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  1. The fact we have as manager and not having to start with an unproven manager suggests we are a tad more massive, and the next time were in search of a manager (hopefully not for a long time) we could quite happily stroll into the B5net or whatever it's called and take your manager for peanuts So how many fans did you have in last night Town? We were taking 2700 to Bury by the way, did I mention were massive?
  2. Jesus some people need to get a sense of humor, sounds like I missed the best bit of tonight!
  3. Ahaaa I f*cking doubt anyone could be worse than him.
  4. I missed this! Ahaaa damn it, bet it was f*cking hilarious. Better than Tango on the running track?
  5. No but there clowns for wanting him out after two losses and not even having his squad complete. Some people need to get real, at the end of the day you choose whether you go to Bournemouth or Bury. It's not like Megson forces you, you take the risk when you purchase the tickets. I'm not happy myself after the last two games which has cost me a lot of money... but calling for Megson's head is stupid.
  6. F*ck Huddersfield, whenever I go on there forum there always bitching about us and Megson. Bloody tin pot club. 12'000 on the opening day of the season says it all.
  7. Come on Wednesday, we lose tonight and it'll be hell on here. Going with a 2-0 win.
  8. Indeed, the same Bournemouth who just sold a 17/18 year old for £1M.
  9. Ungrateful t*at, are you actually stupid?
  10. Seems like Clinton had been trying to cook.
  11. You really think their going to rely on a 19 year old to get them goals in the Championship, it it not pretty obvious there trying to buy new strikers on big money....
  12. Why wouldn't they let Schlupp go? Just because he scored 3 against poo opposition it doesn't mean he's cut it for the Championship. Leicester have spent big money and will play their big money signings.
  13. There is no such thing as an overweight footballer, just big built. You seriously think if Mellor/Clarke were overweight they'd manage 90 minutes on the pitch? A lot of you on here will be 'overweight', none of the footballers.
  14. I love watching football and it's on after MOTD, I just ignore what Claridge says to be honest. I like to watch all the goals ;)
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