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  1. Guessing we won’t know until the Derby ruling ..
  2. I’ve been off this site for a fair while. What happened to negging ? Why are we so restricted in our oh so important feedback stickers.
  3. So then we can get another points deduction next season for more rule bending ? I’m not sure the answer for getting out the shi! Is to cause more
  4. oh god, we playing bad? has wickham had much of the ball ?
  5. someone got a stream for me ? just jumped off work
  6. There’s a great film about the privatisation of the rail network and the stories of how it affected the workers. Can’t remember the title but they were all wearing Wednesday gear and was based in sheff
  7. 2 goals in 2 games. Outstanding. All overshadowed by results but worth remembering. Lets keep the spirit up. Well done son. Haters gunna hate. Keep it up! Loving our set pieces.
  8. Stuart Gray is coming back also to lead the Lawyer Line up.. Dunno who they are putting in. maybe some else does?
  9. I feel current plan is to drag it out as long as possible in the hopes we make the Playoffs and it would be too inconvenient for the EFL to dock us points this season, perhaps we go up... Then I don't know what, a fine probably.
  10. The two most inconsistent teams in this league ? Hard one to judge.. We seem to do well against Forest recent years.
  11. My Aussie gf just asked me if leeds are sponsored by Tampons..
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