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  1. Under a certain age (23 I think) the rules are slightly different. KM spoke about this at the fans forum back in August. She seemed very knowledgeable. Many factors are included in the final fee but the main factor is First Team appearances. Sounds like the Exeter player made quite a few and obviously Clare became a regular for Gillingham and lately for us. Hirst however has made 1 I think (Cambridge League Cup). I would imagine International appearances will bump up the Hirst fee slightly. Don't be surprised if Clare (if he leaves) brings in more than Hirst.
  2. Wildsmith

    You can't carry keepers who make this many basic errors.
  3. Wildsmith

    You cannot carry a goalkeeper at this level who makes this amount of mistakes. He's made more already then Westwood ever has. Keepers WILL cost you points and games with errors. Good ones will limit themselves to 2 or 3 a year where you think that's on the keeper. He's making 2 a game sometimes. My post history always has my thoughts on this from months ago. He should not be playing for the first team whilst he has these errors in his game. Dawson has proved reliable and error free whenever he's stepped in. I have seen plenty of U23 games with both keepers and I've seen exactly the same. His errors cost us the game after 10 minutes yesterday.
  4. I love the fact that the OP thinks £10000 a week is enough!! Do you really know what he wanted (including bonuses). Basic wage is over half a million before you add on the said bonuses...
  5. It's nothing to do with confidence. He's been making constant errors for the last 2 seasons whenever he's played including a few last season (Middlesbrough and Fulham come to mind). He cannot continue to ship easy goals and distribute the ball poorly (as seen today, Millwall etc)
  6. Short passes at the back

    Worringly teams are picking up on it now and pressing us high. Very noticeable in the last two games, yet we continue to do it!! At least with Dawson in goal Tuesday night he kept it sensible and we didn't take any chances however the second goal came from Jones being pressed in our half.
  7. Liam Palmer

    We have Lee, Bannan, Abdi, Hutchinson, Clare, Reach and Wallace who can all play centrally and more than good enough for this level. Granted most are injured but the depth is there (including Jones and Butterfield who are not good enough), However at right back we have Jack Hunt who is good enough but will struggle to play more than 30 games, right back has been an issue for me for a long time.
  8. Well, I was in line with that and Terry was offside, hence goal side. Wildsmith didn't deal with the header straight at him.
  9. Many people are responsible for this.. BUT how can we still have Liam Palmer as our back up right back after 6 whole transfer windows? This is/was a position that needed strengthening in summer 2015 as cover for Jack Hunt who plays 30 games at best.
  10. But as OP I've always said Dawson should be backup to Westwood, you are referring to other posters. I'm not just picking on Wildsmith. I think its criminal that we havn't addressed the squad depth at right back for 6 transfer windows. Palmer has never been, and never will be, anything like the standard required.
  11. Dawson's command of his area is clearly better. I was impressed Tuesday night at Swansea how anything around his goal he came and claimed it. As for other comments I have watched quite a few U23 games and been impressed by Dawson for well over a year now. Yet to see him make an error that led to a goal. I can think of 6 or 7 for Wildsmith already. Westwood has maybe made 1 or 2 major errors in 3 seasons, that's the standard you have to be at or aiming for. We can't carry a keeper who makes them every week, no matter how good he may become.
  12. Villa first goal last week and the penalty today are firmly at his feet. Keepers cannot make this amount of errors.
  13. Im not one of those fans. Went to the League Cup tie at Bolton in August. His distribution that night was awful and it hasn't improved. Westwood is our first choice, followed by Dawson. Both of those are reliable keepers. Wildsmith is not. Middlesbrough in the cup last season and at home to Fulham on the final day were 2 more poor performances from him. This is been going on for a while. He needs to be making these errors out on loan for someone else.....
  14. Dawson needs to be in goal for the remainder of the season. As good a shot stopper as Wildsmith but DOES NOT make the errors Wildsmith makes game after game. Wildsmith's distribution at the back is woeful, constantly putting defenders under pressure. See the 4th today as an example. He makes numerous keeping errors such as the Villa goal last week, Birmingham and Middlesbrough at home. This is one change that needs making NOW
  15. Was it Over the Line?

    Technology is shown on the extended highlights on you tube. Only half the ball was over the line, so close!! I think the pictures in this thread are misleading as the ball is in the air, not on the ground.