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  1. Hang on hasn't he already done this with DC Taxis and putting his own name on the shirts.
  2. I imagine it's to do with DC Gardens, got to keep the injured players feeling useful. Did noone see the new app? I had Abdi clear the guttering out last Thursday, didn't do a bad job booked him for an hour but had to come off after 45
  3. Great OMDT A proper Derby!! The World Famous Steel City Derby! Will be watching from Australia. KO at 3:45am for me. 128 years since we first met in the Wharncliffe Charity Cup it was a 2-1 win then to the Owls, I'm predicting the same score today. C'Mon WEDNESDAY !!
  4. Hooper will be gone in the summer, if he can get fit and play a few games before then its a Brucie bonus but I won't expect much
  5. Can we even spending much money in the summer ?
  6. Even if we were promoted tomorrow.. I still wouldn't drink that fizzy pisss
  7. Adthe has a much better goal scoring record, holds up the ball very well and adds something different, chuck him on when your 2-1 on to run down the clock or whatever. Not to mention he will be on peanuts comparatively...
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