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  1. Watch Liam Palmer from the moment the cross comes in, through the punch, to the shot going in. Never moves off the spot. Awful.
  2. It was as the cross came in, I saw it live. He'd just recovered from when the video above starts. Without the slip I'm sure he catches it.
  3. Clearly is to coaching staff and himself as it continues to happen...
  4. Watch the build up to the chance that lead to the corner (and the goal). -Harris makes next to no attempt to latch on to the pass. -Possession is lost at which point Palmer makes a lazy, half a*sed attempt to tackle. -Harris gives up tracking back. -Palmer makes half an attempt to track back before giving up. We won't win anything with players with this attitude. Leads to an attempt on goal which needs saving, corner and goal. If anyone could upload a video of what I mean that would be appreciated.
  5. 6/10, is that acceptable now? Have a good look at some of the goals we have conceded when he plays. More than likely stood with his hand in the air. Have a look at the WBA goal last season at the Hawthorns in the last minute to see what I mean, it happens OFTEN with him.
  6. Is this where we are at now? Thinking Palmer is one of our better players? There's no wonder we are in the mess we are in. He's a liability most games.
  7. 90% of his dead balls are awful and don't beat the first man yet he's probably the best player at the club...
  8. I used to love what Megson did, got JJ or someone with a bit of pace to run at the defence and try and win a free kick. Immediately we had the chance to put a ball in their box. Monk just wants the ball away from our goal.
  9. You clearly haven't seen much of Serie A in the last few seasons...
  10. The pitch wasn't re-laid over the close season (July-September this year) like it usually would be. The pitch ended the season in good condition thanks the the 3 months off from March-June (plus the short turnaround) so they decided to leave it. In effect it's an 'old' pitch this season and even though it looks fine it's not playing great hence the slipping and sliding...
  11. He needs resting for the 20/21 season...
  12. Which game has he cost us any points this season? You just don't like him clearly.
  13. Correct, the master class that was Brian Laws did it. I believe he shortened it as well. We got relegated at the end of that season after he had lost his job..
  14. Which was my point. You're restricting space and making it harder to play through us. As the home team I'd like us to actually cause other teams problems rather than restricting space. All it does is create games like today.
  15. Your definition of trickled seems at odds with reality. No one within the game (or knows anything about the game) can blame the keeper there. The cross wasn't closed down and it was a free header from six yards.
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