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  1. We are the only or one of the only clubs in the England without a shirt sponsor and we’ve been done in the past for breaching P&S rules, anyone would think they are in some way related.
  2. Yep just seen it on Nixon’s tweet. Interesting for Reading…
  3. Has everyone seen this… https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes
  4. Well we are not on the umbongo list… https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes
  5. I don’t know what’s more frustrating, Chansiri’s running of the club or the constant pop-ups firing off on The Star’s website!
  6. You post sums up our last few seasons.
  7. Yep and the ones that have tried it, go back to manufacturers. Didn’t Southampton try it for a bit?
  8. Think this is a really interesting development. We started manufacturing our own kits because Chansiri said the kit manufacturer were taking the ******** with how much they charge and we could bring more profits in to the club making them ourselves. So why the change? Maybe it’s more difficult then he thought and not as profitable. Bit like getting a trades person in for a quote on some home improvements, but then complaining it’s too much and trying to do it yourself. Maybe the penny is finally beginning to drop? Really hope so.
  9. If something like this happens, the fans should sue the EFL or FA for failure to protect the club. What do the “fit and proper owner” rules actually look at, because they don’t seem to be working.
  10. How can Chansiri be truly this much out of his depth? You don’t need to know how to run a business or know much about football to understand that you don’t risk the only saleable assets the club has on being able to leave for free. Or give a body like the EFL any opportunity to give you another points deduction? It’s beginning to get bizarre, it’s like Chansiri wants the club to go in to administration. What’s the benefit for him?
  11. Much as I think Moore hasn’t done anything this season to keep his job, we really can not afford a off season looking for another manager. We need to start to rebuild and that means bringing some stability and planning. At least we know Moore knows the league. Especially after this season, I just want some building to take place. You have to wonder if Monk could have done just enough to keep us up.
  12. And so the continued twin-ness of Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County continues. It’s like the two clubs are trying to out-do each other in Fvckery! We’re getting relegated to league one....Derby County are like “hold my beer”
  13. Just wait until they hear his wage demands based on the contract we were paying him. They’ll soon do a runner.
  14. Probably will be injured for 17 months of them. There must be something in the water at the training ground.
  15. I would mind, with the exception of Iorfa and Dunkley, I wouldn’t be sad to see any of them leave, even for free. With how they have acted this season and the attitude they have shown, it’s the only positive you could take out of going down. New keeper is a must, personally I think Wildsmith is to blame for that second goal.
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