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  1. Interesting point. Could be Bully and could be Bruce? Point is whoever is the manager now, will have a much easier job with some pace and a little more balance to the squad.
  2. 8/10 For incoming with only one out. Rhodes may play his part after all with some service. Midfield was my major concern and I think that is majorly improved. left back was not addressed due to nobody wanting our spare players or not wanting to pay for them. Doesnt seem Mr C is in a rush to get a manager so good luck Bully lets see what you have got. UTO looking forward to Barnsley
  3. Yes I think he needed a move. Personally I think that he will shine upto xmas then drop back into inconsistency. I admire that nobody ever knows what he will do on the pitch, but I think that is as good as it is bad, as our players never knew either. Making a striking partnership with him impossible.
  4. As far as I am concerned it's down to our new manager. Get one that is a good man manager and a good tactical brain and an eye for a player that we actually need we will be in top 4, get a stubborn Jos type then it is hold on and don't look time. New manager is key.
  5. Yes think Mr C has great loyalty to people who have performed, so I don't think it's dead yet. That said he could be tempted elsewhere in the meantime. Manager and embargo needs sorting asap really.
  6. Well hopefully you will be right. Best of all options at the moment
  7. Rant or not your right. It's all linked to team we win together and we loose together! Reposibility for all. Not good enough it's attention to detail Bully!
  8. After reading Coleman is up as favourite I think that's a better option and hopefully Bully will either make it or move back to coach with a inspired choice stepping in.
  9. Well it's what Bruce is thinking and doing so possibly most would do the same, that said some wouldn't. I am very disappointed by him leaving. Possibly things behind the scenes have been more difficult than he thought.
  10. Not a bad call, I just think Bruce has showed the benefits of experience in the championship. And we need someone to to steer Mr C and advisors with a strong diplomatic hand.
  11. According to Wikipedia Jokanovic manager of Qatar club. Chris Hughton my first choice Stendel second but Pulis or even Meggo on a 1 year contract would make me grin
  12. Andy Hinchcliffe said there was a great atmosphere around the club on sky, so we really don’t know. My interpretation is that Jos is routing out any negative or overbearing players and they will not like it. We have all seen a weekness in mentalities over the last few seasons, could this be the way forward? Megson was very fussy about characters and I wonder if Jos has the same view.
  13. I agree with that but I think it’s about getting FF to 100% the thing is he does look good at 80% but a match winner at 100%
  14. Yes that’s nailed it for me. One thing I would say about Bannans question is that most managers would not reply on video, and I’m sure that conversation was had later. With what we have Jos is stuffed! and he is more than cautious about injuries with the games ahead in the time scale so feels unable to pick his first eleven. He did the same last season before the better form.
  15. pgmetcalf has just gone through all my posts for nearly seven years and voted them down and deleted his post just because I did not agree. Goodness so sorry mate
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