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  1. owls about that

    Alan wheen

    Could someone please get to know the full proper arrangements for Al's funeral , as there seems to be some confusion on here exactly where and what time the funeral is taking place, and also where the wake is taking place after.
  2. owls about that

    Alan wheen

    Wake at the ground is that meaning its held at at Hillsborough ?
  3. owls about that

    Alan wheen

    Isnt that the same date that the fans forum is being held at Hillsborouh ?
  4. owls about that

    Alan wheen

    Lets hope the Wednesday family give big Al the send off he deserves against Rotherham, on the 59th minute with a rousing applause and we love you Weenie. UTO RIP WEENIE.
  5. owls about that

    Blackburn away - pay on the gate

    Are they extra seats as I thought we had sold out our 3000 allocation
  6. owls about that

    Alan wheen

    Top bloke Wednesday through and through, been on many away trips will big Al Rest in Peace Weenie.
  7. owls about that

    Infinity Card

    Swedish Champions AIK are selling an "Infinity Card" season ticket, worth more than £16,000, which will be valid as long as its holder lives. (Thoughts)
  8. You are reading them, so they are obviously doing what they were put in for to advertise and catch the eye.
  9. owls about that


  10. owls about that

    Martin O'Neill

    Yes, lost his way a little bit with the ROI job , at one time I thought he would first choice to succeed Alex Ferguson at Man Utd
  11. owls about that

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    Snooty W*nker
  12. A bit of a banter song with Leeds fans about the bucket their manager Bielsa sits on in the technical area. "Whose the tw*t on the bucket You Leeds sc*m, you Leeds scum Whose the tw*t on the bucket He looks like a pr*ck" And when we score "Theres a ball in your bucket You Leeds sc*um, you Leeds sc*m There's a ball in your bucket And your team are sh*t
  13. Quite like their kit, something different.