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  1. Agree. Monk has the right initials and forename(ish).
  2. This is what happens when people refuse to join The Cult of Megson.
  3. Take him to Grenoside Woods to be indoctrinated into The Cult of Megson. He will learn everything about The Wednesday there.
  4. There is only one way to spell Gary. HIS way.
  5. A few positive points re: Gary Monk. He is called Gary. He has the initials GM. Hint of ginger in his hair. Played for us before. (Reminds me of someone) Welcome to SWFC Gary Monk. Hope you do well.
  6. DC is playing a blinder here. Leaking that Gary M who has played for The Wednesday will be the new manager. Everyone being fooled. It’s true though.
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