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  1. Referee

    Only one brown envelope full of cash handed over as well.
  2. Have to give Jos a lot of credit for sticking with us. I bet a few managers would have walked away from this mess. Would be interesting to compare the fitness levels of the first team and under 23’s.
  3. Rate jos so far?

    Under Carlos we were heading downwards rapidly, Jos has slowed that down and levelled us out.
  4. Rate jos so far?

    Steadied the ship. Played a good number of promising academy players. OKso far.
  5. Tactical Genius ...

    Wednesday only have one genius. The Ginger Genius
  6. WTF is that team selection? Strange as.
  7. Three Steps To Heaven

    Only one step needed in reality. Appoint HIM. Nothing else will matter then.
  8. The Cult of Wallace

    Do not blaspheme. There is only one cult relating to Sheffield Wednesday. HIS cult, The Cult of Megson.
  9. RIP fellow Wednesday fan. Thoughts are with your family.
  10. REMINDER - All this happening today

    Expect a lot of blavdes to turn up to view the cup as they have never seen one before.
  11. Young George

    Why does Kivo post on here then?
  12. Swansea Fans Views

    They should stick to sheep and keep away from the internet.
  14. Agree with this. Only concern is Loovens and how he will cope. Could switch between a 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 with that line up.