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  1. Stevelknievel

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Joao counter attack and goal
  2. Think that’s half the problem he probably isn’t. You don’t have to know much about football to see players not trying and a manager who has lost the dressing room.
  3. Even with that description i’d rather be watching 45 minutes of your sex life, then another half like that!
  4. Taking in to account the opposition, I think this is the worst I have seen us play. We just look like the life has been sucked out of us and can’t string two passes together.
  5. Stevelknievel

    Luhukay out.

    To be fair, i’m Just waiting in the wings for when Jos gets sacked. None of you have heard of me, I have no experience in the championship, never managed a football team, I have played Football Manager though and I haven’t got a clue on what you should in training or how to set up a team for a game. I’m just the kind of guy Chansiri likes to manage SWFC.
  6. Stevelknievel

    Keiren Westwood

    Dawson is a very good keeper and all the stats that keep being brought up everytime someone suggest he should not be first choice say that.... ...however currently with the way dip-poo Jos has us playing, we don’t need a very good keeper, we need an amazing keeper, the best in the league.... ...oh and it just so happens we have him twiddling his thumbs at the training ground.
  7. Stevelknievel

    Keiren Westwood

    Happy Birthday Keiran....p.s are you free this Saturday?
  8. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    TBF we beat Villa 2-1 and we are crap
  9. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Dear Norwich, Now that you have got our Jordan scoring again, after to nearly broke him last season, please can we have him back? Thanks SWFC
  10. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Currently watching Rhodes celebrate the two goals he scored tonight. FFS
  11. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Best news I’ve heard all night...just shows what we have to like forward to this season...praying to the football gods that united don’t go up.
  12. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I’m just so utterly pissed off with the poo play. Our wins seem to be fortunate and how losses seemed to be deserved. We’ve let a team who can’t score bang 3 against us and a player who’s not scored in 10 games score.....says it all.
  13. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I beginning to suspect jos like players who do what they are told. May explain why the stronger characters in the squad are currently getting nowhere near the first team.
  14. Stevelknievel

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    You could make it up could you. Just goes to so it was Rhodes that was the problem