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  1. This of course is the same issue as there has been with Wednesday World/ Player in the past. You get a bespoke commentary for home games but have to put up with the Radio Sheffield commentary and "round the grounds" away. iFollow may be good (with a pricey video stream) for overseas fans or those willing to play with a VPN but has provided very little benefit for those in the UK.
  2. Owls keeper on the move ?

    Seem to remember that there were injuries when he was signed. Remember him playing against Benfica. His only first team outing? Good luck to the lad. He needs to go somewhere with a better chance of playing.
  3. Cushions

    Recall a game V Liverpool when an equaliser was denied by ref - must have been the 70's. Came on from the North. I was on the Kop so had to limit discontent to shouting.
  4. Presenter was Khalid Aziz - now runs a communications consultancy. A pleasure watching it. Well worth the walk down Herries Road I remember.