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  1. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    Happy with him coming in, not so happy with Winnall going though.
  2. If you was the chairman

    Those scenes would be incredible.
  3. Credit where it's due though, the club came through with the signing of Steve Howard. Must have been the longest fax machine reboot ever.
  4. Has Carlos lost the dressing room?

    1. Home 2. Away Done
  5. As I was saying.....

    For me too. Can't believe that anybody would change their mind because we've beaten Chesterfield.
  6. its only one game

    Saved time and quoted these as it just about sums it all up
  7. Sean Conlon Ritchie Neville Scott Robinson J Brown And everybody's favourite, Abz Love.
  8. Paul Merson, bobbar loads of abuse in the 90's.
  9. We'll win two nil, Rhodes getting both.
  10. There's no way Nuhiu scores from there.
  11. Isn't that Big Dave's highlight reel on youtube?