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  1. He still uses the word definitely as much as he did when he was here.
  2. How are we paying for this? Just incase there is an issue with our 2098 accounts.
  3. 4 games saved per season, plus no League Cup or Charity Shield. Yes, they want to play fewer games. ...... and when the PL is totally controlled by Manure and the dippers, further changes will come. Time to separate from the PL or succumb to their wishes? Good timing by the PL knowing the FL are on their ars*s financially. Horrible for football in general.
  4. Really? You don't believe that China has only had 85,000 Covid cases then? Would Xi lie?
  5. South coast to Nottingham. Bet he's got a an any time travel annual train ticket as part of the deal.
  6. So you are saying he is taking a loan out to get the money back he put in to the club when he bought the ground? Re financing the cash he put in.
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