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  1. For the return of HIM? Or at least DM should call the Ginger Genius.
  2. Still here. Not much to be enthusiastic about regarding The Wednesday. On a brighter note, the Ginger harvest looks good this year.
  3. Ahh, a proper Owlstalk thread. Don’t forget to sign up.
  4. This thread was to celebrate the birth of HIM. HE deserves it
  5. A genius was born. All hail HIM.
  6. Imagine if HE came back and saved us After all, HE taught DM
  7. Another record. “Aaron Ramsdale has now failed to keep a clean sheet in any of his last 26 away starts in the Premier League, the joint-longest such run for a keeper in the competition's history along with Russell Hoult between 2003 and 2005”
  8. Ahh, The Cult of Megson will never die. HE is the best. HE only wants one job.
  9. Hope DC comes to his senses and picks up The Ginger Phone Ok, maybe just pick up The Ginger Phone. Its time for The Return of HIM Only HE can save us.
  10. Lines was a great signing for us. An inspired signing by an inspiring manger.
  11. Yes. Reyt win. Feck you Derby, Rooney and Sky.
  12. Join the following Owlstalk club and all your questions will be answered.
  13. lSuch a great face you had to use it twice. HE is not extinct. HIS cult prospers as HE will return. HIS friend Tone is keeping HIS seat warm. TCOM
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