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  1. Villa ticket

    Still looking for one if anyone is looking to sell
  2. Anyone going down to brum with an extra ticket? Will pay fave value.
  3. Does anyone have an extra villa ticket? Will pay face value. Would be willing to meet somewhere in sheffield before match or on the day at villa park/somewhere in brum?
  4. Hi anyone selling a QPR ticket for tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. Was wondering if anyone not going to QPR would let me use there ID so i could get an extra ticket for my Dad. He only gets to go to a couple of games a year due to work so its really nice to be able to go with him. Thanks!
  6. did you get a ticket sorted ,if not  i have spare adult ticket for face value

    1. kelay


      sorted thanks! 

  7. My Dad lives abroad and is back in the UK this Novemeber, he is a big Wednedayite and we were hoping to go to Wolves away. I usually go on my own and I've got enough points to be able to get a ticket was just wondering if anyone who isn't going has a client ID they'd let me use so I could get him one. Cheers!
  8. I've sent you a message Ton17
  9. One ticket for the Kop at face value (£20). Long story short I bought a ticket when they were only available to season ticket holders thinking my mate wouldn't be able to make it, in the end he could so I bought another ticket so we could sit together. Only caveat is the one I bought with my season ticket is loaded on to my card. So while the ticket I am selling will say one seat I will ask you to sit in the seat that I have a season ticket for (both are in the Kop). Hope that makes sense? I am happy to met in the Crookes area or at the ground (but I am hoping to get into the ground for 7 so would have to be around then).
  10. Maghoma vs Fans

    Because you havent spent 50-60 pounds tonight to watch him play. Thats a lot of money the least he and the rest of the team could have come and clapped the away end (lees, mcgugan and maguire excluded at least they came to say thanks)
  11. mate is ill spare seat on the kop £20 pm interested
  12. Booing at half time yesterday

    i was booing the ref
  13. no that was the ref? didnt you go?