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  1. Have Atletico had the usual welcome to Anfield by the fans? By that I mean missiles, bottles and flares thrown at their team bus?
  2. ....... but the site is about having a laugh, and you have to laugh at some posters.
  3. He has retired. Why would he come here? Hi Neil, how's your pension pot, fabulous thanks, I'm loaded. There's a job at Hillsborough, would you be interested, given that you live way down south and are loaded and your lass isn't too well? Erm, No, if I were skint and lived next door I wouldn't take it. Who would want that f00king job? Thanks for your honesty Neil. No problem, now f00k of, my chef is serving luncheon around the pool soon.
  4. As much as I hate to say this; You only need to look across the city to see what desire, determination and a good culture can bring. Or, if you prefer, City, or Liverpool. It's all about attitude, and we have a bad one, for whatever reason.
  5. To sell, you need a buyer. Barge pole springs to mind.
  6. .......... and take his f00king elephant and fish with him.
  7. Managers shouldn't have repetitive phrases. As such.
  8. As we all would. He probably deserves it working with DC.
  9. May 2010 and relegation to L1 was a low point, but, the players on the pitch tried, they put a shift in. This lot aren't even trying.
  10. I think the jury is still out on that one. I think it is both, crap manager and crap players.
  11. DC needs to make some big decisions soon. He's probably waiting for the EFL decision.
  12. Good goal. These are a good side......unfortunately.
  13. Good goal, build up anyway. These are a good side......unfortunately.
  14. We're going to get mullered aren't we? FFS, national TV and Gary Lineker................ On a positive note, we have home advantage.....................
  15. It's not their strongest side, but I think we will do well to get out of our own half. Unless we win the to ss 'kin swear filter
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