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Community Answers

  1. just had a look and there are 40 tickets left in all 3 stands for Wednesday fans.
  2. With the pitch being waterlogged on Sunday, and plenty of rain since then and tonight, any news of a pitch inspection been mentioned ?
  3. Its Never been the same since it got flooded, doesn't help being next to a river with high water table.
  4. Anyone know if they have started doing names and numbers shirt printing again yet ?.
  5. If this rule was still in operation don’t think anyone in this league would be able to compete with us with the quality of players that we have throughout the squad.
  6. Could his departure make way for Josh Sims to make the move to Hillsborough?
  7. Have they come out with any road closures etc for Saturdays game ?
  8. Anyone know how they are getting on and if any of new signings are involved.
  9. Available for loan from Stoke ,Wycombe interested, surely we could scupper the deal, proven scorer in the past, in the Steven Fletcher mould .
  10. Anyone in the know if ground entry and departure along with road closures will still be implemented when season kicks off ?
  11. Thought he was home sick and wanted to go back down south ?
  12. Thought it when i saw it live, watch when he takes the short corner, its a moving ball. should have been retaken.
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