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  1. notts0wl


    Seriously ? Maybe he just took it as a compliment. I don't see the disrespectfullness in being wanted by other teams just shows his quality
  2. The title of this thread makes the OP sound as if they care about other fans view when obviously just want to vent biased views and stir the pot, pile pressure on a manager who's not been given two minutes... Typical negative thinking expected that spills onto the crowd, no wonder we never win big games.
  3. The result is what counts, everything else is just back ground noise. Keep it going Jos and SWFC.. Hopefully get some reinforcements and a bit of time before the guillotine comes out. This coach has done the business in Germany, now he deserves a chance to show his coaching talent here. Good luck Jos, dont let the bas tards drag you down
  4. I agree, we need to cut down on people posting about other matches, need to cut down on pages, gotta keep with the paris agremeent and think of the amazon rain forest, ice bergs, penguins and overly hot summers. Theres only so many web page use to keep things sustainable
  5. notts0wl


    he was carrying a knock and a injury before the brentford game, so may not be able to produce 90 minutes, but as usual the doom and gloom wins and hes off obviously
  6. notts0wl

    Season preview

    This season is our wild card. F**k knows
  7. Is that a squirrel owl cross breed ?
  8. notts0wl

    Jorge Mendes

    Abdi retired when he moved to sheffield, so have a few others, was a bit of misunderstanding is all.
  9. 13 Million for a player who made 2 league appearances last season, bizarre. A lot of my forest mates are celebrating a record signing but seems to me they only just got out of FFP trouble and will back to square one. Still wont be worse than Rhodes..
  10. notts0wl

    Creating new fans...

    Have lots of kids
  11. notts0wl

    What happend to Jerry?

    Believe he had to take new work..."Hes Jerry the Berry Perry"
  12. notts0wl

    Matias wants to stay..

    If Jos can get the best out of Nuhiu anythings possible.. Besides its not as if we would get much for him on current form and injury record. Might as well see what happens between now and January.
  13. Do people want Winnall back ?
  14. notts0wl

    Jeremy helan

    If were going to quote ex-players who will never play for us again lets get Michail Antonio back from the hammers, will make a great addition to the injury room
  15. notts0wl

    Jeremy helan

    He retired from football..