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  1. Megson Propaganda

    Great post.
  2. Megson Propaganda

    Megson masks at the next home game then. Not the first time we have done this.
  3. Megson Propaganda

    No he wouldn’t. He would be a massive improvement on Carlos.
  4. Megson Propaganda

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s get him back now so we can save our season.
  5. Megson Propaganda

    No, but it was when we lost to them 2-4 a few weeks ago. Carlos out! Megson in!
  6. Megson Propaganda

    No it’s
  7. some people on here

    We need
  8. Just a rumour...

    Earlier on Owlstalk
  9. The Signs are here

    Are you sure?
  10. The Signs are here

    Is he wishing Megson good luck in his new job?
  11. Just a rumour...

  12. The Signs are here

    The best man for the job of course. Not a fan of Allardyce.
  13. The Signs are here

    Rumbled. It’s gauge, not gage. Gage is some wanka who used to play for dem blavdes and should never be mentioned inthe same sentence as