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  1. It isn't investment. It is just the top layer being removed and re-seeded like any normal summer. The pitch at Hillsborough will get the same treatment shortly (obviously it didn't last summer due to the short turnaround).
  2. That was one of the worst displays I've seen from an Owls player. What bothers me more though is that our so called saviour of a manager couldn't see it and left him on for 90 minutes. That free kick in injury time was a joke. We had an overload at the far post and just needed a decent ball by Bannan to create a chance.
  3. Two centre backs sat in the bench, one who's naturally left sided. In the team 3 defenders (two of whom are full backs out of position). None are naturally left footed. Top scorer on the bench. We wonder why we're in the position we are in, this goes on with EVERY Wednesday manager in the last 20 years pretty much.
  4. What on earth have they done, and continue to do, to the sport I used to love and watch religiously.... Sprint races? Any sort of hostorical comparision has gone with the alteration of point systems and now additional races each weekend. The soul has gone, the sound, the tracks.
  5. People seem to be missing the point here. We KNOW it's below zero and pitches will freeze, and stay frozen if it's below zero. No one is disputing that. However, we HAVE undersoil heating. The club need to explain this one.
  6. We have undersoil heating and a state of the art Desso pitch. Looking at the condition of it we're clearly not investing in it or turning the heating on! I'm sure the league will have questions because it shouldn't be off.
  7. Watched both games. Raven's cant progress in the play offs with a one dimensional Quarterback. Game was lost before he got injured.
  8. We need to be keeping an eye on points per game. Derby losing keeps them below us. A 1-0 win for Rotherham technically moves them above us (PPG) as they have 2 games in hand however if they lose them both that keeps them below us, so perfect result...
  9. But what if a new manager doesn't want to play with wide players? I'm not saying he isn't a good player...
  10. Who signed him? Who decided he will fit into our tactical system and style of play? Who decided if he was needed with the balance of the squad in mind? I'm not questioning his ability, just worried about who is making the above decisions and if they're qualified to make them...
  11. Amazing, don't think I've seen those goals before. I always assumed a camera fault or something. There was a camera fault for the New Years Day home game against Man City In January 1990 which we won 2-0 (the game Hirst went in goal). Fortunately I was at the game so do have some memory of it, including Person's goal which was a screamer in the top corner if memory serves me correctly!
  12. Wasn't re-laid over the summer (due to lack of time). The pitch is now well over a year old.
  13. Not true, I've spoken to two separate people over my calls.
  14. Genuinely worried who is making the decisions on football matters. Look at TP comments today... I think Barry, Leesy and Reachy have been offered new contracts. That’s something that the chairman and money people at the football club will deal with. So I’m not surprised the club want to get those three sorted out. My job is to get results on the football pitch, but the people at this football club have decided that Barry, Reachy and Tom, who are all out of contract, need to have their contracts discussed. They’ve asked my opinion
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