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  1. Looks like the scubbers are just wanting to use all their new found wealth to buy a team that finished 12th in the championship, if all these rumours are true. Good luck to them.
  2. I think the interest will be true, but the value won’t be. Says it all about the blunts though, they are obsessed with trying to take our best players whenever they are in front in an attempt to weaken us, rather than trying to move themselves ahead. How many of our current/ex players have they signed since we’ve been out of the prem and how many have we signed of there’s. And they claim to not live in our shadow.
  3. l’m gutted about Hopper tbh. I always felt that he did more then just score and was pretty handy at that....when fit. I think he will go to another championship club as someone will take a punt on him. If he stays fit he will score plenty. The whole injury thing we’ve had for the last couple of season, might not be to do with the players.
  4. Yep, Stoke are like Chesterfield, they claim to be formed in 1863, but are not the same club as the one that played in 1863. There’s not direct lineage like County, Forest and us
  5. Matias is a flipping joke, how many times has he given dangerous free kicks away or not tracked back properly.
  6. Yep he should have gone. I reckon he’s only still on the pitch because the ref knew we lost Westwood in the warm up and had no keep on the bench.
  7. Couldn’t make it up! I feel responsible with my original post!
  8. Just said on sky that only one keeper has kept more clean sheets then Westwood.... ...well done Jos!
  9. The only thing that’s going to make the Blunts going up this season acceptable is if we go up next season and they come straight back down. A season fighting relegation will see Wilder fizz off either sacked (look at Wagner at Hudds) or leaving for another club due to not getting any money because of the broad room fighting. He is a complete bellend but he works miracles. That will end this golden period for them and we will have a proven prem manager in Bruce and we know if Chansiri gets to the Prem he won’t hold back on the spending.
  10. Watched the game today and it was honestly a point gained rather than two lost. Stoke were better than us in the second half and westy and the defence kept us in the game, it would have been a bit of a smash and grab if we had won it, although that goal looked onside.
  11. True. We got the remember we are the outsiders for the playoffs and basically can not afford to lose these games against the teams that are not playing for anything while winning those 6 pointers against the other playoff contenders. Plus at least Preston lost!
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