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  1. Eastpoint Arena is the one I use.
  2. Another Bengals fan here. FINALLY!!!!! Last time we won a game Big Ron was steamrolling us to a Promotion and League Cup double and I was 13!
  3. No players on either post from a corner...
  4. End of thread, close it, sums it all up perfectly!
  5. No, I'm blaming the manager who still can't get us to defend a set play properly and Johnson who gave away a needless corner...
  6. I'm not picking on Palmer, it's a thread about him. I can talk about Johnson, Wing, Berahino, Wildsmith and many others being not good enough.
  7. 11/12 Started 14 (backup to Buxton) Promoted 12/13 Loaned out to Tranmere 13/14 Played 44 16th Regular 14/15 Played 39 14th Regular 15/16 Played 19 (backup to Hunt) 6th Play Off Final 16/17 Played 23 (backup to Hunt) 4th Play Off Semi Final 17/18 Played 26 regular as Hunt was injured 16th 18/19 Played 39 12th Regular 19/20 Played 34 16th Regular 20/21 Played 41 242th Relegated When we've had a strong squad he's been no more than a squad player (promotion teams) When he's been more of a regular, its been in poorer squads (when we've struggled) Covers the point I'm making, he's a squad player at best. When he starts it's because we have poorer squads and we struggle.
  8. I've never said Palmer is the sole reason we went down, it's because we have a squad of players LIKE HIM (not good enough).
  9. Still only one cetnre back in a back three... Hope Kamberi is missing because of injury otherwise it's a poor decision. Hunt vanished again, seems to take the brunt of poor performance whilst Palmer can wave his hand in the air and amble around game after game and still get in.
  10. More than enough?! 47 points, you seriously think that's something to be proud of, we would have gone down most years.
  11. Its not one game, its been 10 years of poor games costing us points and goals. Have a look at when he's been a regular. Always in poor sides struggling. When he's been no more than a squad players and better players have been preferred to him we've been a better side (because we have had better squads).
  12. No, he's part of the reason. Poor quality players not good enough for the division we were in, hence the reason we finally ended up a division lower. Serious question. I want to see Wednesday back in the Premier League, I'm old enough to remember us being a very good team and winning a trophy. Do you seriously think we will get anywhere near extending contracts of the likes of Liam Palmer, we have NO CHANCE. We have to find a way of signing BETTER players. We are going round and round in circles.
  13. Did you seriously watch the defending on Thursday? The 4th goal alone was laughable, look at Hunts reaction. He's basically saying WTF are you doing, that's what I've been thinking for years...
  14. Because of the amount of time he's been here. I've seen the same failings over and over for years yet we keep playing him, and then wonder why we are in the mess we are in. Plus it does my nut in with the whole standing still with the arm in the air playing people onside thing he does.
  15. This is EXACTLY why we are in the mess we are in, he hasn't been bad in quite a few games but he's a BAD player, we are full of BAD players. That's my point.
  16. His back line is sat on his six yard box, he can't command no space.
  17. He should be offside, the defensive line is on our 18 yard box. Unfortunately we have Liam Palmer playing for us playing him onside as per usual.
  18. Please defend this abomination of a performance. Hand in the air ALL THE TIME playing people onside. The 4th is a joke, he's 10 yards behind the defensive line.
  19. Seats are in the lower west so has to be 91/92 (when they were first installed). The pitch suggests a late season game (good surface but heavy wear in the goalmouths) Maybe last game versus Liverpool, weather was good that day.
  20. Yeah he contributed greatly to both Accrington goals...
  21. Two more masterclasses in defending today. Hands covering his face for the first when sticking his head in would have won a free kick/prevented a goal. Second goal is a disgrace. Touch tight to a forward who's facing away from goal and the attacker ends up scoring with no effort whatsoever from Palmer. He is a liability.
  22. Yeah but some say he's one of our own so it's ok... The fact he can't defend and we have 2 more years of it horrifies me.
  23. Nice to see him with his hand in the air in typical style appealing for offside whilst busy playing the scorer onside. But it's ok because he supports Wednesday and he's been here forever.
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