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  1. beechy85

    Premier championship.league 1 2

    Prem Man City Champ Middlesborough League 1 Sunderland lLeague 2 Lincoln Champs L Juventus Europa Arsenal FA Cup Man U League Cup Liverpool comm Shield Man City Checka Peterborough
  2. beechy85

    nac breda

    Tango gets everywhere!
  3. I think boro will win it
  4. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Jose have a Sem-e-do?
  5. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Rhys (Mc)Caber throw?
  6. beechy85

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Is Patrick Blond- eau?
  7. beechy85

    Sean Clare

    Fixed it for you mate
  8. Chansiri won’t have commissioned these to be made he doesn’t like stripes!
  9. beechy85

    Hutchinson out Indefinately

    We missed a trick not bringing in Joe Ledley or Craig Bryson both very good footballers who stamp their authority on the middle of the park and players who would allow Lee & Bannan the feeedom to get further forward. Instead we sign Jacob Butterfield why I’m sure is a very good footballer but I may be wrong as I’m sure I will have seen him play but don’t recall any time. our recruitment policy is a joke and needs addressing ASAP!
  10. beechy85


    Very clever manager unfortunately wouldn’t look twice at managing here.
  11. beechy85


    He is assistant so surely has an input in the dressing room? He can’t get them motivated now why would this change if he became coach? Saying that if I was a professional footballer playing in a Derby for Exeter against Plymouth i wouldn’t need my coach to motivate me! I’d be up for it already. Against United I don’t recall us challenging a 50-50 ball! And if yesterday was half as bad I feel sorry for all those who went
  12. Surely Swfc should be renegotiating the cost of making the kits say by the time they are released the company making them should end up paying us for the privilege!
  13. beechy85

    Unfinished Business

    Megson only played Antonio once didn’t he? But still i see your point. id rather that get the ball to Marshall who can go round players with ease and whip a ball in, Antonio who can can through 3 opponents with ease and whip a ball in or score, Rhodes and Hopper would both get bag fulls with 2 wingers like that!
  14. beechy85

    Anyone got any hobbies?

    Not a hobby but I’d much rather spend a day out with my kids than spend £100+ on going to match on a weekend. Especially with what gets served up half of time for £42 a pop no thanks!
  15. You obviously didn't go against the mighty Yeovil town on a cold December night in league 1 when Wednesday failed miserably to beat 9 men!! And missed a retaken penalty! That was probably the most inept performance I have ever seen! Yesterday wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination I would have worked harder than most of those who played! I could probably catch Leon Clarke too!