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  1. The only way we will see Europe is if we go to war with France.
  2. You're a brave man B&W Best put your tin hat on ready for the flack
  3. It's a bit dull, and nowhere to have a *** at half time except the bog!
  4. Megson can only play with the players he has, if we had the talent, the style of play would be different. We don't have the quality of player he had at WBA.
  5. I dunno Bale, Lennon, Parker, Townsend and Adebayor to start. Seriously, Dawkins, Ceballos and Fredericks any of those 3 would help.
  6. Now that Milan and Harry are mates again, do you think that Harry might lend us any more players before he possibly leaves to take another role?
  7. Loved that game, I was above the Wednesday fans in the stand................brilliant day
  8. Right, so I have to get a scarf then? I've got one the missus bought me for Xmas, but it's grey with sort of brown bits in it. Just getting mi coat of the peg now :(
  9. Anyone heard anything concrete about this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2091370/Ben-Marshall-sign-Leicester.html
  10. Hmmmm, better than Apple, you must be a world beater, need any investment?
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