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  1. It should really take the form of a scratch card to honour the spirit of the day. "Just think the whole nation's having a good scratch, Brian!" Bonus points if you can get Rumbelows Employee Of The Year 1991 Tracy Bateman to present the prize.
  2. I used to have that shirt as a kid, as I've always loved playing in goal. Then one night my mum put the clothes horse up too close to the hamster cage. Woke up to the entire left sleeve having been repurposed by the hamster into very cosy bedding!
  3. Looking forward to giving this a listen. My childhood hero!
  4. To be fair we don't seem to be too keen on them turning up on bikes either.
  5. I hope not. I've really enjoyed my time writing for the programme. Long may it continue. I also love looking back at old programmes my mum has with the likes of the times Pele and Yashin came to Hillsborough etc makes those moments tangible to someone too young to have been there.
  6. We shouldn't have held on to both so long, if we were serious about developing either. I know how highly rated they both were but someone needed to make a choice and give one of them the confidence boost of staying as the future number 1, and the other a kick up the backside. It would have been harsh on whoever didn't stay but they'd both have ended up better keepers for it in my opinion. As it has been whenever Westwood has been out, neither of this pair has come in with a chance to shine - the way Pressman did to oust Woods for example, because they haven't been able
  7. I actually don't think anyone could have with what Monk left us. The clear out was all well and good but it needed backing up with replacements fit for the job. The balance of the squad left was atrocious. Far too many central defenders, not enough strikers etc etc. Pulis remains a top appointment for our position (league position, squad depth, recently punished for FFP) whether he can pull off a great escape this season or not, for me, he's as good a candidate as anyone we'll get to lead the rebuild.
  8. This witchhunt is embarrassing. Out for a year. Struggles for form and fitness in a game and ten minutes and the mob are baying. And I'm not even in the 'Westwood is the answer camp'. I'm in the other two aren't the answer, so let's what he can and can't still do while we've got the chance to have a look. He's being held to mythical standards whereby players can be made to sit out of training for a year and arrive back instantly in peak form and physical condition. The other two are hopeless so we absolutely should look at what Westwood has to of
  9. I've got some sympathy for this point. Personally I would have gone for Westwood myself, but I could argue it either way. Today doesn't prove anything along the lines of your last paragraph though. He's been given a chance to prove he can regain his form. If he can't Wildsmith and Dawson still won't be the answer.
  10. Miles off. The pair of you. On me. On today's goal.
  11. I'm a reader more than a poster on Owlstalk really, but the garbage that's being written on this topic is ridiculous. I'm not interested in what Westwood's form was a year ago. That's a pointless conversation. He wasn't dropped for form or else he'd have been allowed to train and issued with a squad number by the previous manager. He's been asked to play today because a well respected manager has come in and made a judgment call that he's still the best keeper at the club. Better than the "young lads", who are actually mid-20's and for all their bleeding blue and white
  12. Fully agree. Said it when the match was on. It's not ridiculous as is being intimated on here. If Rhodes starts today and winds up injured or suspended then Monk wouldn't have done right for some people then either. If you offer me going into a cup we won't win against League Two Walsall with no striker, or going into our first Championship game, in a divsion we're starting on minus 12 points - it's a no brainer for me.
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