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  1. Either I’ve misread the chart or everyone else has. If we get promoted next year you’ll get 1 year in the championship and then the next 14 years as part of the deal. Assuming that all of those 14 years are in the Prem and you sit on the Kop that’s 290 games almost at about £15 a game. if we don’t get promoted for 10 years you get all of those years for free AND the next 10 years as well. someone explain to me how that’s a bad deal for the fans. If you can afford the ticket in the first place. The mistake maybe not having a financing option
  2. This is hilarious. People have moaned and complained that we don’t have a settled defence and every single one of you has suggested that we change the defence for the game on Saturday. You really couldn’t make that up.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Just like with the early stages of the Champions League people we’ll get bored of it very quickly
  4. I agree with him to an extent. We don’t need a Premier League 2 though, we just need a greater share of the TV revenue. The Championship is probably the most exciting and competitive league in Europe
  5. For a game style shirt that’s not a bad price. The NFL Authentic range is about £250 which is basically the same thing.
  6. Not at all. In the absence of any other information we can only go on what we have been told. You can take the word ‘allegedly’ out if you want. It’s a direct quote from Mr C
  7. He was offered more money than anyone of his age, or importantly experience, at the club. And that was after the initial ‘freezing out’. And he, allegedly, wanted the same as established first team players. Is that the position of someone desperate to stay at the club?
  8. Kivo you’ve been very selective with your comment there. Yes the counter proposal was rejected. But it was also made clear, according to Mr C, that the Hirst camp was not prepared to enter into negotiations. I wonder what you would do if an employee of yours behaved in that manner. Would you continue to invest time and money in his development knowing that he was going to take those skills to another employer??
  9. George was so desperate to stay that he allowed his advisors to put forward something that was, allegedly, totally unacceptable. He was so desperate he then fired those same advisors in an attempt to get a contract signed. That's what happened isn't it?
  10. Because as he has said the news that George wouldn't be signing came after the Leicester bid was rejected. We have no idea whether Leicester came back in for him after that or whether Mr C got on the phone to say that George was now available.
  11. From the information that we have seen, which has only been from Mr C, George Hirst was offered a substantial contract which was turned down. The counter offer was totally unrealistic (for reasons unknown) and no negotiations were entered into following from that. In any other walk of life if that situation arises 3 things can happen; you either get paid off and told to get out, or you're put on gardening leave (which is basically the same as the first option but with payment made over a longer period), or you're told to suck it up and get on with your job. Mr C chose to put George on gardening leave. If it wasn't a football club nobody would complain about that approach
  12. Hilarious, you lot really are hilarious. You moan when we don't have a kit and then moan when we do. I quite like them both. Would have preferred stripes but we've got what we've got and they look OK
  13. I did watch it and agree totally with the OP. Yes it was a little frustrating and we would have won had we scored the penalty. But we didnt and and we didn't press our extra man advantage. But all this doom and gloom when we get beaten and complete euphoria when we win is getting beyond a joke. This is sport boys and girls, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. People real need to deal with that
  14. So with this additional money who do we buy, given that his club (whoever it may be) probably don't want to sell him? And we would probably need to pay the wages that FF is (potentially) asked for. So how is this a good way forward?
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