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  1. It's impossible to know what Gray would or could have achieved had he stayed. I think we would have been in the Champions League by now though.
  2. Looks like they have got it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53637173
  3. He was one that should have been offered a 12 month contract on reasonable terms. Has anyone taken him on yet?
  4. Good call mate. I took Arsenal to win after 90 mins, got 13/5. What odds did you get fro 2-1?
  5. Fair point, it could have motivated Villa more.
  6. I thought Hawk Eye was like VAR, designed to assist the referee. Why didn't he ask for a VAR decision and overrule the obvious error of Hawk Eye? Simple really.
  7. See section entitled Customers - What happens if I owe the company money. https://www.pwc.co.uk/services/business-restructuring/administrations/brs-admin-faq.html
  8. Don't be silly. Harry Catterick had a better win ratio, he's the one we really need.
  9. That's true. However, he would in theory inherit a better set of players than he had last time. Although that is up for debate.
  10. Someone who loves the club. Someone with the passion to drive it forward. Someone with the drive to kick a$$ when needed. He is available.
  11. Need to win this. I just have a feeling in mi water. Could be my age, but still a feeling.
  12. It could only affect one other club. The other two would have gone down any way.
  13. The decision won't come until after the match now.
  14. Wrong section as nothing to do with SWFC?
  15. Three options (and I know Jack) -9 points next season. -12 points next season. Wednesday win the case. They cannot deduct points this season once all the matches have been played, surely?
  16. Not in civil cases, that is criminal law. Civil cases are judged on the balance of probability.
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