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  1. As a black guy who also is responsible for recruiting employees for the NHS I agree with this post although I am not naive enough to think racism/ homophobia doesn’t exist. My only concern when looking to employ people is to select the person who I think best suits the role. Everything else is secondary. In terms of the people I have employed I haven’t alway got right but it had nothing to do with their race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. i think most reasonable human beings would agree with me.
  2. Paul Merson on Sky makes me laugh. I bet he can't even pronounce his own name correctly.
  3. Stweems

    Thought this thread was going to be about a new out of contract Dutch player we've signed!
  4. Wickham vs Rhodes a way round FFP

    When are accounts examined with regards to FFP? If we are that close couldn't we just sell someone in the January window? This whole FFP thing is confusing. No wonder so many clubs seem willing to break it apart from us.
  5. Preston after Gary Madine to replace Jordan Hugill. Source Pete O'Rourke on Twitter!
  6. Steering group meeting

    Great thread. Very informative about what's gone on tonight!
  7. I think Carlos said to the team 'let's play in a particular way against Rangers as PNE will be watching and we will lull them into a false sense of security'. It was a friendly FFS. He could quite easily have deliberately set the team up tactically in a way that invited pressure on the defence to see how we'd cope. He now has the answer. Next Saturday is the game that matters.
  8. He signed for Forest yesterday pal.
  9. I hope to goodness we don't go into the new season with Pudl as a back up option at centre half but otherwise I'm pretty optimistic.
  10. My sense is that this whole FFP thing as far as SWFC is concerned is a smokescreen and being used as a tool in transfer negotiations to keep prices as low as possible.
  11. This one is in the running for the worst.
  12. Caption Competition

    Carlos 'Where did you say I had to meet Hutton to sign the contract?'
  13. I once dreamt that I had written Lord of the Rings................turns out I'd just been Tolkien in my sleep!
  14. Somebody needs to work this title into a song for Boyd. Well done poster.