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  1. Manila_Owl

    Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    http://www.wsc.co.uk/the-archive/30-Clubs/2600-sheffield-wednesday-1974-75 Written 15 years ago - a bite-size guide to the that dross.
  2. Manila_Owl

    Free agents

    Is she a centre back?
  3. It goes beyond which league we are in. I get a real sense from reading this forum and social media that if we stay up, the next manager is on a hiding to nothing. That kind of atmosphere makes me wonder if its worth renewing. We clearly have little to spend to improve, so i'm not sure what DC could do to turn around fanbase
  4. When the fans turned on Carlos
  5. Manila_Owl

    Joao and carlos

    Putting your thumb up???
  6. Manila_Owl

    Parking Tomorrow

    If you're coming from North then as mentioned, Halifax Road (cars were vandalised on the road off Railway Pub so best parking further up e.g. residential roads). Or any of the streets near the training ground (you can then leave north towards Stocksbridge Bypass/M1)
  7. There's nothing going on.
  8. And who gave Giles Coke a round of applause. The animosity on here for CC is hilarious. It's like some surreal conspiracy theory, you either believe CC is part of the problem and is laughing his socks off. Or that he did what 90% of managers do and that is run out of ideas and part company.
  9. Manila_Owl

    Another Winnall/Butterfield

    I agree. Dragging up an old thread in this case is a bit moronic. Hooper pretty much started every single game until Xmas. Partnered by Fletcher for a big chunk then Rhodes in others. Rhodes offers the same as Winnall off the bench and Joao offers pace off bench. Fact is Butterfield has been turd, but we weren't to know that. A poor midfield and injuries places more pressure on back line and ultimately cost Carlos his job. I can't fault the deal, we took another card and bust. It happens. The fact he has got some game time and scored a few will help when we sell at end of season. We will make a decent profit.
  10. Manila_Owl

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Add 2005 PO Final to that. State of that penalty and red card. VAR would have kept us down. For every loser there's a winner. I'm not a fan myself unless at the very least replays are shown live at stadium and the referee has to explain decision to crowd who don't know what the fluff is going on.
  11. Manila_Owl


    Adrian Chiles is proof not anyone can do it. Don't mind Lineker myself. Or most of the pundits on BBC. Would rather watch Lineker & Shearer than "I'm Colin Murray" and Clinton Morrison bumble through some footage.
  12. Manila_Owl

    How do you pronounce their names?

    Hate it when a #truefan gets names wrong... Kee-Fan Preest-Mun Dav-eed Hirsk Roo-long Niels-mom Poor-la Dee Can-nee-oaks Krees Bart-williebums
  13. Pudil, Lees, vernancio.
  14. Manila_Owl

    where was bullen on tuesday nite

    Must have been his doppelganger doing to handshakes