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  1. M1 J41, Bay Horse, about 300 yards on A650 (Morley / Bradford), 5 miles from Elland Road Child friendly & food served, (coaches allowed)
  2. Without the keeper and defence season would also be over now, they deserve plenty of credit too.
  3. We did, cos L**ds fans were singing "first time you've sold it out" they seem to forget that time we won 3-2 when we sold all behind the goal and the triangle bit in the corner, but then again they were only getting 17 to 18,000 themselves until last couple of seasons. but they seem to forget those times
  4. Just been put on website 1,487 allocation been sold another 1,173 made available .
  5. How come we have only been allocated less than 1,500 when we have been selling out nearly all away grounds this season, was hoping to go to this one, but as I don't have enough priority points, I wont be able to get one till they go on sale to just season tickets only, that is if there will be any remaining. will more be allocated once these have been sold ?
  6. There is a river that flows behind the south stand and the training ground, been there a while apparently.
  7. How has this post about a game behind closed doors turned into a Abdi slagging post.
  8. Steve Bruce said that we are playing a behind closed doors game on Tuesday, saying that he will be playing players that haven't had much playing time recently, which players do you think will be used Dawson, Pudil, Thorniley, Baker, Jones, Winnall, Hooper, Fox, Pelupessy, Matias, Boyd, Should all be starters, then maybe Van Aken, Penney (Depending on their current injury status) Then best of the rest from U23s.
  9. I was told last night from someone who was at the training ground delivering a car for a player, he said a player broke his arm while he was there, he said he was a tall black guy with short dreadlocks. sounds like Hector.
  10. A bit of fun, can you come up with any rhyming slang connected to Sheffield Wednesday? I will start it off Carlton palmers - Pyjamas
  11. He looks very quick, skill full and direct, check out videos of him.
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