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  1. Stop posting HITC crap. Pointless as they no nothing.
  2. When in Germany don’t mention the war. Shout about it! oh ze germans
  3. The Cult of Megson has invested. I knew the ginger harvest was great this year.
  4. Better not be ginger based products. We of The Cult expect exclusive rights for such activities.
  5. Don Megson is known as the Godfather. He did father a god after all
  6. Remove HIS name from your name. You are not worthy of it. Your posts are crap. You are now banned from Grenoside Woods.
  7. Of course. Here is medical team. https://images.app.goo.gl/N9DgdP6kzc5EL4oy8
  8. Please stop it now. Can’t cope with several more weeks of this.
  9. Early on in HIS management career. HE never went through with it though. HE needed to be close to home at that time, so that was a consideration for a brief moment. The Cult of Megson
  10. HE would never dirty himself in such a way. Would have been been fun just for the reaction from dem blavdes.
  11. To avoid EFL sanctions for selling Hillsborough it will have to be renamed. I have it on good authority that Hillsborough will be renamed HIMSBOROUGH.
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