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  1. Good goal. These are a good side......unfortunately.
  2. Good goal, build up anyway. These are a good side......unfortunately.
  3. We're going to get mullered aren't we? FFS, national TV and Gary Lineker................ On a positive note, we have home advantage.....................
  4. It's not their strongest side, but I think we will do well to get out of our own half. Unless we win the to ss 'kin swear filter
  5. 0-3 at half time then take the under 18s off and bring the under 15s on. FT 0-3.
  6. Binned Hillsborough tonight due to the snow forecast and didn't want to freeze mi t1ts off. I turned the heating up, opened a bottle of wine and watched City. Brilliant game, fully deserved the win. the second leg should be good too. Part timer........I know.
  7. Is this Bert's thread on North Korea? Whatever happened to it? It just seemed to go poof in the night.
  8. This guy has quite a 'big name' Carlos Augusto Soares da Costa Faria Carvalhal
  9. Liverpool v WHUM. Unless the Liverpool team go down with corona virus, it's just a matter of turning up?
  10. At this point, I was hoping for 50 pages. Come on, must try harder.
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