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  1. Didn't they put out a weakened side against Rotherham, it was a very strong side they put out last night.
  2. Make sense, as you say they must have amples of stock of this seasons kits, as I would imagine that the majority of sales come on matchdays.
  3. Hope he dosen't want a Wednesday baseball cap from megastore.
  4. Unfortunately with The way we have been setting up and playing negative football to grind out a result with the points deduction. Izzy brown has been made redundant as he is more of an attacking midfielder, hopefully now we have clawed back the deduction and two defensive managers have departed, he may get more game time if we appoint a manager who is more attack minded like Paul Cook .
  5. Saw this on football focus Saturday thought it looked quite good, design is same on back of the shirt, bring it up to date with shirt quality of today, think it would make a decent home kit with black collar , cuffs and black shorts.
  6. Depending on wether pulis’s Back room staff have all gone as well, I’m sure Bullen will be asked for his opinion on matters by Thompson.
  7. Was going to suggest this last week when Iorfa got injured, not getting game time at Fulham,. worth a loan deal. i know people will say oh no not another centre half, but we have lost Flint and Iorfa long term, proven at this level as we all know. think he would jump at the chance to return.
  8. A lot of loan deals especially from premier league clubs involve parent club paying percentage of wages, would be worth a try as it would only be for half a season, not suggesting we sign him on a deal to stay, not many strikers available with his pedigree around for loan deals .
  9. Currently on Season loan at Watford, but looking to end his loan due to only one start, he is 37 but a proven scorer at this level, worth a loan deal till end of the season.
  10. 4, 2, 3, 1 bannan in a more forward role, pelupessy and shaw defensive midfielders.
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