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  1. Think the wind was partly responsible for that today. Awful conditions for long passing.
  2. Who’s reserve team, ours or theirs? Half of that team play every week. There were over 37k there! It’s the FA cup, it’s nothing like a reserve game. Pi$$ poor support, as it is most of the time there.
  3. Still over 37k there though. Are you saying they are too tired to sing because of a heavy fixture list? They are the same week in and week out. Crap vocal support, simple.
  4. Yes but if we had the players they had and were near the top of the prem, I’d like to think we would make more noise than they did. It was like a morgue.
  5. Well what a load of nonsense this^ is! firstly who knows why he has -22 rep, He may have only been on here a week in which case he’s done quite well, (By your way of thinking). And finally half the people on here who dish out positive rep and cap ends anyway. As I said previously, rep snob!
  6. On Talksport yesterday they were saying it was because at the beginning of last year he had promised to take his dad to the cricket abroad somewhere. After his dad passed he said he was still going to go to honour his memory. Whichever story is true I for one take my hat off to him, it shows he is a decent, honest human being. Qualities that I’m sure we all want from our manager.
  7. Heard Norwich fans singing “sign him up” as he was giving his shirt to a young fan after a match the other week. I, for one, hope they do.
  8. This isn’t a regular industry though like, say, construction where alarm bells ring because selling assets is usually done because the company is struggling for funds. This is the only industry that has to adhere to FFP regulations, and it looks like, if it’s true, it’s to get round that.
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