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  1. Hector was immense today.
  2. clifford

    Well this is awkward

    This sort of behaviour goes on even in the team. I heard Jos shout across to Palmer that if he didn’t improve he was going to ‘pull him off’ at half time. To which Palmer replied ‘That’s great gaffer - we only got an orange under the last boss’
  3. He has lost his mind. Seriously. We are doomed.
  4. I was an advocate of giving Jos a chance at the beginning of the season but I’m afraid he has lost his mind with this line-up.
  5. There will still be pre match press conferences on Radio Sheffield.
  6. Sounds like we are under an embargo but I can understand why the club wouldn’t want to announce it as it would weaken our bargaining position when trying to sell players.
  7. clifford

    Steve Bruce

    How about we give Jos a chance!
  8. clifford

    Has Sam Smart...........

    OK all joking aside and I’m just as guilty, has anyone heard anything?
  9. clifford

    Has Sam Smart...........

    How big is Jermaine's Johnson?
  10. clifford

    Team vs Lincoln

    Who is this Hunt fella?
  11. Easily to say with hindsight. Things could have been different. Clearly Norwich think he’s worth a punt.
  12. clifford

    If you HAD to choose...

    It’s a no brainer for me. Waddle.
  13. What a dump DMSTC Keogh Barracks was.
  14. So here’s my career in case our paths have crossed RAF Swinderby Aug 1976 RAF Halton Sep 1976 to Jan 1977 RAF Wittering Jan 1977 to July 1978 RAF Bruggen July 1978 to July 1981 RAF Valley July 1981 to Aug 1983 RAF High Wycombe Aug 1983 to 1985 RAF Rheindahlen 1985 to July 1986 RAF Wegberg July 1986 to July 1989 RAF Swanton Morley July 1989 to July 1990 RAF Innsworth July 1990 to Aug 1993 HQ AFCENT Aug 1993 to Aug 1997 RAF Wittering Aug 1997 to Feb 1999 RAF Recruiting (North East) Feb 1999 to Jul 2001 RAF Innswortn 2001 to 2003 plus numerous detachments worldwide.
  15. Stars.......The Navy navigate by them. The Army pitch their tents under them. The RAF judge their hotels by them lol.