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  1. No, it’s not. Explain in please or foook off to Alisa. Bringing HIM back means promotion and Premier league champions the following season.
  2. Thought this was football not rugby.
  3. Is it? Please clarify. Thanks.
  4. Oh another beauty from Reach. As as I said. Nightmare lead.
  5. Lees is poor this season. Needs a spell out.
  6. Boro now have a nightmare lead. COME ON WEDNESDAY.
  7. Fletcher limping a bit. Not a good sign.
  8. Yes. Got plenty of curry in.
  9. Simaniac Owl


    I am watching it on NOW TV now.
  10. Carlos’ hair looks nice.
  11. Simaniac Owl

    Good Interview with Cameron Dawson

    Ginger is the way to go. The Cult of Megson
  12. Simaniac Owl

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    would be better on the note. The Bank of The Cult of Megson. No lending to blavdes to keep their poxy club going.