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  1. Why is it up for rent rather than selling if he is moving out of SWFC?
  2. !986 before we got it. I went on the kop once prior to 1986, got wet through and have been on the North ever since. Do you remember those blue and white umbrella hats that they used to wear on the kop? Like this, but blue and white.
  3. A. Contact Jeremy Corbyn B. They should increase their bandwith access in to their server (not usually required) as most are hosted with a good degree of upscaling.
  4. There's a guy on here called Royds. Might be right up your street. NB Must like Twitter.
  5. Warnock like most people in football is a fan of where the money is. I think he would have done a good job. If he had won his first three matches, a saint. Lost the first three, a pig. That's the fickle football fans of any club.
  6. He's lost a bit of bulk. He's only an A cup now.
  7. I could have roared that day. Best side won. I remember thinking we will do it automatically next season. 😢
  8. Who is drilling outside the ground? Can't hear owt for the noise.
  9. What was terrible was the fact we kept him a season too long. He's coming back isn't he?
  10. ....or the grunters. Look at what you could have won Chris.
  11. Get your application in for UEFA. ........ tell them you don't have stick fingers, and you're in. Refuse any reference offers from Blatter or Platini.
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