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  1. At least that helps the goal difference
  2. You have to wonder why Jos hasn’t make move changes. We’ve been second best all game, but at the 75th minute we still have only made one substitution?
  3. Yep I thought that. It’s like we forget how to play together during the break.
  4. Nuihu done more in 5 mins then the rest of the forwards have done all game.
  5. He can’t play out from the back.
  6. Stevelknievel

    Get voting for Reach!

    Reach’s goal is far better then McGinn’s, how the heck is it 54 to 43. This is a Villa fans vs Wednesday fans! WE MUST WIN!!!! ....not that it actually means anything, but you know...
  7. Beat me too it! Excuse the punt.
  8. Sony didnt put a big financial push behind VHS they developed the Betmax format. I read somewhere it was the muck industry using VHS to tap in to the home market that resulting it it becoming the dominant format. Never underestimate a man’s desire to jack off at home rather then in a cinema with 20 others sell something.
  9. Stevelknievel

    Sold out

    Only annoying thing is that we could definitely sell more, but a lot of clubs won’t give us a bigger allocation. Birmingham are a good example of this. You end up going and seeing a half empty stadium with us all crammed in to one section and massive areas of the home end with gapping holes in it.
  10. Stevelknievel

    International break

    I know why is any Wednesday complaining about international breaks? With our squads injury record we need them to stop their legs falling off!
  11. Stevelknievel

    Shocking but happy

    We did, but as soon as Bristol got one back, we started to tighten up, had everyone behind the ball and were just hoofing it out, resulting in a long last 15 mins or so. All teams do it to some extent when they are two goals up and then concede, we just need to get a better balance with it and not start to panic. I think the team are despearate to keep a clean sheet to start to give them some confidence about the defence. Wins a win though.
  12. Stevelknievel

    Vs Bristol

    I think the defence is very slowly getting there and I think Hector has been a big part of it, but it’s still not enjoyable to watch. No matter who we are playing against and how many goals we are up by, I’m still bricking it that we’ll it the panic button and f it up.
  13. Stevelknievel

    Keeper comparisons

    I don’t really think it’s particularly around Dawson, I think if it was Wildsmith in his place, it would still be the same questions being asked. IMO the issue is this, you have a keeper who has been a mainstay in the first eleven for a number of seasons, who has been in the team in seasons where we have equalled our best clean sheet record. Whereas now we have a new first team keeper and we are the only team in the league yet to keep a clean sheet. There’s only two ways this will be resolved, either the team with Dawson in it start keeping clean sheets or Westwood comes back in and the defence doesn’t improve. Until either scenario happens Dawson is going to get questioned. Rightly or wrongly.
  14. Stevelknievel


    Joao looks like he’s gone back to him being “hit or miss” with his performances. He’s either unbelievable or completely poo . Think you only need to bring him on when you’ve exhausted all other options just think fizz let’s just try anything.
  15. Stevelknievel

    Feels Like A Kick In The Teeth.

    Please don’t mention them, it just makes tonight even more depressing. and it’s billy the blunt that keeps scoring