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  1. Which is better. A good player who is often injured or a mediocre player who is usually available ?
  2. Shouldn't this be in the FF mega thread ?
  3. He was doing the Hokey Porkey I think.
  4. A mid summers day dream me thinks. Or is it a mid summers day massacre ?
  5. Where's the interesting read bit ? Must have missed it.
  6. Apart from pre kick off our players will be nowhere near the Forest players so can't see a problem.
  7. He's injured it. Saw him a few weeks back and he was limping badly.
  8. I don't understand the question, can you simplyfy it ?
  9. I once fell in a skip and tore my ankle ligaments.
  10. I had a bag of prawn cocktail crisps for the first time ever last week................and I liked them.
  11. It doesn't matter who the manger is if he's not allowed to manage.
  12. Society is broken. I want it NOW. Don't dis me. Out comes the knife there goes a life.
  13. The thing with Joey is that he is always available, gives 100%, never hides and never runs (maybe the last one is where he's going wrong)
  14. Just a question to anyone who has played football, at any level. If you got hurt in a tackle did you try not to show it but make a mental note of who did it and hit the poopydoo later in the game ?
  15. Tin pot players with tin pot manager and team blaming the pitch, nothing new is it ?
  16. Are some of our "fans" on loan or at the end of their contracts ? We could do with a big clear out me thinks.
  17. Yer but what does Garden Roller know about football compared to our morons fans ?
  18. Stop being a set of fluffy bunnies. We're gunna smash 'em.
  19. What I was told re Rhodes. This from someone who works for a sports agency. A loan move was agreed before the transfer deadline day as long as the loanees could move out two of their players. They managed to move one of their players so then asked Wednesday to reduce the loan fee they would be paying for JR. Wednesday refused, the deal was scuppered.
  20. Our mid and lower spine. That is why the opposites target those areas every match.
  21. Just for balance, that is how many clubs operate nowadays. Including our neighbours across the city.
  22. We have a mid table squad so we should be mid table, which we more or less are. We could be higher if we had a manager and coaching staff who can get the best out of a bad situation. Is Monk that man ?
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