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  1. Really could have done with all 3 points. The players need to know what we need to do to stay up this season.
  2. He will be back, I just know he will.............
  3. I think Boycott had some issues. Knew the game inside out though.
  4. The Sun have the story in more dramatic terms than the BBC. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12118975/carlos-carvalhal-knife-attack-recovering/
  5. Does anyone know who we appeal to if we lose? Is it the same panel that have just over turned City's European ban?
  6. It would be an appalling appeal if appealed.
  7. No announcement at this time of night. It will be in the morning if there is one.
  8. Fair point. Most I don't listen to on here are on twitter. Speaks volumes really.
  9. Panicked there, we just touched on performance mode.
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