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  1. Guvner


    Sky sports news are now reporting it too
  2. Guvner

    Morgan Fox

    Don’t want to start slating players, especially after a win, but I hope 2 full backs are on the top of Bruce’s shopping list if he’s given a bit of money to spend..
  3. Guvner

    Fans forum match day thread

    Is anyone at the forum actually grilling him on these answers he’s giving??
  4. Guvner

    U23's away at Leeds today

    And against a bunch of kids
  5. We need to stop playing these little micky mouse clubs pre-season who just want to kick us up in the air
  6. To be fair, everyone agrees this season is a write off, mid-table finish looking probable. So why not use this season to get our young keepers bedded in?? Westwood will probably leave at the end of the season anyway, I'm sure he would have been sold if an offer had come in
  7. Guvner

    Championship Form Table

    If we look at the form table over the last one game we’r top of the league alphabetically
  8. "I have the trust in Jordan Rhodes" 15 mins left to play against Barnsley chasing a winning goal, Nuihu's legs tiring, 1 sub left to use, Rhodes warming up....... Doesn't bring him on.
  9. Guvner

    I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    That must have been a split second before me
  10. Guvner

    George Hirst

    I hate to be even more pedantic, but only 1 appearance in the cup
  11. Guvner

    Just a rumour...

    Loovens our best player? Really? I agree our defense doesn't look as strong when he's not playing, but that's only due to us not having anybody good enough to step in. Its a crime Carlos didn't sign a proven championship center back, he's had all summer! That's a sack-able offence in its self, he's got to go
  12. Westwood's distribution is awful for a 33 year old keeper, why he's never rectified that part of his game i'll never know. His injury may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, hopefully Joe will grab this opportunity with both hands
  13. Guvner

    No Nando

    Must be a bad egg