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  1. Matias is a flipping joke, how many times has he given dangerous free kicks away or not tracked back properly.
  2. Yep he should have gone. I reckon he’s only still on the pitch because the ref knew we lost Westwood in the warm up and had no keep on the bench.
  3. Couldn’t make it up! I feel responsible with my original post!
  4. Just said on sky that only one keeper has kept more clean sheets then Westwood.... ...well done Jos!
  5. The only thing that’s going to make the Blunts going up this season acceptable is if we go up next season and they come straight back down. A season fighting relegation will see Wilder fizz off either sacked (look at Wagner at Hudds) or leaving for another club due to not getting any money because of the broad room fighting. He is a complete bellend but he works miracles. That will end this golden period for them and we will have a proven prem manager in Bruce and we know if Chansiri gets to the Prem he won’t hold back on the spending.
  6. Watched the game today and it was honestly a point gained rather than two lost. Stoke were better than us in the second half and westy and the defence kept us in the game, it would have been a bit of a smash and grab if we had won it, although that goal looked onside.
  7. True. We got the remember we are the outsiders for the playoffs and basically can not afford to lose these games against the teams that are not playing for anything while winning those 6 pointers against the other playoff contenders. Plus at least Preston lost!
  8. This was a banana skin of a game. A win would have been amazing, but that Stoke team are far better then where they are in the league.
  9. Right, the most points you can get in a season is 138 points, and you def win it with 100. Does anyone know the maximum number of points the EFL can deduct? I reackon 20. Basically we just need to keep buying players until we get enough points to cover the deduction(s) plus 100 points and we are in EPL.
  10. 9 points seems light in Birmingham’s case because they have nothing to play for, but imagine if it was someone in the top 6, or bottom 6, then it effectively says we won’t allow you promotion and we will relegate you. Having read sky sports it suggests they could get walloped a further deduction each year they breach it, so could get a deduction again next year, making it more serious. For us it’s a little worrying for next year especially if we are doing well, although I don’t think it would be anything like 9 points in our case. The fact they signed someone under a soft embargo was classed as a wee wee take. Got it to remember it’s designed to deter others from doing it as well.
  11. Good thing is we’ve got to play the 4 teams above us meaning we can deal a blow to all of their playoff chances while boosting our own. In reality we’ve pretty much got to have a bit of a stormer in the last 9 games, but at least it’s potentially in our own hands.
  12. True and I think that 2nd half performance had a lot to do with being 3 - 0 up at half time and not really needing to do to much.
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