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  1. AHAHA my reputation is so good :D


  3. LMFAO , paul walker's tongue you dont half bum the AMAZING - _ - wednesday ultra's ! perfectic little kids squelling gay songs , with old pervy blokes , COME SIT IN THE NORTH NEXT SEASON ....
  4. Had a look online earlier and where the Ultra's sit in block U1 a fair amount of tickets have been sold around them....
  5. WInding them up mate ! I was sat right next to the Ultra's last game loved them ! This thread was just to attract more attention to the wednesday ultra's. And acting like a prik ,( correction) being a prik on here and being negative against them increases their popularity as know one wants to agree with me on here so when people read this they'll just naturally hate me and love wednesday Ultra's :S
  6. You knw alot dont you NORTH stand OCS ?????? LMAO
  7. Negativity ahahhahahahahaha i havent missed a game this season home and away you prik ! I travel across the country to watch wednesday with positivity ! P.S bought tickets for all the rest of the games this season! How games have you attended ! And flip off to the lane are you having a laugh??? This thread was pusposely to have a dig at the wednesday ultra's n to see how you lot reacted ..... Thanks btw
  8. There TF watch them ! My opinion dont wanna fight mate!
  9. At Hillsborough your never going to get a positive reaction when the team isnt doing well, we pay money to be inspired by the players to create a positive atmosphere... And they dont really create much of an atmosphere it's usually the band ...
  10. Its really just 'when the team is doing well' kind of thing , when the atmosphere on the KOP is good enough to do without a band and the hardcore Ultra's . And all the people defending them on here or disliking my topic your either members of the ultra's group , but if your not go and stand with them and join along as im sure you wont!
  11. No i've got no suggestions tbh , but with good performances on the pitch and the team doing well in the league 'next year' the KOP IN MY OPINION doesn't need a band or that other lot. At low gate games i'm all for them , but i wont be sitting anywhere near them, when such a day comes as i believe from other people comments on here , i hopefully wont be able to here them....
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA i know mate! p.,s wednesday ultra's are a joke!
  13. Personally i think there Too far! And personally an embarressment to everything Sheffield Wednesday . Your a complete set of goons the Kop doesnt need no s**t band or a set of complete fruitcakes to create atmosphere so do one!
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