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  1. Will they still be closing Penistone road off for an hour after game and not allow fans to enter or exit via Leppings Lane. it will be very dangerous to have a 1000 people leaving the stadium all at one time lol.
  2. Available for transfer or loan from Stoke, can be a good player on his day, at 28 right age .thoughts anyone ?.
  3. The last home game on I follow had crowd noise in the back ground, hope tonight whoever is responsible for it slips in a few "WARNOCKS A W*NKER" chants, I am sure it would make Colin feel like he really is at Hillsborough , wouldn't be the same without it.
  4. Why all of a sudden are you interested in how he played yesterday, and not any of the other 70+ games he has already played for them.
  5. Not saying Alex Hunt did anything wrong, but game changed when Lee was replaced, he was chasing and closing down and forcing Swansea to concede possession ,we didn't have that in the second half.
  6. We have an experienced goal keeper already who is actually our goal keeping coach, funnily enough that's what clubs do they employ good ex playing keepers to pass on their knowledge of being a goalkeeper to the younger ones, think they call him NICKY WEAVER. and as far as I am aware he is doing a fantastic job.
  7. They can do what they want and get away with it, nothing will be said or done about it because its Liverpool,
  8. I have used I follow before and coverage normally begins a just a few minutes before kick off, will this apply for this package or does the coverage start earlier.
  9. Football heaven presenter also said it on the show Tuesday evening.
  10. Leeds (they've only got one song) have sung Marching On Together 413 times.
  11. Behind Closed Doors Atmosphere Just a silly thought, will the home teams be able to play crowd cheers and chants over the pa system to try make it sound more like a home fixture. I know I am going to get remarks that there is no atmosphere at Hillsborough, but it would make the players feel more like they are playing at home. As I say just a silly thought.
  12. Great player (Norman Bites Your Legs) with one of the great teams of the 70s when football was football, very sad news no matter what team you support 😥
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