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  1. 26th April 1958 Final match of the season. Wednesday played Wolves at Hillsborough, won 2-1, Wolves were Champions (division 1) Wednesday finished bottom and were relegated! They went back up the following year though as champions, I remember celebrating with a Farleys rusk and half a lager.
  2. Welcome You will develop an extra layer of skin on here, but it's good fun, one or two borderline gays on though.
  3. Not even thinking about not making it this year. But.........if not, then agree with the OP. It would be our 3rd year not 4th BTW.
  4. Think back to the beginning of the season. Would you have taken the play offs? I would!
  5. The reason is that they NEVER come up with anything genuine of their own. They've copied pigs, MASSIVE and anything else they can get their dirty little trotters on. As they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. UTO FTB
  6. I hate opening that site, horrible red in your face. Dirty red and white bar stewards
  7. If my Grandma had a willy, she would have been my Grandad! It doesn't matter, we are where we are.
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