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  1. mark77

    Wigan tickets?

    No they did not. My family all had 470 points and got tickets no problem.
  2. Window closes August 9th
  3. He is NOT good enough. He was dire towards the end of last season. His final ball is often poor He does not track back He is often caught out of position (due to it not being his natural position & see above) He is a liability on crosses to the far post Weak tackler However Baker has impressed me at U23 level and in the first team, potentially he would be a better back up option. First position that needs strengthening is right back. Was criminal that CC went with Palmer as cover for 3 seasons when we had the money to buy a better player...
  4. Took a Bannan piledriver full on in the warm up at Bolton last August in the League Cup. Caught it flawlessly, he gave me a thumbs up! Should have put me in goal that night seen as Wildsmith did his usual trick of gifting the opposition a goal..
  5. mark77

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    The pitch is available for hire until June 6th https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/april/come-and-play-at-hillsborough/ hence why it's not been re-seeded yet. I presume it will be done after the 6th June. With Desso they only need to remove the top layer and re-seed which takes around 3-5 weeks max. Season starts August 5th which means 2 months of growth. Plenty of time.
  6. mark77

    Shirt maker

    Chansiri said that at the fans forum last August! Hard work and teething problems are behind us hopefully. No way we will be going back to a manufacturer after what he said about how much they take as a cut of sales.
  7. Seen Wildsmith in plenty of U23 games and he makes the same mistakes.
  8. mark77

    Ash Baker

    He has been at that standard for the U23 games I have seen him in over the last couple of years. No surprise from me. Penney is even better imo.
  9. Apart from the numerous mistakes Dawson doesn't make that Wildsmith does...
  10. You see it in Serie A which I watch often. The other day I was watching a game which was 4-0. Bang on 90 minutes the referee called a halt to it. Kinda see his point.
  11. mark77

    Lee Cattermole

    Ageing midfielder who has just suffered multiple relegations. No thanks.
  12. Re: Midweek/Saturday season tickets, this was mentioned at the fans forum in August. Practically it's almost impossible. So many games are moved for TV now from their original scheduled times. Sat 3pm games can be moved to Sat Night/Sunday/Fri Night or Mon Night which would impact many people. Plus PP games and FA Cup PP games moving to midweek make it a minefield. Look how many of our 3pm Saturday games over the last 2 seasons have ended up at new times?
  13. Who has said it was £3 million?. As quoted above, I was at the fans forum back in August. Chansiri went into a lot of detail with regards to offers by other clubs, the games they were playing and the demands by Mr Hirst (well his advisiors). No one has offered anything like that...
  14. Under a certain age (23 I think) the rules are slightly different. KM spoke about this at the fans forum back in August. She seemed very knowledgeable. Many factors are included in the final fee but the main factor is First Team appearances. Sounds like the Exeter player made quite a few and obviously Clare became a regular for Gillingham and lately for us. Hirst however has made 1 I think (Cambridge League Cup). I would imagine International appearances will bump up the Hirst fee slightly. Don't be surprised if Clare (if he leaves) brings in more than Hirst.
  15. mark77


    You can't carry keepers who make this many basic errors.