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  1. What's the word in looking for, yeah that's it ... deluded.
  2. Sinner


    Dejphon Chansiri Football Club I like it
  3. By the time ours is ready, Toffs will be stocking it as a retro shirt anyway
  4. So, 1-0 to Bolton then. It's the Wednesday way.
  5. Sinner

    T-Shirt Time!!

    Medium's no good, need to be MASSIVE
  6. Happy with him coming in, not so happy with Winnall going though.
  7. Sinner

    If you was the chairman

    Those scenes would be incredible.
  8. Credit where it's due though, the club came through with the signing of Steve Howard. Must have been the longest fax machine reboot ever.
  9. 1. Home 2. Away Done