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  1. Absolutely. It's all well and good the clubs that want any punishment applied this season in hope of saving their own skins, but it couldn't very well have been applied retrospectively in July if the season had finished in May. To my mind if the EFL couldn't get the case decided in their favour by the end of the season as it was scheduled, it would be deeply unjust to take advantage of the Covid‐19 delay specifically to relegate us.
  2. No. When we appointed him I had mixed feelings about him. On the one hand a name, an experienced manager and knowledge of the division. On the hand his track record for doing ... well ... this. I convinced myself he was through this phase because I was so enamoured with the other qualities. I've had those illusions well and truly dismantled and he can go and ply his mercenary, disloyal and nomadic trade somewhere else.
  3. Classic Owlstalk meltdown in response to the result. Hadn't lost since Luhukay got the boot. Yesterday we lose away from home, to a team that had already won 5 (FIVE) Championship games on the bounce before that. Therefore sacking Luhukay WASN'T the answer and Westwood and Hutchinson DON'T improve the team. Amazing.
  4. Sometimes I think our whole fanbase isn't happy unless there's something to blow out of proportion and turn into a divisive issue.
  5. Pressman being there yesterday might have been a good thing. He fought it out with Turner. Then with Woods - England keeper at the time whatever you want to say about him. Pressman's time came. Hopefully Kev will have had a word with Dawson.
  6. The problem with being a journalist is that sometimes you're in the know about things that happen. Other times you're in the know about stuff that genuinely did NEARLY happen - but then you're written off as knowing nothing because it didn't come off. And yes I know "Hi Alan" etc etc...
  7. I already know how to enjoy wins but I want learn how to enjoy them like Jos and the internet's favourite field mouse.
  8. Spot on. I suspect the myth is perpetuated by people who only recall his last season or two at the club. In his prime he was brilliant.
  9. I would be really disappointed but I am biased. I have written for the programme on a voluntary basis for 5 years now. It started when I was blogging and the club picked up on some free online information I had written for a website and started tweeting it. I acted all mock offended and tweeted back "That's mine stop tweeting it or give me a job". And they did - albeit completely unpaid. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy giving something to the club.
  10. Sorry. This never normally happens. I just can't mass debate with everyone watching like this.
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