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  1. Borner should be nowhere near the first team based on his current form, what’s happened to him?
  2. At the end of last season, maybe they should have focused on getting this sorted rather than lobbying for clubs to get point deductions?
  3. I know, it wasn’t like they were world beaters. I think we all need to remember the second half of last season. Fletcher was sidelined again through injury...like he had been for the last 3 seasons and Fox was in the team, helping us lose every week. By the end of season, I wasn’t bothered about anyone in that squad staying. It was a stale and old bunch of mercenaries, who needed a refresh.
  4. Yeh, good point. Although at least we know all our ex players will be screwing Stoke over with their wage demands.
  5. Stoke are signing up all our players who left in the summer. I don’t really get it? It’s not like we were Brentford last season. Fox was best of a bad bunch second half of the season and Fletcher was injured most of it. Its a bit like buying stuff from the “soon to be out of date” section in a supermarket, might be ok for that night’s tea, but you could end up with the shits!
  6. Still would though......have him as our manager. Let Monk go to, get compo and bring Hughton in! Easy
  7. Would have rather not have a points deduction if I’m honest.
  8. True, next season will be nothing like any other season previously. There is going to be lots of things going off because of the fallout of COVID and this season. Anything could happen.
  9. It’s 4 points more than we needed to survive this season and we were absolutely gash from Jan. Clubs coming up and a lot of the smaller clubs in the championship will struggle financially next season and we could find a few going in to administration and 12 points deduction themselves. The last thing we would have wanted is getting it applied this season and going down. At least we have a chance next season.
  10. Sounds like we got done for moving the money in to previous year and not the sale of the stadium. That suggests Derby will get away Scot-free.
  11. Me first, don’t want you to break it.
  12. That’s the problem with football though...the off season is just long enough to make you think that the gob-poo team that finished the season, turned in to Barca in disguise and that even with a 21 point deduction we will still walk the league. So you start going thinking things will be different... ...as someone has said on here before, it’s the hope that kills you
  13. Liverpool wining the premier league title The blunts finishing just short of a European spot Leeds winning the Championship and we still could be relegated... just wanted to add all the plus points of the season
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