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  1. I very much doubt that they are allowed to withhold a points deduction if it doesn’t cost a club a play off place or relegation I think Birmingham’s deduction last season was confirmed after the season had finished so I wouldn’t worry too much about that scenario playing out
  2. He will have been signed until the end of June so a 10 month contract. Will probably be on the bench at most 5 times this season but IF we do have our 3 first choice keepers out at the same time at least this fella will know the players and the way they play from training rather than bring a 3rd/4th choice keeper from another club who doesn’t know our style of play etc There is a keeper who made a career out of being 3rd-5th choice keeper and probably earned some decent money for doing so!! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Taylor_(footballer,_born_1980)
  3. Then the star will print it as breaking news Tuesday.
  4. He might not have the plus of a ‘name’ among fans but I am sure he is very well respected within the game and was a quality and I would much rather us give Carrick a chance than half of the names bandied about like Rowett, Pulis etc
  5. An injunction would probably suit Bruce down to the ground he will still get paid by Newcastle to watch the Ashes! Hope DC takes them to the cleaners for all he can get! We will take £1 per ounce of fat on Bruce’s chins and gut easy £53 million!!
  6. It’s not slang it’s the only English description that the Welsh one is shorter than it
  7. Bruce signed Wilson Palacios and Antonio Valencia too didn’t he at Wigan? 2 very astute signings there! Wouldn’t mind 2 players with the same ability signing for us this summer! Every transfer is a risk but with Bruce in charge I would think we will get it right more often than not!
  8. From looking at the OOC players in the championship I think Tim Klose from Norwich would be worth a look, remember him doing well when he first joined them and has made over 100 appearances in the last 3 seasons so averages over 30 games per season
  9. I think I would be as mardy conker as Steve Gibson if I lived in Middlesbrough! Have you ever been? What a poo hole of a city! Anything to get out of there for a day! If he wants a level playing field why not divvy the parachute payments for relegated clubs up between all 24 Championship clubs?
  10. Didn’t Man City want him as 2nd choice when he signed for us? Could probably got a lot more there to sit on the bench unless he goes to a Prem team as 1st choice I can’t see him leaving us and hopefully he will see the progress under Bruce and stay with us
  11. For Nando on his day I would agree he would be irreplaceable at the amount we could afford! Unfortunately since the 2015/16 season we haven’t seen that player due to either injury, suspension or dummy spat out! And since coming back into the side under Bruce he hasn’t set the world alight! If he does stay I would hope Bruce can get him back firing on all cylinders as he is a game changer but in our current position re FFP and P&S a bid north of £3m we would probably accept
  12. Jamie Vardy was 25 when he signed for Leicester and didn’t exactly hit the ground running in his first season! Players develop at different ages so I wouldn’t write him off just yet. With Bruce in charge he might find his best position and bring out some of the potential of the lad
  13. I was just reading the thread and thought exactly this! FF would suit 4-3-2-1 system perfectly cutting in from the left driving at the opposition with the ball and less defensive responsibility Sammy Hutchinson sitting back in the middle 3
  14. When the ball hits your goal from a corner you know that’s Iorfa
  15. How could you forget?! He could put a ball on a 6pence that lad! I remember him putting it on a defenders head 3 times in a row from a corner!
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