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  1. What about those of us with young children? How do we get stuff in the ground we need for them? Looks like I will have to smuggle it in, much like those do with flares they manage to get in whilst they are busy checking my child's little bag for explosives... *Sarcasm*
  2. Not really because he's correct. Decisions against Birmingham, QPR, Bolton etc have cost us the points he's talking about.
  3. Just got back. Impressive performance. We dominated for the entire game really and should have won comfortably. Penney excellent yet again. 90 minutes for Joao, Abdi and Matias. No idea how Joao only got one. Btw referees and linos just as bad as first team games, clearly where they get them from!
  4. £5 to take an infant

    Yeah because a 1 and 5 year old are fine home alone...
  5. £5 to take an infant

    Season tickets for my 1 year old work out at £1 per game. Paid £75 for both my children for 3 seasons. So for £150 both my children have 69 home games at roughly a £1 per game (Grandstand seat)
  6. I don't see how you can bash people over season tickets. I'm paying around £20 per game for a very good seat in the grandstand. My 2 children had 3 year season tickets at £25 per season. So for 3 seasons they were sorted for £150. All because I bought them at the right time..
  7. Swfc training gear

    Like I said the quality of the infant kits in particular is excellent and some thought went into those. As a parent it's appreciated. Had a good look at the adult kits in store yesterday and they look fine to me. It seems to me that it's fashionable to slate the club shop so people jump on the bandwagon. I spent £115 in there yesterday on t-shirts, hoodies and xmas presents. Knowing alot of that money is going straight into the club was a bonus to me.
  8. Just Got Back

    We lost 1-0 at home to Rotherham that season. I think we view 15/16 with rose tinted glasses sometimes. Our home record is better this season than the previous two and we have scored more goals...
  9. Swfc training gear

    because they are...
  10. Hunt and Lee are carrying injuries for definite I would imagine. Bannan is as well I think.
  11. Anyone who says that clearly doesn't understand or watch the game. At times, especially at home, we can almost be a 352 or 3412 depending on the game situation. We played a diamond at spells against Barnsley and often go 433 late in games if needing a goal.
  12. Team for tonight

    Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Butterfield Bannan Reach Hooper Rhodes
  13. Swfc training gear

    Just for balance i've bought this in the shop today. Quality is good and fits perfectly. Really like it. Impressed by the quality of the home shirt as well, especially the infants sizes which have everything on the shirt (logo, swfc150 etc) as part of the shirt, rather than stitched, which means no rubbing on the little ones chest and easy to wipe down. Useful when you have a little one. Well done SWFC. Seems some people just like to moan.
  14. Team for tonight

    2/3 forced changes due to injury, 2 more like for like. Palmer Fox Loovens Rhodes all in for definite.
  15. I love the irony of some football fans who slate the team for not fighting in games or giving up easily. Yet the said fan bails on his own team at the first sign of trouble...