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  1. 13 Million for a player who made 2 league appearances last season, bizarre. A lot of my forest mates are celebrating a record signing but seems to me they only just got out of FFP trouble and will back to square one. Still wont be worse than Rhodes..
  2. notts0wl

    Creating new fans...

    Have lots of kids
  3. notts0wl

    What happend to Jerry?

    Believe he had to take new work..."Hes Jerry the Berry Perry"
  4. notts0wl

    Matias wants to stay..

    If Jos can get the best out of Nuhiu anythings possible.. Besides its not as if we would get much for him on current form and injury record. Might as well see what happens between now and January.
  5. Do people want Winnall back ?
  6. notts0wl

    Jeremy helan

    If were going to quote ex-players who will never play for us again lets get Michail Antonio back from the hammers, will make a great addition to the injury room
  7. notts0wl

    Jeremy helan

    He retired from football..
  8. Needs to come to terms with things they been relegated since christmas
  9. I fail to see the link between form and managers nationality :/
  10. Every time he have a bad game half the fans would stop paying... I like it
  11. notts0wl

    Dross Jos

    I miss
  12. Controversially would take a point today
  13. Its going to be scrappy tough game no doubt.. As Semedo said WIN THE DAY WEDNESDAY..
  14. Boris is an idiot, but Chris Woods is the answer