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  1. If you think that's embarrassing don't ever go skinnydipping
  2. I think that as well. Not sure where you got that thought from .
  3. Let's be honest here. The majority of people who have an opinion on him wouldn't know him, or anything about him, if they bumped into him in the street.
  4. Another one we've missed out on FFS. Bruce out Chansiri out Everybody out Except we were never in for him at all. Some reet tuppences on here.
  5. As we don't know the full story it's probably best left alone.
  6. Well if he went from Brentford to Brentford it certainly was a sideways move
  7. Why is every other team doing "great bit of business, reyt signing, favourites, gonna be in the mix" etc but OUR team or targets are constantly being belittled by OUR OWN fans on OUR OWN (or Neils') forum ? Let's get behind them and see where they take us.
  8. They look a bit small to be pro footballers don't they ?
  9. If you have a season ticket pal can you PM me the seat number please ? Just in case I'm sat next to you
  10. He had a medical, no contract had been signed,as I stated.
  11. I can tell you 100% Harris hasn't signed for Sheffield Wednesday yet.
  12. Don't some people chat brown on forums.
  13. What's Piers Morgan got to do with ?
  14. He was scouted by Preston all of last season but they have dropped their interest at the price quoted. WBA also watched him for a long period and Arsenal also asked for scout tickets many times.
  15. Mr Chansiri should apply this to the fans. P&S prombles sorted
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