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  1. Maybe they’ll take Jones and Fox off us then?
  2. In my opinion he was, a great captain on and off the pitch. Just because he’s a “modern day footballer” doesn’t mean he can’t be a good man. And I certainly don’t think it makes it sound like he was on the minimum wage. Just saying.
  3. Well I personally wish him well. A great servant to our club.
  4. goonan8

    Lincoln away

    I’m sat in a boozer near the ground and Tango is in. He’s come straight from Moscow and has brought his suitcase with him.
  5. Jack Hunt having medical at Bristol City, £1.6m fee apparently.
  6. goonan8

    Team with no Signings

    It would have to be a LB for me.
  7. I went to white hart lane to watch us in the 94-95 season, I caught the ball after one of our players kicked it out. Nicky Barmby was waiting for me to give the ball to him so I looked at him but threw the ball the other way and gave him the rods. He was laughing though to be fair.
  8. Linked with us: Matty Lawless of the Mirror says- The very impressive @ReeceBurke attracting a lot of attention. Sheffield Wednesday in pole position with a loan but Rangers, Leeds, Aston Villa and Reading are interested in a permanent deal. He’s a great prospect and, importantly, a homegrown lad - I hope he stays at West Ham.
  9. Doesn’t sound like he’s going to be leaving us for a while yet. I certainly hope he doesn’t anyway.
  10. goonan8


    It wasn’t a criticism of you, just thought I’d make the point. Can’t see the point of gambling trying to find a replacement as there aren’t that many players out there of Bannans ability for the money we could pay.
  11. goonan8


    We should, under no circumstances, consider selling Bannan. He has been integral to our up turn in results this season, and will be integral to a promotion tilt next season.
  12. goonan8

    Happy #MindTheGap Day

    It would be impossible to celebrate THAT day too much!
  13. Does anyone know the name of the tune that is played before and sometimes at half time of our Home matches? It’s a bit of a rave tune. Cheers in advance.
  14. goonan8

    Steven Fletcher Mystery

    I saw him during the Reading game last Friday and he had a knee brace on. Not sure if it was precautionary or not but it didn’t look too good.