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  1. Sight for sore eyes, quick someone send this picture to Abdi
  2. Stevelknievel

    Looking at fixtures

    To be fair we are not beating anyone regardless of where they are in the league, above or below us. At least with the teams at the bottom they are at the bottom for a reason
  3. Stevelknievel

    Looking at fixtures

    The 6 pointers are the ones. We could seriously hurt both Sunderland and Hull’s survival chances and dramatically improve ours and even draws may be worth it. Same although slightly less with Bolton and Reading. Sadly it’s a double edged sword though, so let’s just be glad 3 are at home cos we are getting less than nothing away at the moment. Lets also hope wolves already have the championship wrapped up by the time we go to them and are on the beach.
  4. Stevelknievel

    Stripes next

    Stripes will be back next season. Chansiri knows that by bringing in a different style of shirt each season, he keeps shirt sales up. We’ll have a Southampton style / 97/98 wide stripes shirt soon in a not too distant future season. Might be even next season? Just speculating.
  5. I think it was more like what Bristol did today...they scored 5 out of the 6 goals! I pretty worried, just hope the bookies have it right they still have us at 16-1 and plenty more with shorter odds. Like someone has said on here before, then there’s money involved and less emotion, that a more realistic prediction.
  6. Stevelknievel

    Let’s face it

    Yes I did. Jones was poor in the first half and a lot lot better in the second.
  7. Stevelknievel

    Let’s face it

    What’s Sean Dyche have to do wiith Dave Jones playing for Wednesday?
  8. Stevelknievel

    Let’s face it

    To give Jones his due, he was a lot better in the second half.
  9. Stevelknievel

    Let’s face it

    Agreed completely on this performance, he’s losing the ball, ducking out of challenges, he’s not and never will be a DM or a creative midfielder, so why the heck are we playing him in a 3 man midfield
  10. Stevelknievel

    Let’s face it

    We need the Pelupessy guy on or Corporal Jones is going to cost us. He’s been a complete liability in the centre of midfield.
  11. The guy (CC) is delusional though, he still thinks we will get promoted this year. ...l had to bracket (CC) because at the moment I think there is more than one delusions person at the club.
  12. But it shows how bad we have become
  13. We are a rip off, we know we are a rip off, but we still go, cos we support Sheffield Wednesday. When I heard this report had come out, I knew we wouldn’t fair well. Just a bit surprised about how low we are in the season ticket bit and how it’s increased so much when compared to the league. I thought the big thing was to reward the faithful. Also the report says we only pay £20 on average for POTG. Who are they kidding.
  14. Stevelknievel


    Still got 23 points and are 4th. Blimey I wish we were.
  15. Stevelknievel

    Clap away......

    Where are we? I can’t see where we are? No one can say it’s not truly depressing where we are at the moment especially when you see the teams above us. I think it shows we appear to have gone backwards this season.