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  1. He is a natural defender but lacks a bit going forward. Play him at centre half not fullback and you have a very good player.
  2. Nail on head. The ignorance about the game by some fans is astounding. Not just at Wednesday by the way, I've heard it at all over the country and at all levels.
  3. Buxton is the best centre half at the club. Head and shoulders above Beevers.
  4. Sorry mate, I missed the smiley face out. It was meant in jest. No offence meant Got to go now.
  5. Why is your tone so sarcastic ? You can't be right all the time. Accept it.
  6. I don't agree the approach has stayed the same. In the games I've seen this and last season things changed just about every match. In fact ,last season especially, sometimes too many changes.
  7. Knowing how thorough AI is I'm sure this will have happened after every game, won or lost.
  8. I believe it's down to the players. I'm sure the coaching staff will have the players in over the next few days highlighting what went wrong and showing them how to put it right.
  9. It's a fine line between things going right and not. Players confidence and mistakes are usually what makes the difference.
  10. Do you really believe AI can't see what has been going wrong ?
  11. Good. What standard , if you don't mind me asking ?
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