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  1. 60 days from Sep 1st would be September and October. I wouldn't expect them to be processing in November as that is beyond 60 days.
  2. There's 5 of us in our house all with season tickets yet the say a maximum of 4?? How does that work, we live in the same house so would be fine together. I can't leave one of the children at home!!
  3. My concern here is they're going to send codes to all 20/21 season ticket holders for home games and then at a later date say you watched the game and no refunds. We don't seem to have a choice. We paid to watch games at the stadium. At £10 a pop on IFollow that doesn't cover the cost of my ticket I have paid. Plus we have 5 season tickets in my house, I don't need 5 codes. I'll take codes on my ticket but I want the others refunded. Not happy with how this is being handled (I believe it's the EFL as all clubs seem to be doing the same). I'm pretty sure if someone took legal advice we would be entitled to our money back for 20/21 as well.
  4. I know he is right footed but has played his career on the left.
  5. It stuns me the amount of people picking Harris on the right when he's a left sided player... Either people don't watch games or don't know left and right, I can't work out which one. In answer to the question LWB is perfect for Reach, he was decent at Left Back when Carlos used him there and the more advanced role would suit him. Penney is good cover having seen plenty of him for the U23s when he was here season before last. New signings needed on the right. Moses is a liability and Palmer spends most games playing people onside with his arm in the air which ends up costing us. Murphy did well when he was here in that position.
  6. Surely bubbles need to be based around home address rather than 'picking your bubble'. The whole point of bubbles is not mixing with other households.
  7. Surely it should be bubbles of 4 or more? and not a maximum of 4. I'm a household of 5 season ticket holders (3 are children so need to be sat with me).
  8. I'm not sure legally where we stand but I would think we are getting to the point where we are entitled to the money asap. I paid for something I didn't get (5 home games) and I'm entitled to the money back. I also have 20/21 season ticket money in the club which equates to nearly £1500 (whole family) which I could have back.
  9. That is simply the way new players are brought in, they still need to have salaries under the cap just like a transfer would be in football. They actually 'cap' rookie salaries as well so their first contract is modest.
  10. Salary Caps work. When was the last time a NHL/NBA/MLB/NFL team went bankrupt? Those 4 sports are in great shape and have been for decades.
  11. Iorfa could do with checking his studs before the game (along with the vast majority of the squad). The amount of times they slip (see Fulhams first goal) is criminal.
  12. It should be like the NFL. Each captain has 2 challenges per game. If he see's something obviously wrong with a goal, or a red card, then he throws the flag and the referee stops the game. It will stop these stupid incidents where goals are scored and no one see's anything wrong until VAR spots an innocuous handball or foul 20 seconds before. It will reduce it to clear and obvious errors seen on the pitch by the players.
  13. They will know who familys are as they are only going to be allow season ticket holders in so everyone will be placed before the first game. You have to sit families together. I have 3 very young children, they have to sit with me!
  14. You're forgetting that family groups can sit together. It's likely capacity will be severely reduced however I'm sure the South Stand can safely hold more than 50! Season Tickets were on sale for the early bird and I would have thought around 10000 were sold max. It would be fair if those people were allowed in first as they made the commitment (and are currently the only ones with a valid ticket!)
  15. I think it is one team from the FA Cup, obviously winners but runners up if the winners are already in. Obviously if both finalists are already in then it moves to the league.
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