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  1. What is this "Owls In The Park" thing ? First I've heard about it. Why hasn't it been mentioned before ? Pretty poor promoting if you ask me !!
  2. We've got Jacques Maghoma He'll give you a boner na na na na
  3. Because I'm a freelance football scout.
  4. This site certainly has more than its fair share of lobbers.
  5. Let's hope Fergie jr doesn't read this site.
  6. For God sake give the kid a break. Why do some people just have to slag others off ?
  7. Barnsley only want COG for the flick on from Delaps' throws.
  8. Our team/squad has now started to adapt to a higher grade of football as a unit.
  9. Interesting to see how Ipswich, who sacked not backed, are doing .
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