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  1. Like any other club we can get someone in, the problem is with the current stat of affairs we need a miracle worker. Not many of them will currently come to Hillsborough. Dare I say it, I think we need Colin.
  2. Would take coming in to replace Monk in a heartbeat. at least we wouldn’t get relegated.
  3. The only thing that can justify the performance since Christmas is that we’ve been automatically relegated.
  4. Monk has got to go. Doesn’t matter that the players, finance and general running of the club are the bigger issues, we will go down at this rate, points deduction or not.
  5. We are getting battered. It’s going to be a long old afternoon.
  6. More like will score 9, while playing 9 under 9’s
  7. Problem is we are stuck with Chansiri. No one decent will buy us because we are such a financial basket case now. And we are stuck with the players because we can’t buy anyone and no one will pay anyway near what they are costing us. Tonight was the final straw for me, I’m taking a break from Wednesday for my own mental state. Sat there being so fizzed off every weekend it killing me. I seriously can’t be so emotionally invested in these turds anymore.
  8. Let’s hope the wind helps us in the second half, because these gobshites can’t do it themselves. The new guys must be thinking WTF.
  9. You need some possession to be able to get the strikers in to it. Like it has been for a few games now it’s just our defence vs the other teams attack. Our midfield is going nothing and Barnsley are looking world beaters which we know they aren’t.
  10. Still doesn’t make up for that shocking mistake. Unforgivable
  11. Dawson is poor, but it’s not helped with the hospital passes that he keeps getting from Borner! FFS
  12. flipping seriously! They could not hold on to a wee wee
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