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  1. We are making them look like Bayern Munich. Shocking.
  2. Embarrassing. Not sure how Monk thinks we have any chance of staying up. Even without the 12 point deduction we’d be struggling.
  3. We are all over the place. Rotherham should be there for the taking but we make them look like a good side.
  4. Watford are the only home side winning tonight. The rest are losing. Lack of fans is making a difference.
  5. Good player in the Championship but absolute disaster in the Premier League. Show the gulf in class.
  6. It will just be our luck if Chansiri sacks Monk and then appoints Lamouchi.
  7. I think if the season ended early We would ask ask for a pro rats reduction of the 12 point deduction.
  8. Me too. I think part of the reason we played them was to have a look at some of their under 23’s.
  9. Can’t believe that Carlos signed JVA after checking out 2 million centre-backs before him
  10. As it stands it’s a 12 point deduction not 21. Doubt we will be spending much money. I think I read somewhere that the appeal would cost us half a million.
  11. Barnsley would have been relegated on 49 points but for Wigan going into administration. We will likely have get to 50 points. This after starting on minus 12 points and with lots of new faces who will need to bed in. It’s going to be a long hard season and I think we will be in or around the bottom 3 for most of it I’m afraid.
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