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  1. Look mate. I’m not have a go and you are right we definitely could do with new players in the areas that we needed them in for the past few seasons. But anyone who has watched the first 3 matches of this season can see a definite pattern to our play; especially at the back. The current crop of defenders though, just don’t seem comfortable with it. I also think this playing out of the back is the reason Westwood has been frozen out. But that’s just my opinion. If we don’t have a rethink or get better at this, then I’m not sure bringing in a few extra players is going to make a difference. Hopefully I’ll be found wrong at the end of the season.
  2. Not really, it was just the players that came back for those later games hadn’t played an entire season like the opposition had. But we just aren’t playing like we were at the end of the season as well. Jos seems to want the team to play out at the back slowly passing it around, unfortunately the current players we have are struggling with it. Hopefully they will get it, but if not it’s going to be a long long season.
  3. I think we have now worked out what Jos’ game strategy is, bore the other team in to making a mistake.
  4. We just need a manager who has some idea of how English football is played.
  5. Out of jail!!!!! get in
  6. Stevelknievel

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Wouldn’t it be the premier league that would register him, like the EFL do for us? If so there lies the issue, the Premier League don’t care one bit for anyone outside their league and in fact seem more likely to protect them. They have shown that with the TV money. Unfortunately, the FA are too weak and the Premier League have all the power.
  7. Stevelknievel

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Glad it’s finally getting some visibility, because it’s a loophole that clubs like Leicester will continually exploit. For a number of years they have been know for finding loopholes and trying to circumvent the laws of the game for their own benefit. Sometimes being accused of breaking them, but because it can not be proven they have got away with it. But it the whole Hirst thing was a complete wee wee tail up from start to finish. Nobody, Chansiri, Carvalhal, the two Hirst’s and Pearson come out of it in any good light. Chansiri should have given the Hirst’s what they wanted or sold him, Carvalhal should have given such an obvious talent more first team game time and the Hirst’s and Pearson should have shown the club and the fans more loyalty. I wouldn’t want any of them anyway near the clubs in the future and at 37 years of age, I’m from the Hirst and Pearson era. They were both hero’s of mine as a kid. It’s all pretty sad really and hopefully a lesson learnt so it doesn’t happen again.
  8. Stevelknievel

    Gonna be a long old season

    I think Jos does have a strategy and plan, but I think the players are struggling with it. We seemed obsessed with trying to slowly play it out from the back, regardless of where both our and the opposition players are. Particularly in the first half Dawson continually passed it out, but the likes of Lees at no point looked comfortable getting the ball off him and the Hull players just closed us down and we found ourselves in trouble. I suspect (and it’s only my opinion) this play slowly out of the back is also one of the issues as to why Westwood is not getting a look in, either he can’t or won’t do it hence Jos’s refusal to play him. If the players start to get it over the season then great, but if not Jos needs a rethink because he and we won’t be in the league next season if not.
  9. Stevelknievel


    Correct. We have 1 point from the first two games, against two teams not expected to be in the top half of the table. In both games the defence has been a horror show in the first half. It’s obvious that there’s going to be more negatives, than positives to talk about on a football forum. Currently though on Owlstalk, if you try to put an honest post out, you immediately get someone coming back to you having a go. It’s like some kind of weird censorship. When we start winning 5-0 and rocket to promotion, I’ll be the first one to praise the team and club for a job well done.
  10. Stevelknievel


    To be honest, I think the team’s level of fitness is what kept us in both games. In both games, it was Wigan and Hull which were tiring towards the end. We just need to play 120 mins every week and we’re sorted.
  11. Stevelknievel

    Coaching Team

    Leeds look like the surprise team this season, following on from Brighton, Huddersfield and Cardiff...gutted!
  12. Probably did, he was second to the ball every time during the game...only passed it to the ref at half time.
  13. We are a accident waiting to happen. I genuinely fear for when we play someone decent.
  14. Stevelknievel

    Clare joins Swansea

    I think the recent revelations of Monday night does mean the Hirst and Clare sagas start to make more sense. Hirst came out saying that he wanted to play more and that’s why he’s gone where he’s gone to. Did he think that wasn’t going to happen when the club had sent all the money they have spent on expensive strikers. Maybe Clare who’s 21 felt he needed to start to get a more financially rewarding contract then what we could offer him, with us heading in to a transfer embargo? All guess work, but just goes to show the club should have just be more honest with the fans. I think Monday was a good thing and DC now understands the importance of keeping everyone in the loop.
  15. Stevelknievel

    Wing backs.....we havn' t got any

    The wingback situation or lack it was the problem yesterday. Reach was non-existant for a lot of the game and that resulted in Pudil being pulled all over the place. As for Palmer on the other side, well I think it’s pretty clear he’s a RB. We don’t even need to go 4-4-2 we could use 4-3-3 or similar which we kinda went to in the second half after the subs.