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  1. I love the irony of fans criticising players for lack of effort, attitude, lack of fight, application etc Yet bail out, stop going and turn their backs on the team when we lose a few games.
  2. My highlight was the linesman who gave offside and promptly ran up the line rather than standing with his flag up to indicate where the free kick should be taken. Millwall promptly moved it 20 yards upfield at which point he realised too late and tried to run back and stand in the original position but hadn't a clue where it was. Monk was going ballastic. Referee was comical. At one point neither him or the linesman had a clue who to give a throw to and just let the players decide. We took the throw and it should have been Millwalls...
  3. I appreciate that but I don't think it's the right thing to do putting up who's in or out of the squad.
  4. I'm at mini owls on Saturday mornings so usually see players arrive for the pre-match meeting/meal at the training ground. Something has changed this week with the routine. Looked like they are coming to the ground on a coach. BTW some players left early and won't be in the squad. I won't put out their names yet.
  5. I was right behind the shot. It looked in all the way and was an unbelievable save just to keep it out. I agree he was unlucky with the rebound. Dawson was the only one to come out with some credit despite conceeding 5 as he made 2 or 3 other good saves and could do nothing about the goals.
  6. 1. We've spent millions yet we have constantly been weak at full back and lack quality in depth. Poor squad building on many managers/club. 2. Palmer has never been good enough. He's improved but his Swansea and West Brom errors cost us 3 points directly.
  7. I'll take that back, seen replay for the first time. Westwood's fault.
  8. The first was his fault although the defender (not sure who) had time to clear but waited for the ball to drop. Sat at the Leppings Lane end of the South Stand. Amazing save prior to the corner and was fouled clearly for the equaliser. However Dawson must be pushing. Been flawless when he's played this season...
  9. Dawson has conceded 1 goal in 3 games. Westwood has been at fault for the red card at Reading, the goals at Millwall and at home to Fulham. Don't get me wrong Westwood is the clear number 1 but this myth that Dawson is error prone is exactly that. He's been very consistent with very few errors that have cost us. Somehow Wildsmith seems to be 'clearly better' despite making numerous howlers in previous seasons. I went to an U23 game where he actually made 3 howlers in the space of 20 minutes. Dawson won us a point on Friday night with his late save.
  10. The Nuhiu offside was more comical. Ball played forward when Nuhiu was offside. Nuhiu, knowing this, allows the player to play the ball without interfering with play. The Wigan player promptly slices it backwards towards his own goal and up goes the flag.
  11. Ipswich was the Quarter Final. Won 1-0 at home in a replay after a 1-1 draw at Portman Road. Leicester was 7-1 in Round 3 but most of the goals were in the 2nd half. Palmer scored a first half hat trick but the fourth goal came deep into the 2nd half (Sheridan).
  12. Preston and Millwall were an easy 20 pts. Everton will get you another 10. That's 30 no problem if you really wanted the points....
  13. I got my refund whilst purchasing Rotherham tickets. You do lose the 10 pts acquired. If you don't ask for the refund you'll keep them I would imagine.
  14. Issue around Bury priority points. Do you lose 10 points for a refund? Club need to make it clear. Depending on when you ask for a refund you can remain/drop category's for Rotherham.
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