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  1. owls about that

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    Snooty W*nker
  2. A bit of a banter song with Leeds fans about the bucket their manager Bielsa sits on in the technical area. "Whose the tw*t on the bucket You Leeds sc*m, you Leeds scum Whose the tw*t on the bucket He looks like a pr*ck" And when we score "Theres a ball in your bucket You Leeds sc*um, you Leeds sc*m There's a ball in your bucket And your team are sh*t
  3. Quite like their kit, something different.
  4. owls about that

    RIP Tony Collins

    RIP fellow owl
  5. owls about that

    What's this?

    could still do that with leppings lane , building round existing structure, no need to completely demolish it
  6. owls about that

    Song for Lucas Joao

    Lets All Bow To Lucas Joao, Hallelujah Lets All Bow To Lucas Joao, Hallelujah (with everybody bowing)
  7. owls about that

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    Poor support, how many will Reading bring to Hillsborough, couple of hundred.
  8. owls about that


    They will also have a weakened side out, cant see them risking their best players, now they are a premier league team.
  9. Walk out Music, take away the vocals as in waterfront.
  10. owls about that

    Walk Out Music

    They've made a right balls up of the walk out music and second half walk out, just a load of noise, absolute poo , don't fix what aint broke
  11. owls about that

    Walk Out Music

    It was poo , just a load of noise, bring back waterfront , pre kick off to 2nd half was poo as well, no idea what any of them were.
  12. owls about that

    Hopefully same won't happen to Kieran Lee...

    I played my last game for sunday morning team at the age of 57