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  1. Was Iggle Piggle there too?
  2. Give my regards to the Earth's core, Baza.
  3. U seen Mr Brown and his friends off to the coast?
  4. Jazzybmzoo

    Preslav Borukov

    When Putin offers you a drink but your allergic to Polonium...
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Laughed my ass off. But then had to explain it to our lass...having never heard of the film or Jordan Rhodes really, she managed to suck the humour out of it all ;0)
  6. Well, he’s not gonna say it’s w&nk is he?
  7. Jazzybmzoo

    It’s not crap when your 11yrs old

  8. Jazzybmzoo

    You Broke John Terry

    His brother's a **** as well: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2063119/Dale-Roberts-hanged-fiancees-affair-John-Terrys-brother.html
  9. Jazzybmzoo

    You Broke John Terry

    Enjoy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/picturegalleries/9228389/John-Terrys-on-and-off-field-controversies-in-pictures.html?frame=2203799
  10. Jazzybmzoo

    Blades want to try collinding too

    Think their £20m man, John Fleck was suspended so that will have been their excuse.
  11. Injured - out for 2 weeks.
  12. Jazzybmzoo

    The Women that confronted Carlos

    I'd give her a lifetime bang.
  13. Jazzybmzoo

    George Hirst

    The annoying this is is that this kid will likely become a superstar in the near future and we have managed to f*ck up what could potentially be a great asset for us. True, our strikers haven't really been the problem of late but get him on the bench or play him in the cup games, loan him out, anything but get him playing. No excuses for being a numpty here but he's a young lad who's obviously got a a lot of talent and has clearly shown a lack of judgement. It's gonna be very hard to see him banging in goals for however gets him next.
  14. Absolutely pathetic. Warming to know the scummers pass on their tradition down the generations. I had the misfortune of being in the Clubhouse post-blades match and some of the knuckle-draggers in there were worthy of an Attenborough commentary. I know we have a fair share (particularly down the away end of the North) but overhearing some of the 'banter' from these tail tugging tuggers was something else. Thing was, most of them were over 40 as well!