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  1. 0-0 in 3 league consecutive away games? It's 2 and the cup at Carlisle surely? 3rd league game back was loss at Brentford bit poor from Radio Sheffield
  2. Owls_about_that

    Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Cant take anymore of this, Sack him at Half Time!
  3. Owls_about_that

    Just love being a Wednesday fan

    Were you there up in the roof or are you looking down from Heaven Only got to got to watch from the sofa tonight but that was last seasons team spirit and effort, did themselves and us all proud on the telly!
  4. Owls_about_that

    What is carlos worried about

    Wondering if he meant more 'Angry' than 'Worried' about the officials and it was lost in translation?
  5. Owls_about_that

    Right back.

    Had the pleasure of watching Nillson when he played for us, total class act. Dread to think what he's cost in todays market!
  6. Owls_about_that


    Way I see it, he's been out with his old mate Abdi after he signed. Over a bite to eat he discovered what Abdi is being paid and is a bit miffed about it. Hopefully soon sorted with another contract extension announcement!
  7. Owls_about_that

    Are we in for a shock?

    5 Better than we have might only mean 5 better than likes of Lachman, Dielna, Sougu etc and not 5 first teamers
  8. Owls_about_that

    Lucas Joao

    Clubcall....Brings back memories, although I only used it until the next phone bill came in, got a right b0llocking off my Mum!
  9. Owls_about_that

    Imagine if...

    Different McDonalds have different prices....God I have too many drive through's at work to notice that!
  10. Owls_about_that

    Serge Gnabry

    Right Player on FM14, so must be same in real life surely
  11. Owls_about_that

    Jones in/out vote here

    Really wanted him to succeed and for us to have a long term manager for once.........but enough is enough out!
  12. Owls_about_that

    Coventry City Liquidated

    Bosman Ruling has ruined football, same money gets spent but it goes to the players and agents instead of transfer fee's to the clubs
  13. Owls_about_that

    Starting the season with this team

    No doubt we are starting this season with a weaker squad that ended last season but its stronger than the one that started last season
  14. Owls_about_that

    When the season is over...

    Watch the piggies blow it in the playoffs, then spend rest of the summer laughing about it
  15. Owls_about_that

    Agent Wilson Superman Pic