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  1. So true. My missus wanted a 10 inch pe**s not a bloody dwarf piano player.
  2. He's being scouted by the other side of the city.
  3. What many football fans tend to overlook is the fact that there are 2 teams out on the pitch, both (mostly) trying to win. We need to kill teams off when we are on top.
  4. It's not about him though is it ? It's about YOU wanting some attention on a football forum because you are unloved. Just wee wee off.
  5. Worry about de fence when we get de hammer and de nails.
  6. Wasn't he injured ? I'm sure I heard they had a few injuries.
  7. A bit harsh as I'm sure Charlton had some injuries.
  8. True, but I think Charlton might have had a couple of injuries.
  9. I was sat just behind our dugout and I'm sure I heard Mr Monk say just before half time "right FF has had a run to shut those tosspots up on Owlstalk let's get him off and get a proper player on". Or something like that.
  10. Most fans I speak too aren't serious about going up, not until Mr Monk can bring in his own players at least. If you only do what you always did you only get what you always got.
  11. Last night was a fantastic 1-1 win so we should celebrate.
  12. I reckon just about every football club in the world has a player, who's not getting game time, that would solve many of their teams problems if only the manager would play him.
  13. I'd hate to see it when you turn against him
  14. You obviously had low expectations so why all the drama ?
  15. Out for two weeks with lower back strain . Nice one Liam.
  16. Individual decision making cost us the game.
  17. It's last chance saloon for a lot of our squad and they now seem to realise that. Great management skills from a very underrated manager.
  18. Dawson was in the correct position, the wall wasn't. He should have lined them up another yard to his right to cover the bend around the wall shot. He made a mistake and needs to learn from it. As for people saying he can't catch..........how has he managed to become understudy to a top class keeper in a top half Championship side if he can't perform the basic requirement for a goalkeeper ? Some fans really are dumb.
  19. What it showed me was that our squad as a whole does not have enough goals in it to mount a promotion challenge. We will probably hover around the play off spots and may get lucky. Much like half of the teams in the Championship.
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