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  1. beechy85

    FFP/P&S Question

    Looks like Barnsley have found a way round ffp
  2. beechy85

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Shouldn’t the headline read “grown man had Madine put on his shirt in the first place”
  3. Over 200 thousand to police a football match is just a joke!! The club were billed £41,000 so that must be the cost of policing the ground and surrounding areas before and after the match. So was another £162,000 really needed to police Sheffield for another 4/5 hours after the match finished? I highly doubt it! SYP filling their pockets!
  4. beechy85

    Jose semedo

    Semedo has limitations to his game but gave 100% every time he played which I’m not sure you can say about most of the current lot! As has been said a lot of characters and good professionals to have in the dressing room are now either gone or more likely to win a World Cup than play for us again!
  5. As soon as Kirby came on for Onomah I said to our lass they will come back now. Onomah and Pelupessy played well in the centre of the park and gave our defence a good screen, as soon as Onomah went off West Brom ran straight through midfield I’m not slaying Kirby as he is young and learning but to put him on with 10 mins to go when defending a 2-0 lead against a team who will probably be champions was a poor decision he looked about 3 foot smaller than every other player on the pitch.
  6. beechy85

    Premier championship.league 1 2

    Prem Man City Champ Middlesborough League 1 Sunderland lLeague 2 Lincoln Champs L Juventus Europa Arsenal FA Cup Man U League Cup Liverpool comm Shield Man City Checka Peterborough
  7. beechy85

    nac breda

    Tango gets everywhere!
  8. I think boro will win it
  9. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Jose have a Sem-e-do?
  10. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Rhys (Mc)Caber throw?
  11. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Is Patrick Blond- eau?
  12. beechy85

    Sean Clare

    Fixed it for you mate
  13. Chansiri won’t have commissioned these to be made he doesn’t like stripes!
  14. beechy85

    Hutchinson out Indefinately

    We missed a trick not bringing in Joe Ledley or Craig Bryson both very good footballers who stamp their authority on the middle of the park and players who would allow Lee & Bannan the feeedom to get further forward. Instead we sign Jacob Butterfield why I’m sure is a very good footballer but I may be wrong as I’m sure I will have seen him play but don’t recall any time. our recruitment policy is a joke and needs addressing ASAP!
  15. beechy85


    Very clever manager unfortunately wouldn’t look twice at managing here.