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  1. I stayed in the Skyline Hotel , Hell’s Kitchen. 10th Ave between 49th and 50th, Comfortable , clean and well priced hotel. Neighbourhood was quiet but in a short walking distance of Times Square, Central Park.
  2. I'm Wednesday till I die I'm Wednesday till I die I know Siam I'm sure Siam I'm Wednesday till I die Sorry if its been done before I couldn't be bothered to read all the big thread.
  3. Kevin, with regards to what you mentioned in the Wednesdayite thread about me taking it on. If I'm honest with myself I don't think I have the skills to take something like this on. My skills lie with budget setting, cost control, forecasting, reporting. Apart from obviously knowing the basic financial stuff I leave the high level stuff to the financial accountant. What I will do however is volunteer myself to work along side others as part of a financial team.
  4. Hope no one minds me posting on this thread, i have been following it closely these last few days. I work as a Management Accountant at a local NHS Trust, we have in our office a brochure from The Civil Society, (civilsociety.co.uk), it's their September edition of their brochure Charity Finance, also details of a Charity Finance Summit on the 07.10.14. Not sure if its any use to anyone at Wednesdayite or SWSC but happy to post out if anyone would like a read.
  5. I'd also like to make a suggestion to Eddie, Kev and Rich, Please don't get too obsessed with thinking the success of a Supporters Club is based on how many members it has signed up via a website, it's not. a supporters club should be just that open to everyone who supports Sheffield Wednesday. The fact you are a Sheffield Wednesday fan should mean you are already a member of the supporters club. Success of something like this should be measured on how it's delivered. Whether it's a fan park with 5k turning up or a kids club with only 100 turning up, if it has enhanced the matchday experien
  6. Yeah you can do all the market research you want, if the need ain't there it ain't there, whether it's a s&&thot , cool, state of the art product or one thought up by the general public. I think the one thing that will make it successful is endorsement from the club.
  7. It's just the way of the world , no two people will agree, what some people will see is the right way others see it as the wrong way, neither's right neither's wrong, they must be mad to want to do this, they have my respect.
  8. Get kids down to ground early building a moat, fill it with ducks , get lads in North to take pot shots at them , anyone who misses gets to take the nearest pensioner out for a prawn sandwich. All supporters go home happy.
  9. I don't want this to come across as an argument Neil as it's really isn't meant that way because you make some valid points. But as a supporter wanting to join a club I liked the fact that they came to the fans for ideas and help because it should be a supporters club for the supporters not 3 blokes deciding they want to build a 100ft David Hirst and everyone will like it. No offence by the way Eddie, Rich, Kev personally I can't wait to see it. But all that's water under the bridge now , I'm sure they can deliver on a s@@t hot product.
  10. That's a great idea, at last a use for these 10k ducks in my garage. I"ll hide them round The stadium and the first kid to find all 10k gets a prize. sorted I'm going to put that forward as a flagship project. :-)
  11. What's wrong with Wurzels! I do take your point Neil, but believe me the launch of the website and timing of my post was purely coincidence, it wasn't meant to be part of launch.
  12. Neil, you say the mention of Treasure Hunts etc was potentially damaging to launch, but lets be fair they weren't any mention of a TH on facebook, Twitter, website, it was just one post on here, which most Wednesday fans wouldn't have read. But we never know how many saw my post and thought "yeah getting kids to ground early letting them have some prematch fun" that's a good idea, I like sound of that, I"ll sign up.
  13. JohnF I get Neil's point about my post re the Treasure Hunt smacks of folk In a pub telling others what to do. Was I a bit naive and other enthusiastic about what I had been asked to do, absolutely. Did I go about it the wrong way, absolutely. It shouldn't have been me coming on here saying I'm organising a Treasure Hunt do people think it's a good idea? a Supporters Club is about what the supporters want, I should have come on here and said these are the kind of ideas we as a supporters club can deliver on as fun projects for the kids should they be a need. I get that and I've apologised if
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