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  1. The guy (CC) is delusional though, he still thinks we will get promoted this year. ...l had to bracket (CC) because at the moment I think there is more than one delusions person at the club.
  2. But it shows how bad we have become
  3. We are a rip off, we know we are a rip off, but we still go, cos we support Sheffield Wednesday. When I heard this report had come out, I knew we wouldn’t fair well. Just a bit surprised about how low we are in the season ticket bit and how it’s increased so much when compared to the league. I thought the big thing was to reward the faithful. Also the report says we only pay £20 on average for POTG. Who are they kidding.
  4. United

    Still got 23 points and are 4th. Blimey I wish we were.
  5. Clap away......

    Where are we? I can’t see where we are? No one can say it’s not truly depressing where we are at the moment especially when you see the teams above us. I think it shows we appear to have gone backwards this season.
  6. You forgot the bit about united needing to lose 5 or 6 on the bounce as well.
  7. United

    Yep, but you don’t think about paying the bills, the mortgage etc, when watching football at Hillsborough. You think about Football, how well the teams playing, what united are going etc...and that creates an atmosphere at Hillsborough which impacts the team.
  8. United

    Unfortunately the United situation is making our situation worse. Even if the team and Carvahal don’t give a monkeys that united are top, we the fans do. It means that as soon as the team come out they are under pressure because we the fans are praying that we don’t fall further behind them after 90 mins of football. Sadly our team are chokers though and don’t cope with that pressure. I think we we all need to forget about united, although how we do that I don’t know.
  9. Rivals Watch

    I know it’s sad and pathetic, I am, but I’m praying to the football gods that winter bites the United first team and the they struggle in the second part of the season due to not having the depth needed. It the one advantage we have over most of the division due to our bloated over paid squad.
  10. Rivals Watch

    I’m just assuming it’s going to happen and I would recommend everyone else does. It’s going to take 5 months just to mentally prepare yourselves for all those gloating united fans, banging on about how much we have spent and two seasons of playoffs yarn.... Watching a poor individual but effective team in Huddersfield go up last season ruined my summer, but this season is on another level.
  11. Even if you think Carvahal is to blame for this season’s situation or not, the players are all over the place and have been most of the season. Sadly we need something to change and the easiest, simplest and most effective way to go this is to change the football management.
  12. It’s all getting a bit ridiculous now
  13. #boycottthekit

    It would not ever happen. Some Football fans are fanatic about Football itself and especially their club. No other sport, well nothing other than religion has normally sane individuals willing to travel to other cities or counties and fight one another. Completely crazy. It’s this fanaticalism which generates the best things and the worse things about Football. Sadly apart from the stupid fighting thing, one of the worse things about Football is the ability to take the wee wee out of fans by rinsing them for every penny they own and that’s not just our club that every institution in Football. Like someone one said earlier, if you think it is a joke about the shirt don’t buy one yourself, but others will, I for one, because I want one and because I love supporting Wednesday. When we win, it still makes my Saturday, when we lose I’m gutted. Maybe I’m a fanatic?
  14. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    To be honest, this article doesn’t tell anything that a fan who attends matches regularly, read news articles on Wednesday and dare I say it contributes to this forum doesn’t already know. That is there is a lack of football experience and knowledge at the top of the club, leading to some bizarre signings. The Butterfield one actually is one of the strangest for me. When we had Bannan and Lee why the hell, did we bring in another technically gifted, but small central midfielder, even if it is just a loan? On top of this we haven’t moved anyone on, so the players are too comfortable and we aren’t bringing through any youth even though they win at the development level. The off-field business side of things is being run by Chansiri himself, who isn’t here all of the time and is half way around the world, but still wants all the control and say. This is leading to things getting delayed or missed. The shirts issue says it all. And we have a head coach, who has never stayed at a club for longer than 18 months who is now struggling because he is in unknown territory and isn’t sure how to develop the squad further having had no experience in doing it. Its not rocket science as to why the club is where it is. What does concern me is starting to create scare mongering by saying FFP is an issue if we don’t go up this season, without providing any evidence. What we need is Chansiri to accept that he can’t solely run the club on his own from Thailand with the occasional visit before or after match day. He needs to look after his investment by bringing in a Director of Football to heads up the football matters, whether that is squad refresh or head coach refresh. Bring in an experienced CEO to run the club overall day to day, with a proper team below him to get it sorted. And either a new commercial head or to give that Palmer bloke a kick up the backside and a warning that if he doesn’t get things sorted he’s gone. But then give him the freedom to actually sort it. If we do that we might dig ourselves out of the hole we seemed to be sinking in to and get promoted.
  15. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    Was Fletcher driving the famous Audi R8?