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  1. northstander

    James Beattie

    what drugs you been smoking?
  2. northstander

    Proof - Cheaper Season Tickets

    nail on head
  3. northstander

    Do We....?

    yep got my vote
  4. northstander

    Do We....?

    i don't think gypsy are a race
  5. northstander

    Advertising boards

    seen wednesday take it to millwall at their gaff with my own two eyes so next i'm taking the moral high ground comment so black and white for some people
  6. northstander

    Advertising boards

    i think a lot you need to go watch rugby or some sport like that if what happened yesterday upset yoyu all so much
  7. only just worked that out, along with many others we've been saying it all season
  8. northstander

    car park catch phrase

    couldn't have put it better myself
  9. northstander

    robbie savage

    please no
  10. northstander

    fa cup 4th round who do we want

    villa @ home
  11. northstander

    Paul Heffernan

    start jj on the bench he has more impact when coming on with 20/30 mins to go and ffs he is not a forward never will be
  12. northstander

    Angry AI in the YP

    since purse has come to this club imo beevers has gone backwards and i still blame purse for us going down due to his very poor form at the start of last season