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  1. Carlos Out

  2. Rhodes goal video

    Thank god Rhodes got in there before Bannan!
  3. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    First ever vote to sack him from me. Backed him to the hilt but we're not smashing teams and getting undone with a sucker punch or bad decisions. We're just a bit bobbar
  4. If we part ways now, I will thank him for some great moments over the past few seasons. Friday night lights, playoff finals, smashing arsenal, thumping Norwich and pasting Leeds a few times. He deserves more than being called clueless, he has provided some quality football but the time has come for a change. I want to remember him for those quality moments, not this atrocious, dire, backwards, no threat football. We have gone backwards this season and a new manager needs two transfer windows to shape for next season. Time to move on
  5. We took 19 points from the next seven games. CC, the players and the chairman still believes. So do I. Things will turn around starting this Saturday.
  6. Not just yet. Carlos can put a string of wins together. Its happened in the past, it can happen again.

    Two wins puts us two points off last season. Not a million miles away. But any less and we will give ourselves too much work to do for the final 2/3rds of the season. If we don't win two of the next three, then I would be in favour of a change in the international break, to give a new manager January and Summer transfer windows to start building.
  8. Rubbish. Loovens did not act innocent. He knew he messed up. On the replay in the lead up to it, Lee and Bannan just glance at each other as neither knows who is playing in front of back 4. CB's just back off and off, leading to last ditch tackle. It's crap nervy football. They all looked scared of putting a tackle in.
  9. Would anyone in their right mind produce their own football kits? Such a stupid idea. All in the name of squeezing more cash out of the fans. Glad it's backfired.
  10. A - Derby County H - Barnsley H - Millwall A - Aston Villa Last two seasons we have gone into the November internationals with 24 points. I would take as an absolute minimum six points (22 points keeping us within touch of last few seasons). I love a good prediction thread following a loss and in the midst of "Clueless Carlos" meltdown. But I do fancy we can win at least two of those. Draw Win Win Abject defeat (cue international break meltdown).
  11. I fear how the recruitment process for a manager would transpire. The recent history of decision making fills me with zero confidence of finding a suitable replacement. You would think anything is better than the current mid-table plodding, but I'm not so sure. We had months to dream up ideas of increasing revenues... and they decide to sell a plaque and imaginary season ticket for two grand. A year to design and produce a shirt... and fans are still waiting. Behind the scenes disarray is flooding into the first team?
  12. Some of the staff discount might be in return for the University (Sheffield) choosing to use SWFC facilities for their exams. For a couple months a year Hillsborough must make a tidy amount through letting out its rooms.
  13. Fast Food Fans

    I'll go against the grain. I think he should get more thyme. DC will agree, he ain't no fruit cake. Fans knead to make peas and support him. There's not mushroom for arguing
  14. Last five paragraphs sum up how many are feeling at the minute. Guardian picking up on another limp performance in a big game... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/sep/24/sheffield-wednesday-united-championship-match-report Sheffield United's derby delight prompts questions over Wednesday's attitude As good as Sheffield United were in trouncing their Steel City neighbours 4-2, Sheffield Wednesday’s tendency to disappear in big games is a concern With a few minutes remaining of the first Sheffield derby in five years, Chris Wilder congratulated and high-fived everyone on the United bench. By that point the job was done, the scoreline at 4-2 and Wednesday’s spirit crushed: this was United’s most comprehensive derby win in 25 years and the first time they have scored four at Hillsborough. Unsurprisingly Wilder, a Blades fan who watched his first derby from the terraces 37 years ago, described it as the proudest moment of his career. Before the game Wilder promised to “have a go”, and as it turned out he was not bluffing. United, back in the Championship after six years away, took the lead after only three minutes when David Brooks, a fantastically gifted 20-year-old making just his second league start, backheeled a free-kick to John Fleck who belted a shot low into the net. Wednesday’s goalkeeper Kieran Westwood did not move, but there would have been no point getting his shorts dirty: it was an unstoppable effort. In the 15th minute it was 2-0, when a ball over the top found Leon Clarke who casually stroked home with his left foot. Clarke finished the victory off in the closing stages with his second of the afternoon, showing rather more clinical instincts than he did when he was a Wednesday player. He made 87 appearances in three years for the Owls, scoring 18 times: he now has four in four games against them. What was perhaps most impressive about United’s performance was how they responded when Wednesday wiped out their early lead. Gary Hooper pulled one goal back just before half-time and when Lucas João lashed home an equaliser 20 minutes into the second half, Hillsborough was quite literally shaking with excitement. “The mood of the place changed in a heartbeat, so we knew we were in for a tough few minutes,” said Wilder. Mark Duffy, however, put United back ahead, puncturing the home fans’ hubris emphatically. When it was delicately suggested to him after the game that United had shown some testicular fortitude, Wilder cut through the treacle: “Bo110cks? Yeah, we did. I think that’s ingrained in our team.” Yet it was less about old-fashioned bottle, rather more a terrific and bold tactical change: a few minutes earlier Wilder had removed the defender Jake Wright and replaced him with a winger, Duffy, changing their formation in an effort to regain control of the game. “We were getting pushed back,” said Wilder. “I said we wanted to go for it, and we wanted to take the initiative away from the opposition. Then they’re chasing again. In the end, we were pretty comfortable.” A word, too, for Brooks. The youngster played with the assurance of a man appearing in his 10th derby, rather than his first, and when in the second half he turned Jack Hunt inside out and gave the defender his ‘Billy Wright trying to tackle Ferenc Puskas’ moment, the fortunes of both sides were summed up. “Nothing fazes him,” said Wilder. “For him to come into their backyard and put in a performance like that, he’s got a bright future ahead of him.” As good as United were, Wednesday were frustrating, limp, uncompetitive: everything you do not want in a derby. After the game their manager, Carlos Carvalhal, made plenty of the “emotion” of the day being exacerbated by United’s early goal, which made his team “more nervous” and they thus “made mistakes we wouldn’t usually make”. That is hardly an excuse for how they collapsed moments after theoretically regaining the initiative when they levelled at 2-2. You can not help but wonder if his pre-match approach of trying to paint this as “just another game” backfired: if he did not prepare his players for the “emotion” of the occasion, then perhaps that is why they did not deal with it well. These things are always rather ephemeral, but you also have to wonder about how Wednesday play in big games. They barely turned up for the 2016 playoff final against Hull, shuffled out in the semi-finals last season and now this. Carvalhal’s position is surely not under threat, but the boos and frustrated howls from the home fans suggested these failings were familiar. In the closing stages, the visiting fans sang Happy Birthday to Wilder, who turned 50 on Saturday. It goes without saying that this victory meant more to him than any other. “I don’t think you can put it into words,” he said. “We’ve had it rammed down our throats enough about the last six years. Carlos said he slept all right – I didn’t sleep a wink for the last week. It’s been a long old seven days. “You have enough lows ... so I’m going to enjoy it.”