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    Start a petition for the football league to investigate this match and the referee,If you reach 100,000 signatures it goes to parliament! Leeds fans got 70,000 for a badge this should be a piece of p!ss
  2. When he scored 2 against Bolton didn't Carlos drop him next game?
  3. New PA bloke.

    This guy never praise anything good we do though, just moans all game then leaves on 85 mins every game
  4. New PA bloke.

    The bloke who sits next to moaned all game, although he moans every game to be fair! Does my head in never has anything positive to say even when we're playing well
  5. Hold on my girlfriend/sister is trying to tell me summat
  6. Not obsessed with Wednesday.......proceeds to talk about Wednesday! You've gotta love em silly pigs
  7. Any Wednesday fans in Ossett and if so where are you watching the match tonight?
  8. Get this going when we're 3 up at the lane next week
  9. The fans need to do something

    Like the majority of fans I'm not happy with the way things are going at the minute, but I won't give up on this club no matter how many times they let me down WAWAW
  10. Dem blades

  11. OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was part of the IN brigade, but I'm afraid even my patience with him has all but disappeared now. OUT!
  12. Apparently we're in October, he must making this call from his Delorean
  13. Better than a win

    How in the blue f**k is losing to utd 4-2 better than a win?
  14. How many moaning pigs? Hope we smash em 5-0 Sunday that'll give em summat to moan about!