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  1. Richard Beres who is the main man down there is a massive wednesdayite.
  2. And the same manager who took them to 3rd at Christmas! I’m not saying Monk is a magician but the buck surly has to, at some point, stop with these players.
  3. So you think a deflected goal and two individual player errors for the the other two goals are Monk’s fault? Is it not blindingly obvious that some of these player who have been here for years are fundamentally flawed? They turn up for one game and go missing for the next, it feels like it’s been going on since the dawn of time!
  4. Firstly mate, done ever slag big dave off! Probably the most underrated striker we’ve had down here since Clinton Morrison. And don’t get me started on Rhodes, all he needs is decent service and he will score all day. Mark my words Iorfa will be playing for England in 3 years. And finally what the fu#king hell is curtain wall? Sounds like a thrash metal band!! Is your your first name Harry by the way??
  5. Hello? It’s got to be a blade that’s started this thread! After what he has said about us over the years I would rather be languishing in league one than have that parrot nosed tvvat managing us. I think we should be pulling out all the stops and going for Pardew. I know he’s in work but a mega bucks offer would lure him in I’m sure.
  6. I think if ties are played mid week and IF we draw a prem club, they are likely to field a weakened side due to league commitments. So who knows.
  7. Get in DC! Sheffield City Council, couldn’t run a p1$$ up in a brewery!!
  8. Agree with this. If Gayle still isn’t getting a game at Newcastle DC should pull out all the stops to get him. Would make all difference imo.
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