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  1. Have you not seen how Man City or Barca play...I would like some of that please!
  2. We were pretty crap tonight against a team that hasn’t won but.... Luton have had a tough start so not surprising.... and if you look at the results everyone is beating each other, we may not need to be world beaters to go up this season.
  3. Bully did say we would play worse than Saturday and win...not sure he meant the next game though.
  4. Shhhh...don’t talk about it or Nando will get a 3 game ban for it!
  5. That’s a Football Manager team selection with 4 forwards on the bench! Seem like Bullen doesn’t expect us to be in front at half time with that bench.
  6. The bookies have around 12 teams more likely to be relegated than us, so I believe that far more then a bunch of people who’s only knowledge of us over the past few weeks are the fact that we have been in an embargo, our manager doing the dirty on us and rumours of Hughton rejecting us. Plus then fact that we have the dingles and weeds fans probably voting us down purely because they are thick.
  7. 2 plus 2 makes 156... ...are you part of the accountancy firm Chansiri uses?
  8. With that kind of baggage following him around he’s a shoe in to come to us. And to be fair, he’ll fit right in. The club’s getting investigated, our top player is getting investigated and even our ex manager is getting investigated...
  9. I know not sure why some have turned their noses up at the thought of Rowett coming? He was amazing at Burton and Birmingham, ok maybe not in terms of pretty football, but very effective and on crap budgets and Derby were in a bit of a mess when he joined them and he sorted them out. It’s only Stoke which he if’d up on and that might have been more around the fact they expected to walk the league having come out of the prem. The only thing that worries me if the fact that he’s also one of a sadly growing band of managers who think they should be in the prem. Monk, Bruce, Hughton etc. As soon as a perceived better offer comes in, his head gets turned.
  10. “Still haven’t got over Danny Wilson”, neither have we....
  11. No sponsor on the replica “fans” shirts because we are having a new sponsor every single match....we get 20 mil each time from DC’s shell companies.
  12. You are just saying that to throw us off the scent....Balint is our new manager!
  13. Bruce’s Newcastle deal falls through and he secretly signs back as our manager on a BETTER deal and both he and Chansiri publicly claim that he was never leaving and had not resigned and wasn’t at Northampton tonight purely because he was on holiday!
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