton when he was having an affair with someone called Tina if i remember right
  11. I remember Ricky wearing a red beret in the eighties
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