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  1. My Aussie gf just asked me if leeds are sponsored by Tampons..
  2. Haha, think that's a bit harsh, we have all had the boyhood team feeling. If he had left for money and not passion I would agree.
  3. Credit to Bruce, he wasn't here long but he built the foundations in place and allowed the loan deal.. no hard feelings good luck to him.
  4. Perhaps Kevin Pillar is his alter-ego.. actually no. Can't think of a more boring sport than baseball... Must be an evil twin.
  5. Luongo said in his interview that we had shown interest at the beginning of pre-Season so can't have been Bullen, I would imagine all of our transfer targets where agreed on before Bullen.. I'm still hopeful he will win the job himself but don't think he should be given it after one game !
  6. Realistic ~ promotion somehow Also Realistic ~ relegation somehow Conclusion ~ fk knows
  7. Was meant to say surviving but fk it surging in the prem... we all know where this club belongs
  8. For someone telling people to relax you sound like you need a sit down. It's Owls Stalk it's an internet football forum, its closed season.. people try and guess stuff, predict, debate, just enjoy it and remember nothing you write is going to make a sod bit of difference.
  9. Owls Stalk loosing it's marbles with this one. No questioning of HP, is it cause Craig sounds like a trustworthy name? Bet no one would believe a Dave.. Classic Dave they'd say..
  10. Article about Mike Ashley and Rafa's departure... It doesn't sound like Newcastle would be an exciting move for Bruce.. https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/football/premier-league/rafael-benitezs-newcastle-united-departure-is-the-latest-example-of-a-club-stuck-in-a-mire-of-mediocrity-writes-adam-peacock/news-story/99245c78f07da77f2d41fe0590080527
  11. Picked a strange thread to keep going
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