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  1. Stevelknievel

    It doesn't help

    That’s what I thought especially with the name “Not Owl”
  2. Stevelknievel

    The shadow of The Blades

    Nowadays Premier league money alone will not keep you in the division, it’s an arms race. The clubs like the above with the exception of Burnley have all had rich owners who have had to support them but all have their poo sorted off the field. You need a good good set up and a bit of emergency money under you. Burnley are the exception money wise and I think a lot of that is to do with the manager and the board of directors working well, but one thing changes like European football and they are bang in trouble. The blunts will need to change things in the background if they do go up to stay up, but the longer they are there and we are not the further away they get. Our problem we have is that we need to get our poo sorted off the pitch. The sooner we do that, the less likely we have this yo-yo situation on the pitch. If we had beaten Hull or Huddersfield/Reading/Fulham we would have likely have come back down because we would have know what to do with the money anyway. This is our biggest issue. Look at derby as a good example, they have had one bad season in I don’t know how many and that was due to a bad appointment not how the club is run.
  3. In between Dull and Villa, Bruce last a shed load of weight. In order to maximise next summers transfer budget, Chansiri is having him do a 30 day “Rocky 4 style montage esc” fitness video, which he feels will sell like “hot cakes” having looked at the current clientele attending Hillsborough at the moment. Plans are to sell it at the new “summer” Wednesday pop-up shop in Crystal Peaks. Ready for next season they will be thinner seats and shirts which will complement our new slim shapes and ensure we are maximising the fans revenue stream. and people think Chansiri doesn’t have a plan?
  4. Obviously wanted to avoid the tough Christmas matches being his first match especially the Blues match being ex Birmingham and Villa. Nice easy FA cup match as the first game.
  5. Stevelknievel

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    Haven’t we already gone s.h.i.t or bust? Wouldn’t we have to to go s.h.i.t or bust, bust this time round?
  6. Stevelknievel

    Hutch's salute....

    Hutch had every right to do this in my opinion and a few others. Football is a very limited career and you can’t afford to waste half a season. Look at what Westwood said as well. Jos was the worse thing to happen to us in a fair few seasons. Right from the Wigan game you could see he was trying to play a way the team either couldn’t or certainly were not confident in playing and when players questioned it they were excluded. I remember seeing Bannan shouting to Jos “what the f should we do now” in one of the early games, when we went behind and got nothing from him. Interesting that no player has come out in defence of him saying they let him down. The team became less and less confident and more and more hesitant and that led to mistakes like the Tom Lees shocker against West Brom. He (Lukeye) eroded the biggest thing which got us to the playoff final “team spirit”, something which Bullen is trying to put back together. I just hope some of the players like Dawson who benefited from Lukeye’s tenure at the cost of others haven’t been damaged by it.
  7. Stevelknievel

    Sky red button

    I was looking on the sky sports app the other day, only 6 of the championships matches are on Sky and our match with Boro isn’t on for them. For the midweek matches all the games are on the red button, so this must be something different. The EFL agreement with Sky seems seems to well over complicated.
  8. All were brought on as well. Think that was a statement to the fans from Bullen. Basically saying it had nothing to do with me what has gone off.
  9. Stevelknievel

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    When he came and collected the ball in the 85th showed everything we have been missing this season in goal. Whether it is due to Dawson’s ability or experience he just wouldn’t have come out for it like Westy did. 15 points a season Westwood has earned us for the last few seasons.
  10. Stevelknievel


    How is this guy still employed as the manager!!! If you are this bad at your job. It’s completely ridiculous.
  11. Stevelknievel

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Joao counter attack and goal
  12. Think that’s half the problem he probably isn’t. You don’t have to know much about football to see players not trying and a manager who has lost the dressing room.
  13. Even with that description i’d rather be watching 45 minutes of your sex life, then another half like that!
  14. Taking in to account the opposition, I think this is the worst I have seen us play. We just look like the life has been sucked out of us and can’t string two passes together.