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  1. Simaniac Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Nope. You need this.
  2. The whole squad: “That SimaniacOwl talks sense. Imagine what we could achieve if HE was in charge.”
  3. Simaniac Owl


    Are you Stephen Bywater?
  4. Simaniac Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Could you say “No” to HIM?
  5. Simaniac Owl

    South Stand Announcer

    Was hoping they would say “Please could The Ginger Genius report to the home dressing room immediately.”
  6. Simaniac Owl

    Kenny Jacket

    No thanks. He’s a shandy drinking southerner.
  7. Simaniac Owl

    Alan Nixon

    I will raise your effort.
  8. Simaniac Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Irvine was as charismatic as a dead badger, just with a lot more badges.
  9. Simaniac Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Do not fear, for HE will be here.
  10. Simaniac Owl

    Bannan at full time

    is that man.
  11. Simaniac Owl

    No money to sack him

  12. Simaniac Owl

    The Solution

    To all our problems is Accept it and support it.
  13. Simaniac Owl

    JOS OUT!

    We do see the reality Jos. YOUR crap tactics, bizarre teams and leaving out experienced players.
  14. Simaniac Owl

    JOS OUT!

    On the pitch. Ginger Genius in The Wednesday technical area.