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  1. Much as I think Moore hasn’t done anything this season to keep his job, we really can not afford a off season looking for another manager. We need to start to rebuild and that means bringing some stability and planning. At least we know Moore knows the league. Especially after this season, I just want some building to take place. You have to wonder if Monk could have done just enough to keep us up.
  2. And so the continued twin-ness of Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County continues. It’s like the two clubs are trying to out-do each other in Fvckery! We’re getting relegated to league one....Derby County are like “hold my beer”
  3. Just wait until they hear his wage demands based on the contract we were paying him. They’ll soon do a runner.
  4. Probably will be injured for 17 months of them. There must be something in the water at the training ground.
  5. I would mind, with the exception of Iorfa and Dunkley, I wouldn’t be sad to see any of them leave, even for free. With how they have acted this season and the attitude they have shown, it’s the only positive you could take out of going down. New keeper is a must, personally I think Wildsmith is to blame for that second goal.
  6. But that’s the problem, we fluff our lines all the time. Have done all season and it’s not just Patterson, he’s a 500k player, you won’t expect to only pay that for a prolific championship striker. You are right thought we shouldn’t have a pop at him. We suppose to have some decent championship players like Reach, Bannan etc and those are the players we need to take a look at themselves.
  7. But he didn’t because he’s crap. Every good player has an off night, bad players only have a good game once every so often.
  8. I know, I genuinely thought all those kind of seasons were a thing of the past. Thought we had become an established mid-championship club, who if they got things right every other season or so, we’d have a chance to go up. Bad seasons would just mean a lower mid table finish. You don’t need much to stay in this league, when small clubs like Wycombe are coming up, you just don’t need to be a basket case.
  9. Not slagging off Rotherham, I’m talking about being a Wednesday fan and having to except we are so utterly crap that we have just lost 2-1 to a team in the relegation zone who were down to ten men. Let that sink in
  10. Yep, watching all the poo in the noughties was bad enough, but this season seems to take the biscuit. The amount of gut kicking results we have had this season has be ridiculous. Losing twice over a season to a ******** poor Rotherham, you have to wonder how much lower it can get.
  11. What’s worse than losing at home to Rotherham? ....losing to 10 man Rotherham at home
  12. We’re down to 10 men, so good idea Lees waste some time.... ....oh wait.
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