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  1. Mmmm why didn’t DC think of this?? Wow! I think there might be a bit more to this than we can comprehend.
  2. Which he won’t, and again he won’t, so they won’t.
  3. Let’s hope NOT anyway! Why should we pay this morally bankrupt c#nt more money for trying to negotiate a move away from us?
  4. I hope DC has watched how Mel Morris manipulated the situation with Chelsea and Frank Lampard and tries to get a decent amount of compensation and hopefully get some leverage with regards to getting a couple of players off them, either on loan or permanent. Let’s try and make the most of a bad situation.
  5. I think you’ll find he said “way more than £1m”
  6. That would certainly save 100+ pages in this thread.
  7. Norwich really boil my pi$$! They think he’s good enough to play in the prem, but want to pay peanuts for him. I can totally understand Chansiri’s stance here, loads of Wednesday fans saying sell him for next to nothing but it’s him who stands to lose millions not them. Tell em it’s £5m or wedge it! East Anglian carrot crunching, turnip tugging tvvats!!
  8. Just a $hit load of goals for the first 6-7 years of his career.
  9. Think the wind was partly responsible for that today. Awful conditions for long passing.
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