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  1. Brentford look more likely to get a result so far.
  2. Nixon has just tweeted that Newcastle have paid the compensation.
  3. Instead of a swear jar, I have a negativity jar. Every time I have pessimistic thoughts I put a pound in........ ........It’s currently half empty
  4. Forgive me. I thought this thread was about a new drugs den on Burngreave Road.
  5. This sort of behaviour goes on even in the team. I heard Jos shout across to Palmer that if he didn’t improve he was going to ‘pull him off’ at half time. To which Palmer replied ‘That’s great gaffer - we only got an orange under the last boss’
  6. I was an advocate of giving Jos a chance at the beginning of the season but I’m afraid he has lost his mind with this line-up.
  7. There will still be pre match press conferences on Radio Sheffield.
  8. Sounds like we are under an embargo but I can understand why the club wouldn’t want to announce it as it would weaken our bargaining position when trying to sell players.
  9. How about we give Jos a chance!
  10. OK all joking aside and I’m just as guilty, has anyone heard anything?
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