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  1. A point for Chelsea today. Keep dem piggies out of Europe.
  2. Very, very rarely post. For what it's worth. Monk is dusty, his style of football is dusty, Dour. tumbleweed blowing around, his press interviews he blames all others, very dusty. LUGGY where are you. You kept it real.
  3. If there was ever a band that I would love to see re-form and play The Leadmill it would be Hull's fourth band. Even though Heaton is from the dark side.
  4. We would get F8ck all. More to the point who would you pay to sign for us out of our current squad?
  5. Billy Blunt. Spozzy diving pigs will no doubt get a penalty. Billy Blunt to miss.
  6. Wow!!! And are still paying out! Repeat STILL paying out to, well, please explain DEJPHON. If only our away followings were as well rewarded as those tosspots who are currently wearing the blue and white.
  7. No way. Can't stand the parasite. Norwich away a human being refused to play. No that human being wants to play. Are we deluded. He doesn't give a monkeys about us. He doesn't give a monkeys about us.
  8. Done. Thankfully that dismal I'd rather be a ( ) than a blade chant is a rarity these days. I did nearly get my face smashed in during 2011? season for objecting to it being chanted in a pub in Rochdale. As per above posts i don't think racism is a problem at Hillsborough these days.
  9. All I can see is the nightmare of Duffy turning him inside out and the Lepps net bulging. He's certainly got potential on the ball and looks a 'silky' player. I want defenders to be able to defend. In this part of his game he needs to improve and then we may have a player on our hands.
  10. Wilder's not doing too badly without billions.
  11. not keen on him. Away days at the county ground, manor ground, layer rd etc bring back memories of mick pikering.
  12. Agree about Leeds. Very over rated. I feel and share your pain about the blunts. They've gone from having a team of players who I wouldn't have swapped one of ours for theirs t having a few who I would. Are Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Reach, Fletcher etc really better than Moore, Oconnell, Coutts, Fleck, Brooks etc? We need Fessi firing on all cylinders when he returns. One of the few who has genuine talent. Also give young Hirsty a chance. Plenty of time left this season.
  13. Yes. Brooks won player the tournament award.
  14. For the complaint section. Why didn't we just smash that Brooks out the game? When he a total fool out Hunt was pure embarrassment. Hutch would have bust him.
  15. Were we totally outplayed by a poxy team that cost pennies? We have spent millions compared to those blunts over the years. MILLIONS MORE. Bring back Mick Prendergast,
  16. What is up with our squad? Easy. Too many on plus 25 k a week. The best ones on less. This aint WEDNESDAY. Where's the camaraderie ? Mick Lyons.
  17. Got a blunt mate who keeps blabbing on about one of their central defenders. Jack O'Connell. Supposedly strong as an ox, strong in the air, skillful with the ball at feet, fast as a flash and can score a goal. Perhaps we can persuade them to part with a bid. £ 20 mill?
  18. Having a beer in The Anchor in Digbeth yesterday pre match. Got talking to a part time blue nose who compared us and utd in his words to the Villa Brum relationship. Very dubious. Utd, like brum, in his words are the team of the city and the owls, like Villa are bigger but a lot of the support is from out of the city. ?????
  19. Really looked slow, sluggish and sloppy today. Let's hope he can recapture his pre injury form soon.
  20. Just got home happy as larry, on a high from tramlines. Read this thread and now as low as a snakes belly. Pure scum. For what it's worth many of my mates who I have grown up with, I'm now mid 40's, are lifelong blades. Been out with them t,neet. They are gonna see this video and rip me to bits. Any OWL who defends any of these thieving racist morons is no OWL.
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