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  1. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    To be honest, this article doesn’t tell anything that a fan who attends matches regularly, read news articles on Wednesday and dare I say it contributes to this forum doesn’t already know. That is there is a lack of football experience and knowledge at the top of the club, leading to some bizarre signings. The Butterfield one actually is one of the strangest for me. When we had Bannan and Lee why the hell, did we bring in another technically gifted, but small central midfielder, even if it is just a loan? On top of this we haven’t moved anyone on, so the players are too comfortable and we aren’t bringing through any youth even though they win at the development level. The off-field business side of things is being run by Chansiri himself, who isn’t here all of the time and is half way around the world, but still wants all the control and say. This is leading to things getting delayed or missed. The shirts issue says it all. And we have a head coach, who has never stayed at a club for longer than 18 months who is now struggling because he is in unknown territory and isn’t sure how to develop the squad further having had no experience in doing it. Its not rocket science as to why the club is where it is. What does concern me is starting to create scare mongering by saying FFP is an issue if we don’t go up this season, without providing any evidence. What we need is Chansiri to accept that he can’t solely run the club on his own from Thailand with the occasional visit before or after match day. He needs to look after his investment by bringing in a Director of Football to heads up the football matters, whether that is squad refresh or head coach refresh. Bring in an experienced CEO to run the club overall day to day, with a proper team below him to get it sorted. And either a new commercial head or to give that Palmer bloke a kick up the backside and a warning that if he doesn’t get things sorted he’s gone. But then give him the freedom to actually sort it. If we do that we might dig ourselves out of the hole we seemed to be sinking in to and get promoted.
  2. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    Was Fletcher driving the famous Audi R8?
  3. We are 12th in the league and 10 points away from the top, saying we are only 4 points from the top six makes it sound like we are closer then we are. We finished last season just 7 points from automatic promotion but for the whole season most of us would admit we were never in contention to challenge Brighton or Newcastle. What I’m trying to get is that the team is not playing well, the consistency is not there, the expectation from everyone (fans, Carvahal, the team itself) is/was autos. We are 12 games in now and already falling away. Fans have a right to be disappointed. It’s not flouncing it’s sad realisation that this season is becoming a dead rubber.
  4. Zola? To be honest I would consider it right now. That’s how bad it’s got
  5. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    That’s the thing, you can’t enjoy it at the moment. And there needs to be some enjoyment, we do pay to endure this. The Birmingham match was the one that did for me with the away matches. It pissed it down, it was mid-week, I had to break my neck to get there and then grab a scabby burger for my tea. And how did we get rewarded? With negative tactics which was incredibly frustrating to watch and to top it all me and the lass fell out on the way home. I just remember thinking to myself, gotta take a break from this for a while. Just don’t need this negativity in my life
  6. He won't be sacked

    True, the majority of fans seemed to have now turn on Carvahal and want him gone, next will be DC. You hit the nail on the head, you can only do what DC has done with the club when you are bringing success with it. As soon as we start to drift to mid table then fans will turn on him as well.
  7. Mick McCarthy

    I thought he hated us, with him being from Barrrrrrrnnnnnnssley? Seems that take great satisfaction in beating or having a pop at us. Two things which he does with annoying regularity. Bit like Colin.
  8. Just got Home

    I was amazed that he came to clap the fans at the end and rightly got boo’d. After the last two performances by the team what did he expect. They need to get their heads down and sort out this mess.
  9. Just got Home

    I only went because I bought the tickets before Sunday and live and work down here. I now have to go to work tomorrow to have my nose rubbed in it for a second time in less then a week (Blue’s fans are like blunts real chip on their shoulders). To top at all we have Leeds on Sunday, where I’m looking at having a family member giving me grief if we lose. Having watched the the team tonight, they look completely shot of confidence and understanding about what to do. You could tell the last thing they wanted to do was coincide and therefore wouldn’t venture forward. A terrible team, with a lack of confidence themselves Birmingham were allowed to get back in to it, having been dominated by us by the end of the first half and you could see how the goal lifted them. Only once Brum scored did our midfield go for it and we nearly scored on a number of occasions, but it was too late. Until then it was pass it sided to side and then back...complete crap. We are a team now crying out for a new set of ideas and I think Carlos has lost them. Not because of the last two games, I think they were the killer blow but since the udders match. I never thought I’d say this, but yes I’d take Pardew now.
  10. Will we ever bounce again??

    If we get promoted i’ll gladly find the nearest bike and attempt the feat!
  11. Will we ever bounce again??

    To be honest I’m not sure. I always feel a little embarrassed at 36 doing it, but I do because, well..I don’t want anyone to think I’m a.... you know.... But it seeing that video floating around Facebook and Twitter all day is a right killer. Might do it again on promotion day.
  12. You’ve just proven my point! It’s not Wednesday fans who think we are bigger, it’s everyone else.
  13. It’s not the blunts which bother me so much, they have the right to rip the wee wee, it’s the mini-pigs and the dingles etc that bother me more, jumping on the bandwagon. Although I guess it does show that we are and always will be seen as the bigger club.
  14. Yep we have to suck it up take everything that’s thrown at us until at least January. All the mind the gap stuff etc bit us on the bum yesterday. To be fair we did get 6 years out of it. Roll on Jan when hopefully our better overall squad means we turn them over and pull back some pride.
  15. True bannan wasn’t the worse player yesterday and to be fair to both Lee and Bannan, they were seriously out muscled yesterday in the midfield. We know neither one is a midfield enforcer, we needed Hutch on the field yesterday to kick some ass or that DM we should have got in the window.