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  1. I think if ties are played mid week and IF we draw a prem club, they are likely to field a weakened side due to league commitments. So who knows.
  2. And if you don’t get promotion?
  3. Get in DC! Sheffield City Council, couldn’t run a p1$$ up in a brewery!!
  4. Agree with this. If Gayle still isn’t getting a game at Newcastle DC should pull out all the stops to get him. Would make all difference imo.
  5. Until someone like Bannan, Fletcher or Borner get injured and then it will be “why risk them for a league cup game”
  6. Really can’t imagine DC letting him leave if his wages aren’t being covered by the loan club.
  7. My feeling is he doesn’t want to be disrespectful by naming us directly as a club who have expressed an interest in hiring him. Which, in my opinion, is commendable.
  8. I’m not sure you understand the context of this conversation. But I’ll respond anyway. Of course there was interest on the loan from the Co-Op, they are a bank and that’s how they make their money. Your second point is totally irrelevant! And if we had gone into administration you are correct in stating the “poor” Co-Op shareholders wouldn’t have received any money back, but this only highlights the point I was making that any football club could go out of business and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge them as it could so easily have happened to us. Hope this clarifies my previous post for you. UTO
  9. Ask share holders of the Co Op bank how they felt about the derisory sum they received from us for the debt we owed them. I should put my hand over my mouth and shout full up if I were you mate. There a small club struggling in the lower leagues with next to no income, and receiving fu#k all help from the EFL who, incidentally, couldn’t run a pi#s up in a brewery.
  10. Jesus! You’ve got a short memory. Without MM we could have been in the same boat. There but for the grace of god go I.
  11. Perhaps also why there hasn’t been any reported interest in clubs wanting to buy him. That could change now said clubs actually know the extent of his punishment.
  12. Mmmm why didn’t DC think of this?? Wow! I think there might be a bit more to this than we can comprehend.
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