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  1. Thanks for this thread. BBC have binned us again. No updates on the website.
  2. As much as I dislike the man, he's a Preston fan so is allowed to be disappointed but at least he mentioned the absurded stats from the Villa game during the Swansea game.
  3. Wouldn't taint my eyes by looking but do we think there's a similar thread elsewhere discussing the ticket allocation for L'Orient? Should be grateful we have a system at all! Locally there are some heart breaking stories, Dingles v Scousers where they queued up and got 5 each, ST or not. Dave Allen would ensure only the yes men got tickets. I qualify for 1 but we have 2ST's and I need 2 so how does that work? I'll have to take my chances later in the week.
  4. Shame he doesn't go on about D'ick Wragg getting them off Scot free when they kicked the sh'ite out of Walsall all those years ago when St Don Givens missed that penalty to drop them into the basement.
  5. Has anyone done the maths re offers like the Reading one to see if ST holders are getting proper value. I've had one since 1976 but sometimes wondered recently if I'd be better off picking and choosing. Also there should be some protocol about passing comments on forums and phone ins if you don't go.
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