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  1. Brian Laws?

    If He is not appointed soon, The Wednesday are in serious trouble.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday Gladitors

    Not by the tripe Carlos serves us.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday Gladitors

    Bet Carlos is jealous
  4. Awful Conditioning

    Running through Grenoside Woods would sort this out.
  5. Brian Laws?

    Better than Carlos, but not as good as
  6. What can we salvage?

    We can salvage promotion if DC sacks Carlos and appoints HIM.
  7. Karanka next boss

    Our next manager will be
  8. Karanka next boss

    Stupid OP. Our next manager will be The Magical Megson
  9. Will be doing that in May 2018 if DC gets his act together and appoints Him.
  10. Carlos had a great first season and i would have been delighted if it continued after the play off defeat. But it did not, so Carlos was identified as a one trick pony, thus prompting the need for His return early last season.
  11. Why have most of The Cult of Megson not been included. We of The Cult only want Him. p.s.