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  1. Only logical explanation was he was a cheat. Took tonnes of stick first half for failing to bring his flag with him when Shrewsbury were offside 3 or 4 times. Anyone notice the flag for the goal didn't go up until the ball went in, not when he shot. Almost like he thought 'payback time'.
  2. They were a good side and finished in the play off positions I believe... Morecambe will be battling relegation.
  3. I can accept they will lose games, but not Morcambe. Not good enough, period.
  4. It was 20th August 2019 after we beat Luton 1-0 in game four. P4 W3 D0 L1 Pts 9
  5. Players such as Luongo and Paterson will also qualify as they've played more than 40 senior games throughout their career. Providing these players are in the 11 the rest can be whoever.
  6. Looking at the rules. Wildsmith can play in goal and it not count against the rules as it only refers to the 10 outfield players. Gibson and Cornbeanu can be two of the four as they are from Premier League teams with a Cat 1 academy (meaning only 2 need to have played the last game).
  7. Some rules of interest from the EFL website: The eight winners and eight runners up of the north and south group stages qualify for the round of 32. All other Clubs are eliminated from the Competition. Three points are awarded for a win and none for a defeat. If the scores are level at the end of the group Match then each Club is awarded one point. In addition the Match will be followed immediately by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with procedures as approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and the Club that wins the penalty shootout will be awarded an additional one point. Round of 32 pairings are determined by means of a draw whereby the winner of a group will be drawn at home and will play a runner up of a group from the same region (but not from the same group). Round of 16 still North/South but random draw. Qtr Finals onwards no North/South. Random draw. 7.3 Each EFL Club shall play its Full Available Strength in and during all Matches. Full Available Strength means the EFL Club must include at least four Qualifying Players in the ten outfield Players named in the starting eleven on the Team Sheet. 7.4 Qualifying Player means any Player who: 7.4.1 had started the immediately preceding First Team Fixture (as defined below); 7.4.2 subsequently starts the immediately following First Team Fixture; 7.4.3 is in the list of ten Players at the Club with the highest number of starting appearances in First Team Fixtures in the same Season; 7.4.4 has made forty or more starting appearances in First Team Fixtures or international equivalents (and not limited to the same Club or Season); or 7.4.5 is on standard loan from a Premier League Club or any EFL Club operating a Category One Academy. 7.5 First Team Fixture means the League Competition, Premier League, EFL Cup or FA Challenge Cup (but shall, in the context of Rules 7.4.3 and 7.4.4 only, also include this Competition). 7.6 Any EFL Club failing to meet the requirement to play Full Available Strength will be required to pay a fine of up to £5,000.
  8. You can, they are listed under the ticket priority points section...
  9. It's simply gone back to how it was (upto the Astro Turf). For some reason Monk brought it in last season.
  10. That is the definition of a scapegoat. Sheridan was our key player in 90/91, his form dipped and so did the teams form (3 losses at Portsmouth, Wolves and home to Oxford). The fans singled him out (unfairly) simply through frustration I would imagine. Palmer isn't a scapegoat. Some of us believe he simply isn't good enough. There's a difference.
  11. It's not being out of position that annoys some fans, we all appreciate who understand the game that sometimes you can get caught out of position upfield if someone gives the ball away cheaply. The issue is once it happens the lack of effort to get back in position. It's not something you will pick up on TV, you need to be at the game and looking at players off the ball to see it sometimes.
  12. It's not about scapegoats, I just don't rate him. I don't rate Andre Green, he's showed me nothing. I don't rate Wildsmith. There's a difference between having someone as a scapegoat for the sake of it and simply not rating players. I don't abuse or boo players at games but I can form an opinion on who's good enough or not.
  13. Thank you!! I'm glad it's just not me. Put this in the other thread about Palmer. It's a shame a decent portion of the fanbase don't see this (and years of managers/coaches). To be fair Megson did suss him out as he loaned him to Tranmere! I think there's a brilliant example at Wycome, 50 secs in, poor attempt at a tackle, no desire to track back. Listen to the other players and coaches having a go at him. Same thing is in the other thread with the incident at West Brom, happens too often!!
  14. Didn't play much under Irvine, Megson loaned him out to Tranmere!! Jones and Gray preferred Buxton. Carvahal replaced him with Hunt. He's only become a regular lately and look at us!! I'm sorry, I don't rate him. Never have, never will. Charlton on Saturday exposed him many times in the second half by leaving their right winger one on one with him. Clearly targeting him and not Hunt on the other side.
  15. I've watched him for over 10 years, he's cost us numerous goals through poor defending. Nothing will change my mind. I get frustrated that our coaches/managers over the last 10 years have not coached out of him some of his bad habits like ball watching and playing offside rather than tracking runners. The incident at West Brom a few years ago, this is what I see all too often. 11:18 onwards. Look at Westoods reaction to him. He still does this now and it's never been removed from his game.
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