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  1. sam77


    Oh and there's nothing embarrassing about getting a point at Bramall Lane, a ground that I've seen Wednesday win at once in my lifetime (I'm 41)
  2. sam77


    I for one am delighted with a point that's wound Wilder right up!
  3. Christ this guy doesn't half drone on
  4. sam77

    This football club

    Whatever happens at this club I'll always love them, I just can't help it I'm Wednesday through thick and and thin
  5. Is that the boardroom at the Lane?
  6. sam77

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    His attitude is spot on, he gives 100% every game, I remember him missing a penalty against QPR a couple of seasons ago they went straight up the other end and scored but did his head drop? no he got stuck in and scored the equaliser, he was immense that night, and although he looks a big lump he's actually quite skillful as his 2nd goal today showed, so here's to you Atdhe!
  7. sam77

    Preston and Ben Pearson tho...

    Pearson when tackled
  8. Pearson everytime he's tackled
  9. sam77

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    FFS? Does that stand for Fernando Forestieri Scores
  10. sam77


    Start a petition for the football league to investigate this match and the referee,If you reach 100,000 signatures it goes to parliament! Leeds fans got 70,000 for a badge this should be a piece of p!ss
  11. When he scored 2 against Bolton didn't Carlos drop him next game?
  12. sam77

    New PA bloke.

    This guy never praise anything good we do though, just moans all game then leaves on 85 mins every game
  13. sam77

    New PA bloke.

    The bloke who sits next to moaned all game, although he moans every game to be fair! Does my head in never has anything positive to say even when we're playing well
  14. Hold on my girlfriend/sister is trying to tell me summat