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  1. Not Moore’s number 1 fan, but don’t think you can blame him for the ref’s stupid decision. But agree that taking Byers off is a proper head wobble.
  2. Watching this though, it does look like we winning away for long
  3. We are offering nothing going forward now. Feels like it’s just a matter of time, unless we change something
  4. Maybe I’ve read too much in to the pre season hype, but been pretty disappointed with us in the last game and in this game. Not sure if we still need a few extra players in or the team still hasn’t gelled properly or it just Moore’s tactics, but we don’t feel a solid team.
  5. fizz me, that new look defence needs to shape up pretty quickly. I don’t think Portsmouth will be there or thereabouts this season and they put 3 past us. Dele though today was immense.
  6. I know, but he does look well off that player at the moment. I hope the constant injuries have taken their toll.
  7. I don’t want entertainment, I want boring 4-0 wins all season.
  8. Yep, that’s the problem, it’s the manner of the result, whatever it will be. Conceding 3 at home when you were a goal up, does make it hard to support Moore. I know it’s game one, but you can’t help but start to question in your head.
  9. Good timing by the club, bet the knew about the Mas leaving before and have waited to get Vaulks over the line, before making it public. can you imagine the meltdown if we didn’t have Vaulks in.
  10. Think it would massively reduce match day attendance and not sure even with the increase in viewers paying to stream it would cover the reduction in revenue. The big clubs who will always sell 80% of the ground due to visiting fans it would be ideal, but if you’re sat in L1 and your teams heading for a mid table season, it’s too tempting even now to stay at home, even without an official stream. Even if they offered it as an extra to a ST or at a slight additional cost to a ST so you could decide between the two (attending or streaming), you would end up with a Netflix situation where 3 or 4 people would be sharing one access. No one can stop more than one person watching the same TV. Would love something like it as I live too far to attend every game now, but think it would be the beginning of the end for those outside the Premier League.
  11. Went down the year before us I think didn’t they? And have been just as badly run in the last 20 old years. Should give us all hope that we can eventually get back to the PL.
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