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  1. Definitely need to make some visible banners or stickers and plaster them all over the stadium, we need this idiot who’s ruined our club gone never to return
  2. Who’s with me, let’s show chansiri we mean business
  3. My mrs told me she saw it, I am now thinking it was the rugby club that’s excepted a 35 point deduction and she got confused
  4. Because we’ve possibly breached Several rules , the punishment could be very harsh
  5. Just said on news up to 35 points deduction for Wednesday
  6. Worst game in a Wednesday shirt today, didn’t do anything right, missed passes, lazy running, and watching the ball instead of running to it, hope he never starts for us again.
  7. Yes I'm going tonight but won't be leaving here till about 6,so il prob get my ticket online today,I usually go away with a few mates but on sat everyone's busy so car sharing makes it a lot cheaper,
  8. said this months ago...i know the games going to be poo poo...i know wel prob lose....i know the atmosphere will be none existant,but yet when football day come i still find myself wanting to go and getting excited...funny old game
  9. i agree mate,hes a good harmless bloke,met him a few times and even been to his house after a game once,hes a really sound funny guy..
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