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  1. Yes - and i'd recommend swinging balls in from round the back.
  2. Not into sticking the boot into our players but Fox is a waste of a shirt. Offers absolutely nothing. Refuses to pass forward and if you notice, our players only pass to him as a last resort. People say he's a good defender; he gets skinned repeatedly, caught out of position and struggles to even force players out wide/onto the wrong foot. Again, not a fan of slating our players but I wouldn't have him anywhere near the team, not if we're serious about challenging.
  3. Lincoln City[edit] After just one season in charge of Braintree Town, Cowley moved on again, this time to Lincoln City on 13 May 2016.[12] During Cowley's first season in charge of Lincoln, he oversaw the club's promotion back to the Football League - doing so by winning the National League title with two games to spare.[13] This, after a six-year absence since relegation in 2011. In the same season Lincoln became the first non-league club to reach the quarter-final of the FA Cup in over a century, knocking out Championship sides Ipswich Town and Brighton & Hove Albion, follo
  4. With the exception of a fit Kieran Lee he's our best player by a country mile. Hopefully, Bullen has a plan for him
  5. Some Pig on Twitter - i'll give em that one :) #SWFC to announce Chris Hughton as the new club manager on Wednesday. However, Lee Bullen will continue in charge until the 3rd of November as Chris wants to watch Newcastle’s first few games, The Ashes and then the Rugby World Cup.
  6. I know a lot of our base are writing him off as shizzle but I have a feeling in 3 years time he's gonna be banging em in for a decent side and go for millions.
  7. Shouldn't they be carrying Hutch?? Or at least invest in some moon boots for him.
  8. Hahahahahah! Feckin’ hell. Pathetic even by their standards.
  9. Any insight into what his handicap is now?
  10. FFS - why was the guy squaring up to the partition? Unfathomable.
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