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  1. No Nando

    Must be a bad egg
  2. Bit of peppercorn sauce?
  3. Liam Cooper

    He did last season, making Cooper 3rd choice
  4. Liam Cooper

    To be fair Bartley and Jansson would both get in front of Loovens so who's to say their 3rd choice centre back wouldn't. We've got to be realistic and open minded like we was with Tom Lees
  5. Pigs and Leeds games on Sky

    booked trip to florida around fixtures, fly Sunday morning and miss Leeds match now. Hate Sky
  6. Carlos.. stay or go ???

    Whether he's staying or going, a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later. I know our season as only just finished, but its first up best dressed in the transfer market. If we are bringing in a new manager the sooner the better, it will be August before we know it and we've got to be settled and ready
  7. Fulham Sold Out

    Finishing 3rd/4th means we'l play the away leg at the weekend, rather than tue/wed night, which will help most of our away fans. So fingers crossed
  8. If Hutch was back fit as well they would both walk back into the starting line up for me, Bannan and Jones haven't been good
  9. I don't know any that will be showing it on BT...
  10. Tom Pope

    I went to watch Oasis at Heaton Park around 2008 ish, I was with a toy town mate of mine. Some random bloke walked up to us, two black eyes, ripped shirt, blooded face. He saw my mates Rotherham tattoo n said "I'm signing for your this summer if my court case goes ok" yep, Tom Pope
  11. Mr. Mandaric, give Chansiri a call

    What situation?
  12. Relegation certs

    Ho the irony
  13. Hutch - 9 yellows

    Bannan and Abdi both start for me tonight in the middle. You haven't got to kick players in the air to be classed as a defensive midfielder (although I love seeing Hutch do it) We had Lopez and Bannan/Lee towards the end of last season, which saw us play some of our best stuff
  14. Class from JR.

    Does Owlstalk have an in-house graphologist to clear this up?