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  1. Classic Owlstalk meltdown in response to the result. Hadn't lost since Luhukay got the boot. Yesterday we lose away from home, to a team that had already won 5 (FIVE) Championship games on the bounce before that. Therefore sacking Luhukay WASN'T the answer and Westwood and Hutchinson DON'T improve the team. Amazing.
  2. Sometimes I think our whole fanbase isn't happy unless there's something to blow out of proportion and turn into a divisive issue.
  3. Pressman being there yesterday might have been a good thing. He fought it out with Turner. Then with Woods - England keeper at the time whatever you want to say about him. Pressman's time came. Hopefully Kev will have had a word with Dawson.
  4. The problem with being a journalist is that sometimes you're in the know about things that happen. Other times you're in the know about stuff that genuinely did NEARLY happen - but then you're written off as knowing nothing because it didn't come off. And yes I know "Hi Alan" etc etc...
  5. I already know how to enjoy wins but I want learn how to enjoy them like Jos and the internet's favourite field mouse.
  6. Spot on. I suspect the myth is perpetuated by people who only recall his last season or two at the club. In his prime he was brilliant.
  7. I would be really disappointed but I am biased. I have written for the programme on a voluntary basis for 5 years now. It started when I was blogging and the club picked up on some free online information I had written for a website and started tweeting it. I acted all mock offended and tweeted back "That's mine stop tweeting it or give me a job". And they did - albeit completely unpaid. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy giving something to the club.
  8. Sorry. This never normally happens. I just can't mass debate with everyone watching like this.
  9. When the Owlstalk ads start answering the OP!
  10. Former Wednesday player. Management success. Known in Asian football. http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/may/08/ashley-westwood-manchester-united-india-bengaluru-i-league-title
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