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  1. What annoys me is lack of desire. That can be placed at NML feet as he'd only been on 5 minutes. Storey had played over 90 minutes and clearly looked tired (not an excuse but a reason). Palmer had 20/30 yards on his man. Look at the desire of the Sunderland player to get there first. If you match that desire he doesn't score. Palmer looked when he was 5/10 yards away and was still beaten. All players make errors (Hutchinson 1st Leg). My point is we've seen this many times before with Palmer....
  2. It's an opinion, I'm allowed one. I don't rate Wildsmith or Brown either.
  3. Ah that's ok then, tracking runners doesn't matter.
  4. I completely agree, both goals were avoidable. I think Neil knew based on previous games we'd played that he'd play the percentages against us. Nullify our play and pack the midfield and hope they'd nick something with a set piece or mistake (things we've been guilty of too much). It paid off..
  5. But he gets found out when it really matters (against decent opposition). Pretty sure he was a disaster in the 5-0 game back in December.
  6. Just making a point, don't hate anyone. My opinion is he isn't good enough. We see it over and over and then wonder why we don't win games.
  7. I agree, so you must agree with Palmer being equally responsible...
  8. How does Dunkley feel? A centre back is injured, and he doesn't use the centre back on the bench? He brings on a makeshift defender who constantly gets beat at the far post (a key skill for a supposed full back!).
  9. I agree, fed up of seeing the same mistakes over and over...
  10. The fact that Jack Hunt played 69 minutes out of 180 (over 200 mins really) is criminal... Palmer was directly responsible for the goal, he should not have been beaten to the cross, Storey had played nearly 100 minutes, was tired and was let down by NML (who himself had only been on 5 mins).
  11. No, not the awful defending for the Sunderland goal when he was beat by someone who started 20 yards behind him... What about the open goal he had in the last minute?, if you pause the video he's got an open net and heads it away! Best bit of defending he's done all season.
  12. Sunderland are excellent defensively. I don't see how the 2nd leg is 'easy'. Poor first leg performance and result.
  13. The subs fixed some of the errors he made in the initial selection...
  14. No I wouldn't. Their defensive record is impressive since the manager came and has massively improved. Don't be surprised if this finishes 1-0 on aggregate. Being negative in the first leg may cost us dear.
  15. Alphabetical sorts the table during the season when head to head records are incomplete. Hence the reason we always suffer in very early tables with the same GD/GS etc. Once tables are complete head to head comes into effect as an additional sorting category.
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