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  1. zuluvictorking


    He's flogging them on ebay as he's not worn them in ages and needs a new pair of golf shoes?!
  2. zuluvictorking

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Hull didnt see it as a "derby" game, hardly any showed up! Frowd was more than I expected after reading this forum each day.
  3. zuluvictorking


    Nought to do with bringing new faces in, or moaning about the owner, its the tactics/formation that cost us!
  4. Deduct them points, now! They knew what they where doing!
  5. zuluvictorking

    FFP and all that.

    My thoughts exactly. They are blaming the football league for their continued downfall, that is how i read it! They expect preferential treatment, well they are getting parachute payments, that isnt mentioned at all.
  6. zuluvictorking

    Lego Hillsborough

  7. zuluvictorking

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    We could, if we take points from the last three games, go above leeds! Another small potential positive to a crap season.
  8. zuluvictorking

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham match day thread

    Is that a euphemism?!
  9. zuluvictorking

    Stadium location?

    Jumpers for goal posts, ref gets it wrong and we leave with the ball!
  10. By having another thread listing conspiracy theories just adds fuel to the fire, especially with the star "journo's" trawling owlstalk for their articles!
  11. zuluvictorking

    Bristol City game in doubt??

    probably 30mins before kick off!
  12. And I bet neither of these clowns watched the game/incidents!
  13. zuluvictorking

    Lego Hillsborough

    Superb! I bet the physios room is huge!
  14. And all those blue and white stripes!!