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  1. Looked good on the ball if a little rusty. Found himself in good scoring positions a few times and chose the wrong option. Clearly unfit and was blowing after about 10 minutes. Managed 45 minutes although kept holding his lower back worryingly!!!
  2. Wow, just wow. Have you been on Mars for the last 12 months or so?? The lad is a disaster, he made loads of errors last season and the U23 game I watched the other week was comical.
  3. My issue is with people saying Wildsmith should play instead which is comical considering the number of mistakes Wildsmith has made in the first team and U23 games. Dawson has made very few errors that have cost us goals, saved everything he could (most saves in the division) and done a fantastic job. 99% of us would have Westwood in goal but Dawson deserves a lot of credit and those getting on his back should be ashamed of themselves.
  4. Not a penalty. Looking for contact and the ref fell for it. We would never have been given it and probably picked up a booking for diving. However, thought the referee had a very good game after that.
  5. Club captain is playing centre back. He needs to take some responsibility especially with a young keeper behind him. Dawson has been pretty much flawless with the exception of the 4th goal saturday. He's made the most saves in the division which suggests he has saved us from bigger defeats and won the odd point or two from draws and wins. Whoever has criticised him needs to be ashamed. Pudil was to blame for the first two goals (and has admitted it), nothing is said about that from an experienced player as well!!!!
  6. Seen plenty of U23 games. He's not 1st team quality/ready. Not in the same way the likes of Penney etc stood out.
  7. Who was with him yesterday when it all kicked off outside the directors entrance. Go to any away game and you will see the said person side by side with DC enjoying a smoke. THIS is the issue at the club, and has been for a long time, in my opinion. The person who advises DC has links/had links.
  8. The problem is people see the 1st team games only. Hardly anyone see's U18/U23 games, and no one see's training. Stuff like this could be happening every day.
  9. Burnley keeper has played 0 games this season and 15 first team games in 4 years. Made plenty of good saves and didn't drop any howlers. Wildsmith has dropped clangers last season, it seems people have somehow erased them.
  10. Just got back. Wildsmith was horrendous. First goal he miss-controls a back pass, then passes it to a Burnley player who hits a grass cutter that my 2 year old could have stopped. Squirms straight through him. 2nd goal I have seen Van Aken taking the blame from people who seemed to be watching with the 1st team players. I was at the other end. Wildsmith shouted 'keepers' then stopped causing Van Aken to stop for a second. Player nipped in and fired under Wildsmith who could have saved it. On the keeper for me although it looked like Van Aken made the error from a far. 3rd goal was a disaster, simple cross, no one near him. Caught it, then fumbled it onto the floor for a Burnley player to run in and score. 4th goal was well worked. Wednesday played well and deserved much more from the game. Let down by a supposed senior goalkeeper. Dawson has saved more shots than any keeper in the division and hasn't been to blame for any goals really so he's basically dealt with everything he could. We'd be bottom with Wildsmith in goal.
  11. There is no goalkeeper situation after what I have just witnessed in the U23 game. Wildsmith has just made 3 of his usual errors in one game.
  12. Posts like this make me think 'WOW' and baffles me. Wildsmith has made NUMEROUS errors since he came into the side and has cost us games, no doubt. Dawson came in for cup games and the last few league games and looked solid and deservedly got the No1 shirt. Obviously we haven't kept a clean sheet but I fail to see how it can be levelled at Dawson, it's clear to anyone watching that the defending in front of him has been poor. Dawson has kept goal well and saved us from bigger defeats at times.
  13. If you know anything about football you would have noticed he was instrumental in the first half last night of limiting Middlesbrough to no efforts on our goal. Players would agree with me.
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